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LifeReader: Overview

If you’re considering consulting a psychic from an online platform, you must be aware that this market is a breeding ground for con artists who want to take you for a ride, and an expensive ride, too.

These people are illusionists. They are actors playing a role.

And the testimonials: are they always genuine? Some companies state in their terms they reserve the right edit their ratings and feedback.

These services don’t come cheap either. Some people spend thousands of dollars on calls to psychic platforms only to find themselves right back at square one.

Before you part with any money, you should scrutinize the terms and privacy policies to see if you might incur extra charges without realizing it. Some companies charge you for inactivity. It only says this in the small print, a part of the page they know you are unlikely to read.

Researching a legitimate psychic is time-consuming, so that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you.

We don’t want you to fall prey to these cheaters. Do yourself a favor and decide if want to risk spending your money on something that’s described as “for entertainment purposes only.”

We’ve assessed many psychic platforms so we have an overview of the psychic platforms available and we can consequently make an honest, balanced judgment based on the following areas:

  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Affordability
  • Privacy policy
  • Reviews

Today, we’re going to head over to LifeReader to see if they’re the real deal or downright skullduggery.

LifeReader: How it Works

LifeReader follows the same format as most typical psychic platforms.

It works just like a dating site, in fact.

You browse the profiles then purchase a reading from the reader of your choice.

Psychic Reading Reviews

There are three steps to getting a reading with LifeReader: Choose a reader, click “Call” or “Chat,” then enjoy your reading via your preferred method.

New members must sign up and add funds to their account to buy call credits with a credit card.

When you sign up for a call with LifeReader, a pre-authorized amount equal to a 60-minute session is blocked on your account. When your call is over, they charge you only for the minutes you use.

LifeReader say they would prefer you to contact them directly if you have an angry or demeaning complaint.


  • Offer credit refunds
  • New customers get 4 free minutes with each reader


  • No cash refunds, only credit
  • You can only leave a review after 3 minutes or over at the full rate
  • Can’t leave a review after 7 days of the reading

Type of Psychic Services

There are many skills and abilities in psychic services. The type of psychic you decide to work with will depend on the topic of your question, your style preference, budget, and personality. Here are a few that may help with your situation:

  • Clairaudient: Clairaudients can hear noises in the metaphysical world. Most often clairaudients get mistaken for schizophrenics because no one else can hear what they can.
  • Clairvoyant: Clairvoyants to channel the spirit world through objects, people, and places. Clairvoyants can divine events from a person’s past, present, and the future.
  • Clairsentient: Clairsentients connect with a person’s vibrational energy . They work their sensitivity on higher levels and expanded awareness.
  • Empath: Empaths acquire energetic intelligence to help process others’ thoughts and feelings and can help with sources of conflict.
  • Medium: Mediums can glean information energetically in the form of images, words, and feelings that connect to certain individuals.
  • Pet Psychic: If you’ve ever wondered what your pet is thinking you can find out. A pet psychic can telepathically convey a conversation between you and your pet.
LifeReader Complaints
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Trustworthiness of LifeReader

In their terms, LifeReader say they reserve the right to edit their ratings in particular circumstances. So who knows if the reader ratings are accurate?

There is one negative review on Trustpilot by

Sani on Mar 30th, 2020

She says, “If I could give a 0 star rating I would. Very poor quality readers and service.”

There are more negative reviews on

Els L. – February 21st, 2020

$26,000+ wasted, predictions never came true

I spent $26,000+ on this site over a period of 8 years, chatting with many different psychics about love, finances and general life issues. I strongly believe that I was scammed because nothing predicted by any of their “top” psychics came true. They gave me drawn out timelines – and in my opinion – guesswork, sometimes for months or even years into the future.

I continued trying new psychics and hoping that the next one would be more accurate – including Rev Charlie, Ann, Ms Mandi, Carole, Psychic Aura and many more.

I can admit that I made a HUGE, life changing mistake in trusting LifeReader Psychics on this site, but what is more disappointing is, what I found to be, shockingly rude customer service from the owner Thomas. Two of the other business owners/shareholders ignored my requests to discuss this issue.

I have been communicating with Thomas via email for almost 2 months and in my opinion, a fair outcome has still not been reached. As far as I know, LifeReader do not have an active customer support service via phone – instead they use an answering machine and ignored my voice mail/s requesting a call back.

Predictions never happen as they say – July 25th, 2020

“I have been using LifeReader for years, and still waiting for the original predictions to happen. The psychic told me when this guy got back from his holiday which was 2 years ago he would tell me i was the one and that he loved me. That never happened. Everything that she said , never happened. Some of the readers are rude. Rev charlie, first time i met him i gave him my birthdate in advance and he didnt like it and ended the reading, only because i wanted to save some time. HE said i was too presumptive and hung up…rude…The charge is exhuberant 6.50 per minute..other readers have been rude too and just ended the reading before my time runs out if they have given me bad news, they just leave, so lack compassion there So different pscyhics say different things. One female psychic kept telling me to stay in an abusive relationship and making excuses for my abusive partner when others told me to leave. Overall its helpful to have someone to talk to, but they advocate they know what they are doing and saying, and it all turns out to bull$#*! cause predictions dont happen, and when i confronted one of the pscyhics about that she blocked me. I wish there was such a thing as a psychic that can tell the future. But i do honestly believe one of the psychics there just kept me in this abusive relationship just so i would keep having to come back and challenge why the predictions didnt manifest and keep spending the dollars to seek advice on how to survive the relationship. Was a very expensive exercise. It cost me years of my life staying in a bad place, and relying on strangers. So i have to agree with the other reviews here. Its alot of guess work..I e will he come back, the answer can only be yes or no, they have 50 percent chance to get it right.I have no clue how much i spent to find answers, it would be in the five digits. Needless to stay im gutted. I ended up with nothing, no money, no guy, and being scammed. Life is cruel.”

 March 24th, 2019

“The LifeReader company is the most unethical company I have ever experienced in my life. They are overcharging you for the services adjusting the time!!! Use your own stopwatch to find out. After my complaint the company did not blink twice about accessing my private data to adjust the time in my reading history to prove me wrong. Being in charge of a company where taking care of customer personal data with the utmost confidence and respect is simply given, this was a shocker for me.”

Psychic Biographies on LifeReader

Each biography consists of a decent sized profile photo, a self-written blurb with recent ratings, and feedback to the side.

Each profile also includes:

  • Number of readings
  • Number of reviews
  • Positive ratings


New customers get 4 free minutes with a reader of their choice then they’re charged at the normal rate. Psychic rates vary between $3.50 and $6.50 per minute.

The Verdict

Please take care when using a psychic platform like LifeReader. There are many unscrupulous individuals ready to pounce on a person’s vulnerabilities. Make sure it’s not you.

Judging by the negative reviews, we think it would be wise to reconsider using this site. You could looks hundreds or thousands of dollars by being sucked in by a trickster posing as a genuine caring psychic.

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LifeReader Review

Please take care when using a psychic platform. There are many unscrupulous individuals ready to pounce on a person’s vulnerabilities. Make sure it’s not you. Judging by the negative reviews, we think it would be wise to reconsider using this site. You could looks hundreds or thousands of dollars by being sucked in by a trickster posing as a genuine caring psychic.

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