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College years are the best and the worst time in a student’s life. Has this thought ever crossed your mind? We agree with the first part of this assumption. It is a great period of your life when you are neither a child nor an adult. You can enjoy the world of opportunities around you.

We also understand what makes you say it is the hardest time ever—lack of time, fatigue, limited budget. We are here to change your perspective. Spoiler: the situation itself will not change. But you are going to discover some hacks in this article that will change your approach to heavy workload and lack of energy. They will give your college life a fresh coat of paint.

What are the biggest challenges for students? We cannot embrace all of them, but they definitely include:

  • writing essays
  • having a healthy diet
  • getting ready for the exams
  • losing productivity during the summer

Let us focus on each of these aspects. And do some magic outside Hogwarts to make your life easier.

Writing an Essay Is Not a Death Sentence

Here are some practical tips on how you can make the essay writing process easier.

Use Essay Writing Helpers

With countless tasks and creeping essay deadlines comes fatigued and often desperation. But that shouldn’t scare you. You’re not the only one whose mind crosses that thought, “Who can write my research paper?” when you’re tired. There are services that can lift the weight off your shoulders. You’re just a google search away from them.

Use Wikipedia

Surely, everyone knows that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source of information. But you can get a lot of general knowledge on the topic that might seem too convoluted after a lecture. Additionally, almost every article has a list of references at the bottom of the page. And this is the goldmine. You can use Wiki as a source for other sources.

Develop your own style

It sounds very abstract, but you can start small. Do use metaphors to come off creative and adverbs to make your words more sincere. Don’t use long, difficult terms (when they’re not required), excessive adjectives, and passive voice. If you practice these tips regularly, your style will crystalize.

Partner up with an essay buddy

Most likely, you have got a study buddy. Become essay buddies too. It is easy to make misprints in your paperwork. And we can often miss them after a couple of hours in front of the screen. Ask your friend to proofread and edit your essay. And you will “payback” with the same “currency.”

Besides, do not forget to enjoy the digital era benefits. We mean the variety of apps that make essay writing much easier. Hemingway Editor, Grammarly, and Ulysses are worth being your favorites.

Having a Healthy Diet – Impossible is Possible

A healthy menu that will help your studying process is a real scenario, not a myth. That does not sound realistic to you. Check it out. We are here to convince inveterate skeptics.

Most students do not want to go as far as changing their diet and refraining from certain products altogether. Here is a healthy compromise: add sources of “good” nutrients instead of cutting out all of your favorite foods at once.

Here is our selection:

  • unsweetened almond or oat milk instead of cow milk (in your coffee, for instance);
  • tuna, cod, and tilapia instead of red meat;
  • greek yogurt instead of mayo;
  • whole grain bread instead of white bread;
  • plain yogurt instead of flavored one;
  • fresh fruit instead of dried one;
  • dark chocolate instead of candies;
  • thin-crust pizza instead of regular.

That sounds like a deal, doesn’t it? In a nutshell, you still eat whatever you want. You do not refrain from pizza, chocolate, or lattes. You just choose the better variant. Oh, and by the way, it is better to grill or bake something than fry it when it comes to cooking.

Getting Ready for the Exams – Have You Tried These Methods?

Taking exams is an extra challenge. Luckily, there are many tips that you can follow to get the best results.

Minimize the time and maximize the result

When you are getting ready for your exams with the help of reading, it is difficult to speed up the process. But if you are listening to podcasts or watching educational videos, do it at twice the speed. All the genius lies in simplicity.

6 Tips for Dealing with Parents’ Expectations for Students

Create cheat sheets

Write the answers to the exam questions on small cheat sheets. Do it in hand, do not type. Time-consuming? Yes. But you will notice how well you remember the material. Risky? Not at all. Your professor will not see you using your cheat sheet. Why? Because you won’t need to use it!

Eat a frog for breakfast

No, we are not encouraging you to eat French cuisine for breakfast. A “frog” is the most difficult task of the day. By crossing it off your list of things to study, you will feel better during the whole day. Psychologists say that it makes us happier.

Boosting Your Productivity During the Summer – Myth or Reality?

It is certainly possible to stay active and productive during the summer break. If you know how, of course. We do, and we are happy to share these hacks with you.

Make your studying space summer-friendly

Feeling physically comfortable is super important. Adjust the room temperature with the help of an air conditioner or a fan. Always keep some ice in your fridge. Nothing feels better than a glass of ice-cold water with mint and lemon.

Plan summer activities and wellness initiatives

The very thought of going on holiday will give you energy and motivation. If you cannot afford to go to the Maldives or Tenerife, there is no reason for frustration. Plan some smaller wellness initiatives. Arrange a pool party with your friends or book a relaxing massage. After this, you will feel a lot more productive.

Set goals for the end of the summer

The human brain does not want to do anything without a goal. You can force yourself to do measurable tasks but usually not more. However, if you set a big dream to achieve before September, your June, July, and August are likely to be more productive. And do not forget to reward yourself.

Final Words

We have covered most aspects of college life that can cause you problems. But you can go further and research other hacks:

  • planning and organizing;
  • college dorm hacks;
  • networking and social life;
  • hacks for physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness;
  • money-saving hacks.

All of them will help you to feel happier during your college years. And become a better version of yourself!

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