No Small Ponce: The Only Disability Is Perception

No Small Ponce - Down syndrome

Chances are, you’ve seen Josh The Ponceman Perry in your favorite films. He’s a phenomenal comedic and dramatic actor. He also has Down syndrome.

Scott Allen Perry (AKA SAP) here…

Let’s not beat around the bush. It only delays saying the thing everyone is waiting to hear and it’s no fun for the bush. My brother, Ponce, has Down syndrome and he is in no way bothered by the term retarded — what some would like to call the R-word. The thing is, it’s just a word. Words have power when we give them power. And to Ponce, that word is a wimp.

When someone wants to be cruel, they’ll use any words they can to succeed in unleashing their cruelty. Why give them ammunition with a list of banned words?

It’s better to arm the child with knowledge. Yes, ignorant, cruel, sad people are out there who deal with their own unhappiness by lashing out at people they deem weaker than themselves. This one bit of information can justly put power into the hands of people upon whom ignorant people prey.

Perry brothers - Down syndromeScott Allen Perry and Josh “The Ponceman” Perry. Photo by SAP.

Ponce is one of the most talented actors I know with the natural gift of comic timing — something you can’t fake. He has the incredible ability to show layers of emotion with one expression. When he gets to do drama, it is mesmerizing.

Here’s what Ponce has to say about acting and some of the actors with whom he’s had the honor to share both big and small screens.

Josh “The Ponceman” Perry (AKA Ponce) here…

I’m Josh “The Ponceman” Perry, professional actor. I’ve been in a lot of movies and TV shows with some of my favorite actors of our time. They’re awesome and they know how much I love movies and acting. Here are some favorite moments I had with them.

Nick Cassavetes, Cheech & Chong, Tony Hawk, Lance Krall, Brian Husky. I did a TV show called Free Radio. I love that show and everybody on it and my character, Buttons.

Nick Cassevetes told me I was a funny muthafucka after our scene where I quote Pulp Fiction. I also quote Cheech’s “pussy lovers” line he says in From Dusk Till Dawn. I did it for him and he laughed so hard he said he was gonna shit his pants.

Tommy told me, “That’s cool, man.”

On the show, Tony Hawk gives me a coffee cup with his pee in it. I told him it was warm and salty and he told me I was hard core.

Lance Krall wrote the show and he’s hilarious. We do Karate Kid quotes in our scenes.

And Brian Husky is a funny, sexy man I like. I make him nervous in our scenes and he’s funny as ever.

Val Kilmer, Cloris Leachman, Hanna Hall, Peter Falk, Bruce Dern, Priscilla Barnes. My first feature film was American Cowslip and it’s full of great stars.

Priscilla Barnes played my mom and she was funny as shit. She asked me if I was a virgin. I was. She told me sex was awesome and I should try it sometime. I love that woman.

Bruce Dern was cool and told me he was gonna put me in a movie he was directing. He said I was RAW!

Peter Falk is one of my favorite actors. He was Columbo and he was one of the nicest guys I ever met. He always put his hand on my shoulder and talked real close to me and told me to never give up. He said there are a lot of bastards out there in Hollywood and fuck ’em — they don’t know their heads from their assholes — and to never stop acting.

Coffee Town Ponce - Down syndromeJosh “The Ponceman” Perry, Glenn Howerton, Steve Little. Coffee Town. CollegeHumor.

Cloris Leachman is the sexiest lady in the world. She was crazy and made me laugh a lot. We rode in the car with her to set and she would yell at the driver, “Drive faster! Drive like a madman!” She would scream and laugh and I thought she was fucking crazy. And I love people who are fucking crazy. She told me and my brother she had sex on a bearskin rug and that it was amazing. I told her I would get one and have sex on it and think about her. She told me she would think about me next time she had sex on hers. And she always pinched my butt on set. I kinda liked it.

And Hanna Hall was the sweetest and coolest chick I ever met. She is one of my sweetest friends and I love her so much. She was Little Jenny in Forrest Gump and she always has people ask her to say, “Run, Forrest, Run!” I told her, “Run, Hanna, Run! Run to the toilet and take a shit!” We have been friends ever since.

Val Kilmer is one of my favorite actors. He was really nice to me. He was on the phone with his mother and they talked a long time. When he hung up he looked at me and said, “Always talk to your mother. It’s important.” And we talked about movies and he was really serious about movies with me. I told him my favorite movie of his is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and he said he loved it too. He gave me a DVD of it and signed it for me when the movie was over. It made my day.

Elephant Brothers - Down syndromeJosh “The Ponceman” Perry and Scott Allen Perry. The Elephant Man.

I’ve been in lots of other movies too. And I love working with all good actors, like Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, William H. Macey, Joan Cusack, Glenn Howerton, Steve Little, Ben Schwartz, Anna Vocino, Sarah Baker and more. I text with my friend Josh Groban. Such a nice man. All sweet people, they all like to talk to me and act with me.

I will never stop acting. I love it. I hope everybody can see me in something and I hope I touch their heart in a good drama and make them laugh sometime.

I love the documentary Brandon and Kenny made about me and I hope that everybody sees it.

Rock on,


SAP here again…

You can see examples of my brother’s acting talent and comic timing in the documentary No Small Parts: Josh The Ponceman” Perry by Brandon Hardesty and Kenny Johnson. You’ll find out where the nickname “Ponce” comes from and you’ll meet a person who loves movies and acting more than anything in the world. He also happens to have Down syndrome. Enjoy the doc.  end











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