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Launched in early 2016, Crixeo (pronounced KREE-zee-oh) is a place for creative minds to gather, discuss and share how our lives intersect with the arts. We’re building an art community of diverse thinkers who want to share the beauty, heart and determination found around us every day. Covering everything from books, music, movies, fashion and street art to design, technology, culinary art, sports and family — and more! — our stories celebrate the creativity that surrounds us. Crixeo is a space where life and art intersect, community develops and courageous innovation brings people together to make the world an incredible place to be.

Did you know our roots started with books?

Medallion Press, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Medallion Press has produced the works of hundreds of talented and best-selling authors of fiction and nonfiction. We were among the first to acknowledge the massive shift to digital reading, embracing the e-book evolution and pushing innovation further with interactivity and TREEbook™ technology. With a passion for the arts, Medallion has also invested in independent musicians and filmmakers.

In an effort to respond to the ongoing transformation of media and how arts and culture are shared, Medallion introduced Crixeo. Publishing compelling work remains Medallion’s aim, and the team continues to innovate to bring people together through the arts.

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