If You're Going Through Bankruptcy
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Are you considering bankruptcy? Are you having a financial crisis? Do you have too much debt that is a year old or more? Are you considering settling your debts? Are you looking for some light-hearted and enjoyable films to watch to take your mind off of things? Look no further! Here are five films that will help you forget your troubles and enjoy a good movie that will inspire you.

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

No one’s life is perfect, and that includes Happyness. In fact, The Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story about a man named Chris Gardner who went through bankruptcy. Despite everything, he never gave up on his dreams and eventually became a successful businessman.

Watching The Pursuit of Happyness can be incredibly inspiring for anyone who is considering bankruptcy. It’s a reminder that no matter how dark things might seem, there’s always hope for a better tomorrow. Additionally, the film highlights the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity – two key qualities that anyone considering bankruptcy should strive to develop.

2. Good Will Hunting

There are a lot of reasons why Good Will Hunting is an important film, even if you’re considering bankruptcy. For one thing, the film highlights the importance of using your skills and talents to better yourself and your situation. No matter how tough things seem, it’s always important to remember that you have the power to change your circumstances if you’re willing to put in the hard work. Additionally, Good Will Hunting is a great reminder that everyone makes mistakes – but it’s what we do with those mistakes that define us as people. If you’re considering bankruptcy, make sure to take this film as inspiration to start turning your life around and making positive changes.

3. Money Ball

In order to rebuild your life, you first need to understand what led you to consider bankruptcy in the first place. Moneyball is a big screen movie hit about the business of baseball, but it’s also a movie about making smart choices with limited resources. It’s a story about people who were down on their luck but refused to give up.

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start. But you can’t make smart decisions without understanding what went wrong in the past. Moneyball will teach you how to think critically and make sound financial decisions even when you’re up against impossible odds.

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street

There are a few reasons why it is beneficial for you to watch the stock market hit, The Wolf of Wall Street, if you’re considering bankruptcy. First and foremost, the film offers an insight into the mind of a New York investment banking predator in the financial services industry that got in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission. By understanding how people like Jordan Belfort think, you can learn how to better protect yourself from boiler room operations and other common scams in the financial markets and protect your retirement portfolio.

Additionally, the film serves as a reminder that even the most successful people that offer investment advice make mistakes; no one is perfect. Finally, the film provides some valuable lessons on what not to do with your money. By understanding the mistakes that were made in the film, you can avoid having future financial troubles.

5. The Founder

There are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to watch The Founder even if you’re considering bankruptcy. For one, the film offers an interesting look at the American Dream and how it can be achieved through hard work and determination. It’s also a reminder that no business is ever too big to fail, and that anyone can make it big if they put their mind to it.

Finally, The Founder offers some valuable lessons in business strategy and entrepreneurship. Even if you’re not interested in starting your own business, there’s still plenty to learn from watching this film. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration and education during these tough times, then The Founder is definitely worth checking out.

Some Trivia

What is the Fed?
The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and is therefore responsible for setting monetary policy. The main goal of monetary policy is to maintain price stability, which means keeping inflation in check while also ensuring that the economy is not overheating.

In 1946, what movie did James Stewart play George Bailey?
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946; drama; 130 minutes; community banking) is a classic. Released in 1946, the year after World War II formally ended, it is both the oldest and the only black-and-white film on my list. James Stewart plays George Bailey, an all-around honest and lovable guy who manages a community finance operation, the Bailey Building & Loan Association.

Who was the name of the actor that played Gordon Gekko in Wall Street?
Michael Douglas played the role of Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film Wall Street. His portrayal of the New York, ruthless corporate raider with his free market ethos earned him critical acclaim, and he went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Do you know the plot of the box office hit, Margin Call?
It was set during the 2018 financial crisis and tells the same story of the executive director and several key players at a financial firm who discover they are on the verge of bankruptcy due to their exposure to mortgage-backed securities and a flawed business model. The characters are then forced to take drastic measures in order to control their losses. It is loosely based on Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and other wall street powerhouses. If you enjoyed it, take a look at The Big Short.

Who was the movie, Rogue Trader, based on?
This film is based on the true story of a derivatives broker named Nick Leeson (portrayed by Ewan McGregor in the film), who caused the bankruptcy of England’s 233-year-old Barings Bank in 1995. He was a small-town kid who ended up living the high life of a foreign exchange trader until he hit rock bottom.

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