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Health Sapiens is a subscription-based online healthcare service that provides 24/7 access to medical care and support throughout the US. It appears that their focus of HealthSapiens service is medical care, as, though they have a counseling plan section on their site, there is very little information about what it actually represents and what the associated costs are.

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Who is Health Sapiens Ideal For?

Those who want 24/7 access to medical care for non-emergency medical issues for a low monthly cost.

Health Sapiens Pros and Cons


  • Doctors available 24/7 from your online portal
  • Doctors can write and refill non-narcotic prescriptions
  • Low monthly fee with no per visit fees or co-pays
  • Unlimited online doctor’s visits anytime from any internet-enabled device


  • No apparent “mental health” specialty
  • No cost information for mental counseling plan
  • Cannot select preferred doctor

Health Sapiens Fast Facts

  • Health Sapiens website references a mental counseling plan that promises multiple scheduled therapy sessions with a licensed therapist in your state as well as “24/7 access to Master-level counselors for immediate problem solving and crisis intervention” via phone video or text, but the site doesn’t offer cost information for such plan, nor does it define how many sessions you actually get.
  • When you go to signup, the system only offers you to choose a medical plan either for a single user or a family that covers up to 6 family members, but not a counseling plan.
  • All physician ratings are based on a peer-to-peer ranking system. This means that you are getting honest feedback and advice from previous patients. They can write their experiences with the doctor, publish their review, and share it with other prospective patients on the online portal.
  • You can connect with a doctor for your virtual consultation in as little as 15 minutes for a phone or a video consultation.
  • Health Sapiens doctors can issue new prescriptions and refills for non-narcotics, and send them to your nearest pharmacy.

Services and Sessions

All sessions are conducted via phone or video call, which are scheduled online. With a wide network of professionals, you don’t need to wait around for an appointment. Simply use the member portal to book your appointment. A care coordinator will triage your symptoms and update your online health record. You will then be assigned a qualified medical care provider and you can choose your mode of communication.

What’s Unique About Health Sapiens?

Health Sapiens uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized health care system that provides care to everybody. Although this technology seems complex, the benefits are simple to follow. Some of the advantages of the Health Sapiens blockchain system are privacy, accuracy, efficiency and availability.

Pricing Plans:

HealthSapiens offers two types of telemedicine plans- both no contract, cancel anytime:

  • Medical Single Plan Monthly at $19.95/month covers one person for unlimited medical consultations
  • Medical Family Plan Monthly at $24.95/month covers one person plus up to 6 family members for unlimited medical consultations

As of the date of May 24, 2020, we did not see any information regarding the cost of their mental counseling services, nor a way to sign up for one.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Health Sapiens make sure that your files are held securely in their online database using blockchain technology. This allows doctors to update your electronic patient records. This information is then saved and stored securely so nobody else can access or change it without permission. You have a private key to access your private data and this will not be shared with anybody, but your specific doctor. Their privacy policy assures that all data is stored in encrypted format that meets standards defined by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). All data transfer is executed using similar standards that meet or exceed HIPAA, and no data is transferred to users that do not have specific data access keys.

Counselor Qualifications Specialties and Areas of Expertise

HealthSapiens employs board-certified doctors who are licensed to treat medical conditions and write prescriptions.


Health Sapiens does not have a lot of information about the company, the site appears to have very few FAQs and does not address a lot of practical questions. As of the time of this review, May 15, 2020, there is no concrete information about the “counseling” plan the site references as far as what specific services are included, what the costs are or even how to sign up for one. Perhaps the service is still in the works and they will update it soon.

As of the time of this review, May 15, 2020, they are not accredited with BBB have a B rating and two complaints in the last 12 months, both of which have been resolved.

Health Sapiens Review

Health Sapiens

While it appears that HealthSapiens can be a valuable resource for 24/7 medical care for non-urgent matters and prescriptions, including refills, all at a very reasonable flat monthly fee, they counseling service is either non-existent or very poorly explained. If you are looking for online therapy, check our top-rated selection of online therapy providers that give you unlimited access to therapy with transparent pricing.

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