Northwest Registered Agent Review

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If you’re an entrepreneur in the market for a Limited Liability Company service, Northwest Registered Agent is one of the hundreds to choose from.

You can never know if any of them are any good unless you get firsthand experience or learn from the experience of others.

That’s where this review comes in.

We have reviewed hundreds of LLC setup providers based on their services, costs, value for money, customer service, and testimonials. We’ll give you an honest and upfront opinion on how well each company treats its customers and whether they’re any good.

Today, we’ll be highlighting a company called Northwest Registered Agent.

NorthWest Register Agent

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned business without investors. Their website claims that their employees “give a crap.”

Looking at their site, there’s a lot to like about Northwest Registered Agent.

They won’t sell your data on. This in itself is rare nowadays.

They promise to answer your calls and emails promptly, and you’ll always have the chance speak to a human.

They also promise to not increase their fee over time.

This company doesn’t have a salesforce, just dedicated and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Their website copy is certainly glib and slick, then. So, how does their offering measure up against the other LLC setup providers in this crowded vertical?

Northwest Registered Agent Packages

Northwest Registered Agent offer three very keenly-priced packages.

Basic ($79, excluding state fee)

Although not the cheapest, their Basic package is still quite competitive.

For this price, you’ll get:

  • A registered agent
  • Business setup
  • Lifetime customer service

Deluxe ($179, excluding state fee)

Their deluxe package is more than double the price of the Basic package, but you get:

  • A registered agent
  • Business setup
  • EIN
  • Lifetime customer service
  • Operating agreement

Premium ($199, excluding state fee)

For just an extra 20 bucks, you might as well go straight for the Premium package. It’s got all that the other packages have, but with same-day processing thrown in.

  • A registered agent
  • Business setup
  • Lifetime customer service
  • EIN
  • Operating agreement
  • Same-day processing

Northwest Registered Agent Complaints

Northwest Registered Agent: Pros

  • Family run business
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Prices won’t increase
  • Competitively priced packages

Northwest Registered Agent: Cons

  • Range of services isn’t as comprehensive as some companies.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent Customer Service Like

Northwest Registered Agent’s website says that their customer service staff “give a crap.”

They aim, apparently, is to “be not just annoying,” but rather to “exceed customer expectations”.

They don’t hire salespeople who go hunting for business. They prefer to take an organic approach and let the business go them based on trust and word of mouth.

This non-predatory approach is refreshing.  They pride themselves on knowledgeable and obliging customer service.

Customers can contact the office by by email. Office hours are between 6am and 6pm.

But, are they really any good?

Largely, feedback on BBB and BirdEye is strong, aside from a few negative reviews like the following…

Nica S, BBB May 2020

“This is the worst service I ever got!
They promised to form my Wyoming LLC and get me an EIN within 5 days. I paid $200 just for the EIN application. Now, they want me to wait 3 MONTHS just to get my EIN!
Without the EIN, it’s impossible to open a bank account and get a Stripe account. I contacted another famous company and they told me it will only take them at most 2 days to get my EIN.
I requested to refund the $200 but I got no reply about it yet.
If you want to save some time and get your LLC and EIN quickly, I suggest you stay away from this company!
I tried to call their number at least 10 times during the last 2 days and even messaged their FB page but got no reply. 🙁
I guess I only wasted money and time. :(!

Joe, BBB July 2020

I paid $350 to start a business and received 0 information from them after paying and giving the business information. I called today and they said nothing on the phone about information being needed, but yet I get an email 20 minutes later from them saying I need a better explanation of the purpose of the business when HANDYMAN is in the name of the business. I am baffled as to why it took 16 days to tell me the purpose is not correct? My experience thus far is terrible…save your money

Kevin B, BBB January 2019

BUYER BEWARE!!! Signed up to register a business in 2017- they dropped the ball and caused many months of delays. After I FINALLY received states business paperwork – I wrote them to cancel any further involvement with them and to tell them why, clearly explaining my dissatisfaction. So I figured, too bad but I’m done with them at least. Wrong! To “get back” at me (I have to assume) they have continued for 2 years to harassed me every month sending “invoices” for some work (never specified) and (obviously) not ordered. What a poor excuse for a business model – BEWARE!!!

Northwest Registered Agent: Customer Opinion

Ultimately, Northwest Registered Agent provide excellent customer service. Customers enjoy not having to explain their situation every time they call, and service is typically seamless.

But, some customers do slip through the net and get lost in the ether.


1) How long will it take to form an LLC?

4 to 5 weeks depending on the state.

2) How much will it cost to form an LLC?

With Northwest Registered Agent, the minimum cost will be $79 plus the state fee. The state fee varies according to the state.

3) Is the Basic package any good?

Northwest Registered Agent’s Basic package is pretty good considering you get lifetime customer support. Some companies require you to upgrade to the next tier package for customer support.

The Verdict

Based on the reviews, we would say to go ahead and give them a try.

There are a few negative reviews where people have received poor service. However, the positively glowing reviews far outweigh the negative reviews.

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Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent Review

Based on the reviews, we would say to go ahead and give them a try. There are a few negative reviews where people have received poor service. However, the positively glowing reviews far outweigh the negative reviews.

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