LeBron James Continues to Defy the Hands of Time

In his 15th season, LeBron James has, remarkably, widened the gap between himself and the rest of the NBA. After leading his high school team to back-to-back state basketball titles, LeBron James was named Ohio’s Mr. Basketball and appeared on USA Today’s All-USA First Team list. Both feats were firsts for a sophomore. Before his junior year of high school, he appeared on the cover of SLAM magazine. He soon graced the cover of Sports Illustrated — a first for an underclassman. Then he became the first junior to win the Gatorade National Player of the Year award. In his senior year, his games were available on pay-per-view. In short, the hype surrounding James was nearly unprecedented. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected James with the no-brainer first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. All eyes were on the young phenom. Fast-forward 15 years and King James still rules the basketball world.        …read more

6 Easy Yoga Asanas to Integrate into Your Yoga Day Celebration

For International Yoga Day, make the mind/body connection with these simple poses. Around the world on June 21, yogis will take part in International Yoga Day, aka Yoga Day. The day pays homage to yoga practice and the unity of the mind and body. It’s not so much about the physical benefits of yoga but about making the connection with the inner self, bringing awareness to pranayama (breath). Yoga Day embodies the philosophy of yoga and its practice to lead a mindful, non-judging, ego-free, conscious life while being present within yourself. Here we take a look at six simple asanas that you can practice in honor of Yoga Day that will aid you in making that mind/body connection. The step-by-step instructions were inspired by Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste, founder of the Baptiste Power of Yoga Institute. All the poses can be practiced by people of all ages and        …read more

Olympic Gold Medalist Monica Puig Leads Puerto Rico Recovery Efforts

Puerto Rico recovery efforts

Off the tennis court, Puig is focused on helping Puerto Rico recovery efforts. Tennis player Monica Puig currently resides in Miami, but her heart is in her place of birth: the island of Puerto Rico. At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Puig became the first athlete to win a gold medal representing Puerto Rico. Just over a year after Puig’s historic win, Hurricane Maria devastated the island and Puig swiftly took action to help those affected by the tragedy. Accompanied by Maria Sharapova, Puig traveled to Puerto Rico in October to deliver supplies and hope to the island’s residents. “My mother always told me God put me in this world for a reason,” Puig said at the time of her visit. “I think the reason is to help Puerto Rico and give hope to people who have lost everything. In this moment, that’s what we need.” Puig also set up        …read more

15 Best Baseball Movies of All Time

baseball movies

In honor of opening day March 29, we count down the best baseball movies of all time. If baseball is America’s pastime, then movies are a close second. And what do you get when you combine the two? Well, usually a bunch of baseball movie clichés like underdogs, slumps and game-winning home runs. But there are some (baseball) diamonds in the rough. The earliest known depiction of baseball on film is a 30-second clip from 1898, copyrighted by Thomas Edison, and the first “baseball movie” was arguably a silent film called Right Off the Bat from 1915, so baseball movies have been around almost as long as movies themselves. With so many baseball movies, I couldn’t include everything, but here are my favorite classics, biopics, comedies, documentaries and movies for kids. Classics These movies are widely praised by critics and fans. If you love baseball, there’s a strong chance you’ll        …read more

Rally Driving Champ Gail Truess: From the Pit Crew to the Podium

rally driving

She started out working on logistics and mechanics for a rally team, but now Gail Truess is a big deal in the rally driving world. When Cooper Tires invited me to Monterey, California, for a Ride and Drive event, I immediately said yes. When else would I get the opportunity to speed around the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca with some of the world’s top-ranked rally drivers? I excitedly told my family and friends about my upcoming adventure, and they couldn’t resist some good-natured ribbing. I’m not exactly a skilled driver on the streets and, because I’ve lived in New York City and Seattle since my college graduation, I drive my parents’ old Toyota approximately two times a year when I’m home in suburban Connecticut. But I’ve always thought that “Say yes and you’ll figure it out after” are good words to live by. To say that I got seriously nervous        …read more

8 Most Impressive Winning Streaks in Sports History

winning streak

Following the Cleveland Indians’ exciting ride to a 22-game winning streak, let’s take a look at 8 other improbable win streaks in sports history. The Cleveland Indians were one strike away from settling for a mere tie of the longest winning streak in MLB history. Francisco Lindor had other ideas, knocking a laser shot off the left field wall of Progressive Field to send in the tying run. In the 10th inning, Jay Bruce roped one down the right field line to finish off the comeback victory in walk-off fashion. Twenty-two wins in a row. A miraculous feat that puts the Indians in a category truly occupied by only themselves. I say truly because the 1916 New York Giants achieved a 26-game unbeaten streak. However, their streak included a nine-inning tie at the midway point that was replayed the following day. Due to that asterisk, the Indians’ streak of 22        …read more

The Art of Routesetting: Indoor Rock Climbing with Steve Gaspar

rock climbing

From setting a plan to setting an empire: we talked with Head Routesetter Steve Gaspar about how he’s bringing art into indoor rock climbing. Clipped into the wall near the top of the arch in Los Angeles rock climbing gym Rockreation, head routesetter Steve Gaspar catches a drill tossed up to him from a setter below. He uses it to rotate a pinch hand hold to the left — a small tweak to a route he set hours earlier — and looks down to his team with a smirk: the route is perfect, and he knows it. The man who’s been calling himself the rock star of routesetting for the past decade also knows he’s having the year of his life — the one that could cement his place among the greats of a discipline at the intersection of art and physical fitness. In February he competed in his first        …read more

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Undefeated in the Ring, But Hold Your Applause

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of boxing’s all-time greats. He makes Vegas millions each time he enters the ring, but it’s time to stop celebrating his accomplishments. On August 26 Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC superstar Conor McGregor will face off in what, on paper, is one of the most fascinating, albeit bizarre, sporting events of all time. Mayweather, the king of defensive boxing, came out of retirement to put his 49-0 record on the line. Meanwhile, McGregor, UFC’s biggest superstar, will exit the comfort of MMA, transitioning from the Octagon to the ring for his first professional boxing match. While bookmakers have shrunk the odds of a McGregor victory after a trash-talking worldwide press tour ahead of the bout, make no mistake: Floyd Mayweather Jr. will almost undoubtedly come out victorious. This fight — it’s pure spectacle. It’s all about money. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will easily make more than        …read more

Louisiana’s History of Sports Redemption in Wake of Tragedies

LSU football

Following politically-fueled violence, LSU’s CWS battle brought Louisiana and the nation together, recalling the New Orleans Rebirth after Hurricane Katrina and demonstrating the unifying power of sports. On June 14, house majority whip and Louisiana representative Steve Scalise and his fellow GOP members were targeted in a politically-driven attack, with Scalise suffering internal damage from a life-threatening gunshot wound to the hip. Thankfully, it looks as though Rep. Scalise will recover from his injuries. It’s unclear if Scalise, who was shot while practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity between Republicans and Democrats, bleeds purple and gold for his alma mater, Louisiana State University (LSU), but it looks as if Tiger blood runs deep. Though Scalise missed out on a tense game between our nation’s rival parties, members of both the Democratic and Republican parties donned LSU hats in a show of unity and support for the Louisiana representative.        …read more

Living Color: How 35X Champ Booker T Conquers Racism

black wrestlers

In the final installment of his six-part series, Booker T. offers a candid look at the role race has played in his life both in and out of the ring. It didn’t take very long for a rule to get around in the locker rooms when my wrestling career was going full blast: If someone felt like saying something racist, don’t say it around Booker. The reason was simple. I was always willing to be fired if I knew I was 100% in the right. If racism was going to get thrown in my face, I would handle it, either diplomatically or violently. I remember on one Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a guy backstage decided it would be a good idea to wonder out loud what Martin Luther King Jr. ever did to deserve that honor. I could tell you a thousand reasons why a comment like that is        …read more