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Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. Most healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at a high level during the day.

Since the coronavirus outbreak and the stress of social distancing on families,  people are experiencing less sleep.Having the right mattress today is more important than ever.

Best Mattress 2020
  1. BEST OVERALL: Saatva
  3. BEST FOR SIDE SLEEPERS: Loom and Leaf
  1. BEST VALUE: Nectar

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The Five Stages of Sleep

Stage 1 – Drowsy

Stage 1 is state of drowsiness. It is the transition between wakefulness and sleep. It represents only 2% to 5% of your total sleep.Your brain produces slow brain waves and your muscle and brain activity slows down. You can experience slow eye movements and  occasional muscle twitching commonly known as “hypnic jerks.”  It is easily interrupted and you are not fully asleep. According to Saatva, If you’re woken up during this sleep stage, you might feel like you haven’t slept at all.

Stage 2 – Light Sleep

Stage 2 is the Light Sleep phase.  It represents 45% to 55% of daily sleep.  In order the protect your brain from awakening from sleep, it produces rythmic brain waves called “sleep spindles” intermixed with sleep structures known as “K complexes.”  Your body temperature decreases and your heart rate begins to slow down.

Stage 3 – Moderate Sleep

Stage 3 is the Moderate Sleep Phase.  It is the transitional period before the “deep sleep” phase. It represents 3% to 8% of your total sleep. Your brain starts to produce slower brain waves called “delta waves.”  Awakenings and arousals are rare. According to Saatva, older adults have trouble entering a state of deep sleep—they also tend to sleep less and wake up more often.

Stage 4 – Deep Sleep

Stage 4 is the “deep sleep” phase. It represents 10% to 15% of the daily sleep. The brain continues to produce “delta waves.”  You will experience breathing and limited muscle activity. Sleepwalking and bed wetting can occur during this phase. According to Saatva, tissue repair happens during deep sleep, as does the release of hormones, such as growth hormone (which is needed for growth and development)

Stage 5 – REM Sleep

Stage 5 is the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase.  It represents 20% to 25% of the daily sleep.  Eye movements are rapid, moving from side to side and brainwaves start to speed.  Dreaming occurs during the REM sleep phase.  Your muscles will relax and your heart rate will increase. Breathing becomes more rapid and shallow.  Awakenings and arousals are more common during REM sleep and can result in a feeling of weakness or groginess.


Editor’s Choice – Best Overall


Saatva has been selling mattresses directly to consumers for over 10 years now. In addition to this great innerspring, they also produce the Zenhaven and Loom & Leaf mattresses.

The company has a deep bench of mattresses from memory foam and innerspring to latex and hybrid models. For the purposes of today, we’ll be doubling down on the Saatva Classic. This coil-on-coil innerspring comes with a padded Euro-top cover and boasts supplementary comfort layers.

Check at a glance whether this innerspring makes the right fit for you:

Who Should Buy The Saatva

  • Hot sleepers looking for a super-cool sleeping environment. The airflow through both coil layers is exceptional
  • Bargain hunters looking to capitalize on the remarkable price/performance ratio and White Glove delivery. You’ll get your old mattress removed and your new mattress installed free of charge, ideal for bargain-hunters
  • Whatever your sleep position and however much you weigh, the mattress comes in several thicknesses and firmness settings to suit

Who Should Avoid The Saatva

  • Anyone who wakes easily if their co-sleeper moves. With minimal motion isolation and a super-responsive surface, the Saatva Classic is not your best bet if you’re easily disturbed by your partner
  • If you like the feel of memory foam, you could be disappointed. Although this mattress fairly closely conforms to the body compared to many innerspring, you won’t get that trademark memory foam feel here




Casper is a highly reputable US-based manufacturer specializing in mattresses, bedding, and accessories. The brand was founded back in 2014.

With 5 mattresses in the line, our focus today is on the flagship Casper Mattress. This is sometimes known as the Casper Original or plain Casper.

Categorized as a mixed-foam mattress, who should buy the Casper and who should look elsewhere?

Who Should Buy The Casper

  • Fantastic isolation of motion transfer means the mattress should appeal to couples. If the movements of your sleep partner often wake you in the night, you should find this happening less with the super-quiet mattress.
  • Are you looking for that sweet spot of support and balance? This mattress provides pressure relief to the most sensitive areas without feeling too firm as a result
  • The degree of firmness and the close-conforming nature of the mattress means it’s best suited for sleepers under 230 pounds
  • If you typically sleep hot in all-foam beds, you should find some relief with this mattress. Sure, somebody heat is absorbed, but compared to most all-foam alternatives, you’ll benefit from a relatively cool night’s sleep

Who Should Avoid The Casper

  • Larger users are liable to find this mattress too unsupportive
  • If you’re looking for an extremely responsive mattress, the mattress comes up short. You might get a touch more responsiveness than all-foam alternatives, but you won’t get that trademark bounce you expect from hybrid or innerspring mattresses either

That should give you an accurate idea of whether the Casper is one for the shortlist or one to avoid.

We’ll highlight the way this mattress is built next so you can see how this will impact the way you sleep.

Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux

US-based mattress manufacturer Puffy makes bed sheets, mattress foundations, and a line of mattresses including the Puffy Lux.

This upscale version of the flagship Puffy mattress comes with additional foam giving you superior contouring. Just like its baseline brother, the Lux is rated medium-firm.

Packed with memory foam and polyfoam, we’ll kick off by categorizing who the Puffy Lux is recommended for and who should avoid this mattress.

Who Should Buy The Puffy Lux

  • Couples prone to disturbing each other in the night will appreciate the Puffy Lux. You’ll get no noise beneath you as you move around. With motion transfer isolated, you shouldn’t disturb your sleeping partner even if you tend to fidget in your sleep
  • Are you a side sleeper afflicted by pressure points in the shoulders and hips? If so, the contouring Lux will mold around your body and lessen this common issue for side sleepers
  • If you’re smaller and lighter, you might find conventional mattresses fail to cradle you sufficiently. With the Puffy Lux, you’ll feel wonderfully cocooned even if you weigh less than 130 pounds

Who Should Avoid The Puffy Lux

  • If you weigh over 230 pounds, you might find you sink down into some mattresses. You could encounter this issue with the Puffy Lux. Larger users could also experience inadequate support for proper spinal alignment
  • Do you sleep hot? If so, the Lux tends to trap heat and has relatively weak airflow. The resultantly average temperature regulation means hot sleepers should look elsewhere for a mattress

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf mattress is produced by parent company Saatva. Founded in 2011 and instrumental in the direct-to-consumer bedding vertical taking off, today we’ll be focusing on the Loom & Leaf all-foam mattress.

Now, is this foam-extravaganza just what you’ve been looking for or likely to be a waste of money?

Get started with our recommendations on who the Loom & Leaf is recommended for, and who would be better off avoiding this mattress…

Who Should Buy Loom & Leaf

  • Lighter and average-sized sleepers will find the combination of supportive memory foam and even firmer supplementary foam helps to relieve pressure points while also providing a comforting and cradling position
  • Side sleepers will find the pressure points under the hips or shoulders are alleviated with this mattress
  • If you share your bed with a partner prone to disturbances, the impressive motion isolation should minimize disruptions and help you both sleep soundly all night long

Who Should Avoid Loom & Leaf

  • Hot sleepers are likely to feel uncomfortable as the closely conforming memory foam, while highly effective, tends to trap heat inside
  • Those 4” of memory foam we keep mentioning means that combination sleepers might struggle to keep changing position. The sluggish response to pressure makes shifting around awkward



Nectar is a US-based firm based in Palo Alto, CA. If you have taken even a fleeting glimpse at the bed-in-a-box industry, you’re sure to have seen the classic Casper memory foam mattress.

This flagship mattress comes with a triple layer of memory foam so you’ll get remarkable pressure-relief along with efficient motion isolation.

Before we break down how this mattress is made and how it feels, who should buy the Nectar mattress? Perhaps more importantly, who should avoid this mattress?

Who Should Buy Nectar

  • For anyone on the trail of a bargain, you can’t match the price/performance ratio on offer with the iconic Nectar mattress
  • Do you easily wake when your sleep partners moves in the night? If so, the highly efficient motion isolation ensures that you won’t end up disturbed by noise when your partner shifts in their sleep
  • Hot sleepers will appreciate the way the Nectar absorbs less heat than many all-foam mattresses
  • As long as you weigh 130 pounds or more, the Nectar will suit side, stomach, and back sleepers making it a highly versatile mattress

Who Should Avoid Nectar

  • If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you might find this mattress feels a little too firm for comfort
  • The extreme body-contouring gives a cradling feel you might not like if you prefer to sleep on rather than in a mattress



Helix Sleep, sometimes simply referred to as Helix, is a US-based company specializing in mattresses, bedding, and accessories.

If you head to the manufacturer’s website, you can complete a sleep quiz. Results will determine which Helix mattress would make the best fit for your weight, sleeping position, and comfort preferences.

Today, we’ll take a broad view of the 6 different hybrid mattresses in the deep line of products. Each is designed for a type of sleeper so you should get a personalized sleeping environment with relatively little fuss.

Before we probe construction, firmness, and feel, who should buy this mattress and who should avoid it?

Who Should Buy The Helix

  • Anyone uncertain about which type of mattress to buy would be well-served by completing the quick online quiz with Helix. Even if you don’t choose to buy a mattress, you should develop a better understanding of the type you need
  • Do you sleep hot? If so, you’ll find Helix mattresses offer a particularly cool sleeping environment. Robust airflow through the layers of coils ensures you won’t get overheated
  • Are you looking for a bargain? Who isn’t, right? Despite impressive performance and build, you Helix mattresses are priced very competitively

Who Should Avoid The Helix

  • If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool fan of memory foam, this mattress will leave you disappointed. You don’t get that same close-conforming feel with the hybrid



DreamCloud is specialist manufacturing just one mattress, a hybrid model packing 6 layers of foam and memory foam. The company has poured all their expertise into this single mattress and it shows.

In addition to the DreamCloud mattress, the company also produces a wide range of bedding along with striking bed frames.

This medium-firm hybrid is particularly supportive if you’re a heavyweight sleeper. You’ll enjoy a firmer feel with spinal alignment encouraged.

We’ll kick off by summarizing who should buy the DreamCloud and who should consider a different mattress.

Who Should Buy The DreamCloud

  • Back sleepers will appreciate the firmness of this mattress as well as the lumbar support it offers as a result
  • If you suffer from chronic back pain, the DreamCloud occupies that sweet spot between providing enough firmness without sacrificing the give and feel completely. With the pressure between your hips and shoulders relieved, you should find your spine is able to align itself naturally
  • For anyone struggling to get in and out of bed due to chronic pain, the robust edge support means the mattress won’t buckle if you put your weight on the edges
  • All heavier users would benefit from this mattress. The thick comfort layers and the efficient transitional layers give you all the support you need where conventional mattresses might let you down

Who Should Avoid The DreamCloud

  • Just as this mattress suits heavyweight sleepers, so lighter users under 130 pounds might find the feel too firm for comfort
  • Side sleepers might not get the comfiest positioning with this mattress
  • Anyone looking for a mattress that hugs and cradles the body will be disappointed with the DreamCloud



Leesa has been selling mattresses direct to consumers since 2014. Based in the US, the company is highly eco-conscious. Volunteering activities and tree planting ensure Leesa attracts green fans the world over thanks to the social impact of their programs. The company also donates mattresses to those in need.

How about their product line, then? Well, the company offers several mattresses, but today we’ll be focusing on the best-selling all-foam signature mattress.

Before we explore how this all-foam mattress is made and how it feels, who should buy the Leesa, and who should give it a wide berth?

Who Should Buy Leesa

  • Anyone seeking a body-hugging mattress will be served well. The comfort layer is super-soft without resulting in over-sagging. This mattress is especially well-received by sleepers weighing 230 pounds or below
  • If you or your partner are easily disturbed and prone to waking in the night, you’ll appreciate the superb motion isolation on the mattress. This means you’ll experience very little noise from the mattress even if you fidget frequently during the night
  • Have you got chronic back pain? Millions of Americans suffer from this problem, so you’re not alone. With outstanding pressure-relief and the cradling effect of this mattress, you’re in safe hands

Who Should Avoid Leesa

  • If you have an energetic sex life, you could find shifting positions is slightly tough on this mattress. For that purpose, you would be better placed with an innerspring or hybrid mattress
  • Heavier side sleepers should avoid Leesa. Rated medium-firm, it will likely feel too soft if you weigh in at over 230 pounds. If you’re a side sleeper, you would encounter too much sagging with this mattress
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