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With the majority of us affected by ever-shortening attention spans thanks to the onslaught of smartphones and video games, the top 10 board games are a true blessing in disguise. Perennially popular and always enjoyable, the good old fashioned top 10 board games are a refreshing alternative to the plethora of video games, fast moving films and fast-paced ads that are hammering attention spans of the young and old alike. We are not doing ourselves any favors by indulging in online content that has been reducing our attention span through rapid-fire scenes that last no more than a few seconds.

Top 10 Board Games that you can play to the max

Even if the top 10 board games do not improve your attention span, they may be able to preserve your mental prowess by keeping you away from attention shortening content. Besides, they are always a joy to play and make any social gathering a memorable, stimulating and fun-filled occasion. There is no better way to foster social interaction and friendship than board game rivalry.

1.     Ticket to Ride

Ever since its inception, Ticket to Ride has distinguished itself as one of the top 10 board games with its long list of accolades. The board game has sold more than 6 million copies since it was released.

The beauty of this board game is that while it is simple to learn, it also places a staggering array of tactics at the disposal of players to dominate and win. The board game takes you on a country-wide train bound journey so that you can accumulate cards and become the owner of railroad routes. With longer train routes, you can garner more points to win the game.

2.     Dominion

Dominion is another top 10 board game that has soared to the heights of popularity in the last decade or so. The game has evolved continuously, becoming bigger and better with a wide range of expansion packs.

The game focuses on deck building to win the game. All players begin with identical stacks and accumulate cards according to the rules. Players can devise all kinds of strategies and tactics to construct their decks by getting hold of cards in the middle that are available for acquisition.

3.     Clue

Clue or Cluedo (depending on your location) is a leading detective game that only seems to be going one way in terms of popularity – skywards. The exhilarating game revolves around a murder crime scene with 6 suspects. Your mission is to find out the identity of the murder, the murder weapon used to commit the crime and the room where the murder took place. To this end, you must explore different rooms to uncover clues and finish your thrilling quest before others.

Your control over emotions is critical to winning. Keeping a stoic face and an unflinchingly calm demeanor can safeguard your secrets and give you the edge over others.

Top 10 Board Games Monopoly
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4.     Battleship

Battleship is a blend of strategy and good fortune. You can win the warship- themed game by sinking the entire naval force of your opponent before they sink yours. You place your ships on a 10 x 10 board and so does your opponent. Each ship has a different size. The smaller ships are obviously harder to hit. You should position your ships strategically to make it difficult for your opponent to score a direct hit. You and your opponent will take turns to guess the grid positions where the opposition ships are possibly located. Think of it as a naval salvo. If there is a ship at the position, your salvo will strike the target. If there is nothing at that position, your fusillade will miss. The game is simple yet engrossing.

5.     Scrabble

The classic game of Scrabble not only provides hours of fun, it also stretches your vocabulary to the limit. The inventor of the game played a master stroke by creating a point-based word game.

All players start with 7 tiles having one letter each. After playing your turn, you can acquire more tiles to replenish letters available to you. You can score points depending on the points offered by the spaces that your tiles cover.  

6.     The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan is a top 10 board game that takes you back in time on a voyage of discovery. You have to explore the coastline of the island of Catan and take over the entire landscape. Although it is not the most widely played game, it is certainly one of the very best among the top 10 board games.

7.     Risk

Originally called The Conquest of the World, Risk is the creation of Frenchman Albert Lamorisse. The aim of the game is to deploy strategy to gain territory at the expense of opponents. The ultimate objective is to dominate the entire board.

The game is highly stimulating and requires deep thinking skills, which is why Risk ranks as one of the top 10 board games.

8. Monopoly – One of the Finest Top 10 Board Games

There is hardly anyone that has not heard of Monopoly – one of the best top 10 board games worldwide.

More than one billion people have played the game since its launch in 1935. Even more staggering is the number of versions that this game has inspired – around 250 million.

The real estate board game joined the National Toy Hall of Fame during 1998.

9.     Stratego

As the name implies, Stratego is a top 10 board game that requires solid thinking skills to succeed. The objective of this board game is to take over all the pieces of your rival or force their surrender.

Similar to chess, the game has a worldwide fan base with over 20 million copies sold.

10.      Chess – the Magnum Opus among Top 10 Board Games

There is no board game comparable to this ancient yet timeless classic. Chess is undoubtedly the finest among the top 10 board games for its amazing possibilities and unmatched strategy.

After first surfacing in the Indian Subcontinent in the 6th century, the game quickly spread to the rest of Asia and then onto Europe. The board game has high level competitions across most countries of the world.

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