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Do you have unsecured debt from multiple sources? Are you struggling to juggle payments and cope with mounting interest charges and late fees? If so, DMB Financial has debt relief services that could help you to resolve this debt quicker while paying less overall. Fees are slightly higher than the industry average so what does this company have to offer?


  • Enjoy ongoing one-to-one support
  • $200 referral bonus available
  • Focus on paying off debt as quickly as possible


  • You’ll pay more in fees
  • Limited availability in just 26 states

What Is DMB Financial?

DMB Financial offers financial services including debt relief services.

The primary focus is speed although reviews of customer care are mixed. Some consumers found the process seamless and they reported making substantial savings. Others felt the company is less than supportive.

Fees are higher than the industry standard, and you’ll also need to pay a monthly service fee.

DMB Financial Debt Relief
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How Does DMB Financial Work?

Like all debt relief services, DMB Financial will negotiate with your creditors hoping to get a reduced settlement by making a single payment. Some consumers have reported that DMB Financial only repays one creditor at a time. You’ll need to think about how your debt is structured and whether this would be problematic for you.

DMB Financial has been in business for over 15 years, resolving over 30,000 cases of unsecured debt.

DMB Financial Summary

  • Accreditation: American Fair Credit Council, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, IAPDA
  • Consultation: Free phone or online consultation
  • Costs: $34.95 monthly fee plus a percentage of the debt enrolled
  • Customer Service: Phone or email
  • Debts accepted: Unsecured debt. Minimum debt considered $10,000
  • Free resources offered: None
  • Restrictions: DMB Financial debt settlement is only available in 26 states
  • Service offered: Debt settlement through direct negotiations
  • Trust ratings: BBB rating of A+
  • Turnaround time: 24 to 48 months or longer

How Much Does It Cost To Use DMB Financial?

Unlike many debt relief services, DMB Financial levies a $34.95 monthly fee.

You will also pay a percentage of the total debt you enroll. This varies but is typically 21.5%, a point or two higher than the industry standard.

There are no upfront starting costs so you’ll pay nothing until you decide to proceed with a debt settlement plan.

What Could You Save With DMB Financial?

Claimed savings, as always, are larger than you will realistically achieve after all fees. It might be possible to see the overall debt reduced by as much as 50% in some cases, but you then need to consider fees and any tax liability on the settled debt.

Due to the complexity of settling unsecured debt outside of regular channels, you should seek legal advice so you’re confident that this form of resolution is best in your circumstances. Debt settlement is often the most prudent course of action, but you should be fully aware of all your options and their implications.

How To Sign Up With DMB Financial

You can schedule your free consultation with a representative quickly and easily.

  • Visit the DMB Financial website
  • Hit the Start tab
  • Select the amount of debt
  • Enter your full name and address
  • Select your income

What’s Next?

A customer services representative should call you as arranged for a preliminary discussion based on the details you provided. You can expect to explore your various options for repaying your debt as swiftly as possible.

Once you have agreed upon a settlement plan and all fees, you’ll receive documents by email.

You will then be guided through opening an FDIC-insured account. Each month, you’ll pay a single monthly payment into this account for DMB Financial. They will deal with your creditors directly so you will have no further dealings with them. You should be aware of the ramifications of this on your credit score.

When all payments have been made, you’ll be debt-free with the benefit of having established a financial relationship with DMB Financial for the future.


Before embarking upon debt settlement, you should be certain this is the most efficient way of becoming free of unsecured debt. While not as extreme as bankruptcy, your credit score will nevertheless be impacted by debt settlement.

Exploit your free consultation to get as much advice as you can about your situation. If you decide that DMB Financial’s plan makes sense, you should emerge free of debt anywhere from 2 to 4 years, depending on the size of your debt.

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DMB Financial

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Exploit your free consultation to get as much advice as you can about your situation. If you decide that DMB Financial’s plan makes sense, you should emerge free of debt in anywhere from 2 to 4 years, depending on the size of your debt.


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