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The Saatva Classic is a top-tier innerspring mattress with a shower of benefits and few drawbacks. The variety of sizes and firmness ratings ensures most people are likely to find a variant to suit.

With the exception of couples who easily wake each other during the night, most sleepers should easily find a suitable Saatva mattress. If you’re looking for great value but you’re not prepared to sacrifice the quality of your sleep, we can’t recommend the Saatva highly enough.

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Casper is a highly reputable US-based manufacturer specializing in mattresses, bedding, and accessories. The brand was founded back in 2014.

As outlined at length in our full review, the Casper is best for lighter sleepers who should find the medium-firm mixed foam mattress is comfy and supportive while also not running too hot.

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Loom & Leaf

This outstanding mattress comes with our complete seal of approval. You get the great brand heritage of buying from the company responsible for the Saatva mattress. Customer care is responsive and helpful while build quality and durability are equally impressive.

As with all mattresses, the Loom and Leaf will not suit everyone, notably hot sleepers and combination sleepers. For most other users, whether slim or heavy, side sleepers or back sleepers, this is a first-class foam mattress worthy of a place on any shortlist of the best mattresses 2020.

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Puffy Lux

As with all Puffy mattresses, heavier sleepers might get that sinking feeling with inadequate support and spinal alignment out of kilter. Larger users would benefit from avoiding these mattresses completely. There’s no sense in making things hard on yourself when the market is studded with alternatives.

Given the attention to detail, durability, comfort, and support of the Puffy Lux, we stridently recommend this pocket-friendly mattress. Side sleepers are especially well-served. The breathable foams used also keep you cool regardless of sleeping position. Your only problem will be not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

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Nectar mattress delivers a surprisingly refined and balanced sleeping surfaces for such an affordable model. While it’s not exactly a giveaway, you’ll find this memory foam extravaganza comes in cheaper than most of the opposition.

Sleepers of most weights should find this mattress supportive and comfortable. The only exception is much lighter sleepers. If you tip the scales at less than 130 pounds sopping wet, you’ll likely find the feel of this mattress too firm and unforgiving. For most other users, the sharp contouring and intense body-hugging feel of the Nectar will be welcome.

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Most sleepers will find the DreamCloud delivers a comfortable night’s sleep while ensuring that pressure points are relieved and your back gets the support it needs.

Throw in impressive edge support and this model is ideal if you find regular mattresses leave you wallowing.

Overall, we feel the DreamCloud represents exceptional value and creates a sleeping environment that’s both remarkably supportive and surprisingly comfortable: what’s not to love?

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Helix mattresses offer you a great deal of choice with different materials and different firmness levels to suit all body types and sleeping positions.

So, whether you’re a lightweight stomach sleeper looking or a soft sleeping surface, or you weigh over 230 pounds and need a bit more support, you should have no problem finding a suitable Helix mattress.

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Much like any all-foam mattress, motion isolation is first-rate on Leesa. This is great news if you frequently wake in the night disturbed by your partner making noise. Rustling and fidgeting in bed shouldn’t generate any meaningful sound.

In terms of pricing, the Leesa mattress is very competitive. Available in a full suite of sizes from twin to California King, you won’t need to dig too deep to unearth one of the most effective mattresses on the market. If you don’t like the sound of this model, take the time to examine the rest of the Leesa range. Chances are, you’ll find something you like.

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Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is more than just hollow marketing hype. This proprietary fabric and arrangement give Purple Mattress a distinctive feel with excellent contouring supplemented by an overall feeling of floating. If you struggle to fall asleep, you could find this mattress is the hidden key.

Heavier sleepers might find Purple comes up short. For lighter and average sleepers, the medium-firm feel and that unusual sensation delivered by Purple Grid means this mattress is well worth popping on your shortlist. The best news? In spite of all that tech baked in and robust build quality, Purple Mattress costs far less than you might imagine.

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Lucid Mattress

Although the Lucid Mattress is priced competitively, we have seen a variety of online complaints criticizing the short life of the mattress. Complaints typically focus on the bed breaking down, the difficulty in returning the mattress, and the lackluster customer support. For these reasons, we can not recommend Lucid Mattress to our readers.

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