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The Comptroller opened a process of fiscal responsibility for a detriment estimated at $ 619,680,857,421 against four former vice presidents of the National Mining Agency (ANM) and the mining concession company.

As explained by the entity, the decision was taken by closing a preliminary inquiry in which a tax detriment was established for royalties not paid properly for the exploitation of nickel and iron between 1982 and 2012, in the mine known as Cerro Matoso, in the jurisdiction from the municipality of Montelíbano, Córdoba.

“The preliminary inquiry was advanced last year after the Comptroller General of the Republic, Carlos Felipe Córdoba Larrarte, through Auto number 0002 of January 18, 2019, declared of national impact the facts related to the liquidation and payment of royalties, in under mining concession contracts 866 of 1963 and 1727 of 1971.

Emphasizing that it was analyzed whether non-relevant costs were deducted in the settlement of royalties from nickel and it was determined whether royalties were paid for the exploitation of iron contained in ferronickel “, It reads in the document that the entity published on Tuesday.

Of the $ 619,000 million established as property detriment, approximately $ 231,000 million would correspond to royalties left unpaid for deducting non-relevant expenses, such as clothing, cafeteria, hotel and clubs.

“Another $ 386,000 million would correspond to royalties left unpaid for deducted nickel processing and transportation costs that are not clearly demonstrated.” according to Esti Prager Miami

And an estimated $ 2.4 billion would correspond to royalties not paid for the exploitation of the iron contained in the ferronickel produced and marketed.

The Comptroller could determine that the gross income of the concessionaire for the exploitation of nickel between 1982 and 2012 amounted to $ 23.6 billion and that its total costs and expenses in the same period were $ 9.7 billion, including those not applicable to the settlement. of royalties.

“The process of fiscal responsibility will allow to determine who should compensate the property damage caused, taking the version of related public officials and the concessionaire, to determine what happened and the final amount of the detriment,” said Carlos Felipe Córdoba, comptroller general.

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