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Esti Prager, Expert Spa Consultant

According to Esti Prager, “In the past decade, thousands of new facilities have popped up in exotic locations, each based on a different wellness mantra and offering various regimes and treatments.”

Esti Prager Explains Surge in International Spa Development

Since 2015, we’ve seen a quantum science-based resort open up in Suzhou, China, a surfing and yoga boot camp in Portugal, and even a health-focused retreat in the jungles of Papagayo in Costa Rica. With new techniques and innovation constantly coming up, it has set a rather high bar for spas and relaxation retreats around the world.

Each year, we hold a survey to determine which retreat experiences rank the highest, as per our readers’ experiences. We ask them to share their opinions on the best hotels, resorts, islands, spas, airlines, and all other travel-related choices. Today, we will cover the best destination spas of this year, after considering various categories, including;

  • Accommodation
  • External facilities
  • Treatment and hospitality
  • Service
  • Food
  • Overall value

Apart from the novel concepts, it was relatively clear that most tourists preferred indulging in transformative locales. Just take BodyHoliday as an example; it is a famous all-inclusive retreat in St. Lucia which feels nothing short of a trip to paradise. With a heavenly location on Cariblue Beach, this retreat has it all. From windsurfing to Tai Chi and even personal training sessions for people wanting to go scuba diving. Not to forget, you can even enjoy complimentary spa treatments every day.

Similarly, Spain has a result-driven wellness resort of its own. It is located on a verdant hill over the Balearic Sea, and this prime location paired with top-notch facilities has earned it the no.3 spot on our list. Called the Sha Wellness Clinic, this is a modernist 64,600 square foot medical retreat that could just as well pass as a lavish hotel. In this facility, guests receive personalized treatment plans that focus on their cognitive health and apply preventive medicine for improved results. It also offers aesthetic derma treatments and genomic programs.

Mexico is also home to several of this year’s best facilities. Our runner-up Chablé Yucatán is located there, designed with pre-Hispanic accents and over 40 guest rooms. It also has a sister property, called the Chablé Maroma, by the Riviera Maya. It wows guests with its stunning beachside view and Mayan-inspired spa facilities.

Here is our list of the top winning spa facilities and health resorts from around the world.

1. Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

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This ranch celebrated its 80th-anniversary last year, deeming it one of the best-maintained spa resorts despite all its years. This spa retreat is spread across an area of 4000 acres of cacti-studded land in Tecate, Mexico. It has Spanish-style casitas that lay across a beautiful scenery of ancient oaks that tell tales of its time.

On the backdrop, you can see the shadows of a 3,885-foot tall mountain called Mount Kuchumaa, which is considered a magical place for the mind and body to relax and rejuvenate at. Most travelers agree with this and say that they try to visit as often as they possibly can.

The Rancho La Puerta is equipped with beautiful grounds, delectable meals, and a massive abundance of activities to keep all the members of your family entertained. You can choose from various fitness classes, including aquatic conditioning, stretching sessions, cardio drumming. Moreover, there are less extensive activities available, like bird watching, creative writing, and cooking demos.

Lastly, this facility also has three different spas to administer numerous treatments like hot stone massages, osteopathy with a chiropractor, and facials.

2. Chablé Yucatán, Chocholá, Mexico

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Located in Chochola, the Chablé Yucatán is found in a rural area of Mexico and hosts three different restaurants to serve their guests. It has 33 air-conditioned accommodations with beautiful exterior corridors, private pools, and fully furnished patios. Moreover, this facility offers a complimentary full breakfast, free WiFi connection, and valet parking. It has 2 bars, a health club, and business-friendly amenities like desks and safes.

The spa area includes specially designed rooms for couples as well as outdoor treatment sections. Guests can opt for deep tissue massages, sports massages, and even a relaxing Swedish massage. Professionals are hired to offer various relaxation treatments, including aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and Ayurvedic practices.

3. Sha Wellness Clinic, El Abir, Spain

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The Sha Wellness Clinic centers around improving people’s health by fusing revolutionary western medicine and ancient practices. It consists of three main treatment areas; the SHA Method, aesthetics medicine, and anti-aging. The main aim of all of these areas is to ensure that the guests enjoy a relaxing stay and go back to their daily lives fresher and more rejuvenated than ever before.

The facility focuses on improving people’s quality of life through effective treatments that slow down the effects of aging and prevent illnesses. Their wellness center can carefully plan the most minor details to ensure that guests are blessed with a comfortable and warm climate and luxurious facilities to make their stay so much better.

4. Body Holiday, St. Lucia

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BodyHoliday is considered one of the best spa facilities worldwide. It is a pioneer in hospitality and has won several awards for the incredible services it offers. The spa retreat gives its guests a fantastic beach holiday paired with delicious cuisines and luxurious rooms to end your day in.

The resort is framed by glittery white sands and deep green mountains carpeted by lush greenery, creating the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. Guests have an impressive list of activities to try out, including a glass-enclosed tree house fitness club and all-inclusive spa treatments.

Final Words

Ready to book a holiday to your dream destination? Getting away from the regular hustle-bustle of life and taking some time to relax your body and mind is a must-have for us all. Do share with us which facilities you plan to visit this year and the experiences you have had. Hope you have a great time!

See you soon! —– Esti Prager

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