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8009005620 Scam

Did you receive a loan offer in the mail asking you to call 8009005620?

Did the loan offer say Georgetown Funding? Was the interest rate an unbelievably low 3% to 4% interest rate? Are they promising to pay off your credit cards? Did they send you a personalized reservation code?

If the answer is yes, don’t worry – you aren’t alone. Do you have any idea how perfect your credit has to be to qualify for one of those offers?

Good job doing your homework and research! You could have been the next victim to fall for the Georgetown Funding bait and switch trap.

8009005620 Debt Consolidation “Offer”

For those that are reading my articles for the first time, you will see that I have been following Georgetown Funding and its collection of web sites for several months. This group continues to send out unrealistic and low interest-rate debt consolidation offers that very few could possibly qualify for.

8009005620 scam

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