Saatva vs Winkbed Review

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Saatva vs WinkBed Side to Side Comparison

Between Saatva vs Winbed, if you’re hunting for luxury innerspring mattresses, you’re sure to come across Saatva and WinkBeds. Both these brands offer mattresses to give you a hotel experience without leaving home.

Both of these mattresses are remarkably similar overall, but there are also some important differences. We’ll clear that up for you in today’s Saatva vs WinkBeds comparison. The Saatva Mattress Review will give you a better insight into our number one choice.

Saatva vs WinkBed Mattresses: Overview

The Saatva mattress is an innerspring with a pillow top.

This mattress comes in 3 firmness settings:

  • Firm
  • Luxury firm
  • Plush soft

There are 2 heights, 11.5″ and 14.5”.

The WinkBed mattress by contrast, comes in just one height.

You can choose from 4 firmness settings with this mattress, though:

  • Firmer
  • Luxury Firmer
  • Plus
  • Softer
Saatva vs WinkBed Comparison
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Who Should Buy The Saatva?

  • Anyone looking for a range of height choices
  • Bargain hunters not prepared to compromise on quality
  • Light or mid-weight back sleepers who don’t need too much lumbar support

Who Should Buy The WinkBed?

  • Anyone who tends to sleep hot
  • Larger sleepers looking for more support
  • Side sleepers who need more pressure relief on the shoulders and hips

Saatva Vs WinkBed: Similarities

Here’s a snapshot of the key similarities between Saatva vs Winkbed mattresses.

  • Both the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses are available in a range of firmness options. For the purposes of today, we’ll be comparing the Luxury Firm models from each brand
  • These are the best innerspring mattresses on the market
  • Saatva and WinkBed mattresses are among the strongest pillow top models
  • Both mattresses work well for back sleepers
  • Each mattress is supportive and comfortable
  • Both mattresses are highly breathable mattresses and promote excellent airflow

Saatva Vs WinkBed: Differences

Despite a glut of similarities, there are a few areas where these mattresses differ:

Saatva Mattress
  • You have a choice of 2 heights with the Saatva mattress
  • The Saatva mattress costs less than the WinkBed mattress
  • The materials used are different – more on that below

We’ll now compare the firmness levels of these mattresses head-to-head. For the sake of fairness, we’re comparing the Luxury Firm model from each brand.

Saatva Vs WinkBed Mattresses: Firmness

Both of these mattresses feel a little firmer than average.

If you want something more forgiving, both brands offer softer, plusher firmness settings.

Sleeping On These Mattresses

Between Saatva vs Winkbed, the feel of sleeping on these mattresses is broadly similar.

Saatva Mattress

  • Back sleepers: You’ll enjoy a good balance of comfort and support with the coils adding some valuable contouring
  • Side sleepers: You’ll feel some pressure on your hips and shoulders and you could find yourself wanting a plusher feel
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers will find the Saatva nicely supportive under the hips, but you could find the firmness lacking if you’re a primary stomach sleeper

WinkBed Mattress

  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers should find the WinkBeds mattress amply supportive. The advanced zoning makes for excellent lumbar support
  • Side sleepers: The added plushness of this mattress means you’ll get marginally better pressure relief than from the Saatva. You could find support under your hips lacking, though
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers might find the mattress slightly unsupportive

Saatva vs WinkBed: Sleeping Weights

Here’s how these mattresses stack up for the following weight categories:

  • Lightweight sleepers (under 130 pounds)
  • Average weight sleepers (130 to 230 pounds)
  • Heavy sleepers (over 130 pounds)

Lightweight sleepers (under 130 pounds)

Lightweight sleepers should find both these mattresses ideal across all 3 sleeping positions. You’ll get all the comfort and support you need from either mattress if you weigh under 130 pounds.

Average weight sleepers (130 to 230 pounds)

If you weight anywhere from 130 to 230 pounds, both mattresses will allow your hips to sink slightly while still keeping you neutrally aligned.

For average weight side sleepers, the WinkBed is the better choice as it is plusher.

Heavy Sleepers (over 130 pounds)

Heavyweight back sleepers should get adequate support from both mattresses. The lumbar support offered on the WinkBed is superior.

The Saatva HD model and the WinkBed Plus mattress are both designed for sleepers over 300 pounds.

Neither mattress works well for larger side sleepers.

Mattress Construction: Differences

Between Saatva vs WinkBed, the Saatva has a soft, organic cotton cover. This is highly breathable.

The Tencel fabric on the WinkBed cover encourages airflow and cooling.

The Saatva’s cover is quilted and tufted with foam resulting in a Euro pillow top.  The firmness level you choose dictates plushness.

Beneath this, another layer of memory foam adds pressure relief and lumbar support.

The cover on the WinkBed mattress cover is also foam-tufted with Hypersoft Foam. Premium gel foam is added to create a pillow top.

The Saatva has microcoils layered over support coils in the base layer. The Lumbar Zone tech baked in gives more firmness and support near the center of this mattress.

The WinkBed has a similar setup using both support coils and microcoils and support coils. The zoning system is more advanced lending to superior lumbar support.

Mattress Height

Comparing Saatva vs WinkBed, the Saatva comes in 2 heights (11.5″ and 14.5″) while the WinkBed is only available as a 14″ mattress.

Saatva Vs WinkBed: Differences in Performance

  • Sleeping Hot Or Cold
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Durability
  • Off-gassing
  • Noise
  • Sex
  • Warranty

Sleeping Hot Or Cold

Both mattresses are innersprings with pillow tops. As such, they are both highly breathable.

Double layers of coils mean airflow is outstanding and neither mattress will trap heat.

The WinkBed tends to sleep even cooler, perhaps due to the Tencel cover.

Motion Transfer

Innerspring mattresses don’t always handle motion transfer efficiently. They bouncier than memory foam and don’t absorb motion as well.

The WinkBed mattress performs better in this area due to its added plushness.

Edge Support

Both Saatva vs WinkBed mattresses feature 2 sets of coils. Both are very supportive, right out to the edges.


Both these mattresses are durable inner springs. They should last anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

The WinkBed is more substantial overall.


Neither mattress comes compressed in a roll meaning there’s no real issue with off-gassing.


Neither the Saatva or WinkBed mattresses make much noise at first. Like with all innersprings, you could find they become noisier over the years, though.


Both are good, bouncy mattresses for sex. You shouldn’t feel trapped and you’ll find moving around is easy.


The Saatva has a 180-night trial and a 15-year warranty. The WinkBed has a 120-night trial, and a lifetime warranty.


Now, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about the Saatva and WinkBed mattresses:

Is The WinkBed Mattress Better Than The Saatva Mattress?

It makes a smoother fit for some sleepers, yes. Side sleepers, hot sleepers, and anyone prioritizing a more substantial mattress would be better served with the WinkBed mattress. The Saatva works better if you want a choice of heights, and you’re looking for the keenest price.

Which Is The More Affordable Mattress?

The Saatva mattress costs less than the WinkBed mattress. A queen, for example, is roughly $200 cheaper.

How Long Will These Mattresses Last?

Both mattresses should last for 7 to 10 years, according to usage. That said, the WinkBed could last longer due to its more substantial nature.

Which Of These Mattresses Sleeps Cooler?

Both mattresses are innersprings that encourage great airflow. Neither traps much heat. The Tencel cover and infusion of cooling gel means the WinkBed might sleep slightly cooler.

Saatva Vs WinkBed

Saatva Vs WinkBed Review

It makes a smoother fit for some sleepers, yes. Side sleepers, hot sleepers, and anyone prioritizing a more substantial mattress would be better served with the WinkBed mattress. The Saatva works better if you want a choice of heights, and you’re looking for the keenest price.

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