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weird books

5 Seriously Weird Books

Thousands of pages of um . . . what? Are any of these weird books in your library? There are some incredibly weird books out there. From the recently (finally) translated Voynich Manuscript to the Codex Seraphinianus, discover five of the strangest books ever written and some trivia about each that’s almost too odd to be true. 1. The Voynich Manuscript For 100 years the Voynich Manuscript was an unsolvable 240-page thorn in the side        …read more

Cinemax series

Bruce Lee’s Legendary Touch Returns with ‘Warrior’ Cinemax Series

40+ years in the making, Bruce Lee’s dream project will finally come to life as a Cinemax series in 2018. Starting in the early 1970s, martial arts film star Bruce Lee started taking notes on a project centering on the Tong Wars, which occurred in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1870s. The notes and barrage of ideas were discovered by Lee’s daughter, Sharon Lee, after her father’s untimely death following the filming of Enter the        …read more

horror movies

6 A-Listers Who Got Their Start in Horror Movies

From Matthew McConaughey to Jennifer Aniston, these stars appeared in horror movies early in their careers. Many actors who got their start in horror movies have remained in the genre, either by choice or because the characters they played became defining pillars of the genre. Some actors use roles in horror movies as a stepping stone into other genres. I’m a huge defender of the horror genre, so while some may claim these actors moved        …read more

‘Release the Hounds’ Is Stupid Fun

Reality TV combines ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ with ‘The Running Man’ — with dogs. Contestants who have no idea what they’re in for are brought to a shadowy patch of woods. There, they’re instructed to find keys to unlock chests that contain money — and then leg it from a bunch of dogs. If they get caught, they don’t get to keep the money. Release the Hounds sounds like something 30 Rock’s version of NBC        …read more

Speak of the Devil: Movies and Shows Starring Satan

Lucifer has made his mark on film history. Here are 6 standout devil movies and shows from the last century. Old Scratch. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Whatever your preferred name for Big Red, for almost as long as there have been motion pictures, the devil has appeared in one form or another. Sometimes in the most unexpected forms. Paradise Lost is set to be adapted to the small screen by Martin Freeman (Watson in Sherlock). So we        …read more

suspend judgement, open-minded

Fallen Artists: Should We Suspend Judgment When Heroes Fall?

It can be difficult to remain open-minded when a beloved artist is accused of terrible things. There’s a saying: Don’t ask how the sausage is made. You may enjoy the end product. Maybe you’re even able to suspend judgment about its dubious origins. Sometimes even when there’s no denying the truth of a thing, some will still choose to look away. Because the love of the thing is just that great. When it comes to        …read more

box office failures

7 Epic Box Office Failures

These promising films were spectacular box office failures. A brilliant script. A known director. A star-studded cast. A budget that could sustain a small town for a century. It’s a project that, by all logic, should hit every major demographic and be a surefire success. Sometimes the equation is even sweetened by the fact that the project is based on an existing recognizable property that alone will do half the marketing. All the makings of        …read more

YouTube comedy

Escape into 5 Popular YouTube Comedy Channels

In need of a laugh? Look no further than these YouTube comedy channels. YouTube is a bottomless wealth of content. Whether you need a tutorial on how to repair your dishwasher, achieve the perfect eyebrow arch, defeat a difficult boss in a video game, or de-slime okra, someone on YouTube, without a doubt, has you covered. You’ll also find many talented YouTube comedy creators on the platform. Join us as we check out some side-splitting        …read more

mummy movies

Let’s Unwrap Mummy Movies ahead of Tom Cruise’s Film

A retrospective of mummy movies, a horror franchise that just won’t stay buried. Ancient curses, dusty tombs, a shriveled corpse bound in cloth strips who — provoked by some adventurer hungry for fame and fortune — comes back to life to seek revenge. These are the standards we’ve come to expect from any movie with Mummy in the title. And stories about accursed sarcophagi are about as old as Hollywood itself. In this piece we’ll        …read more

artists with mental illness

4 History-Making Artists Who Lived with Mental Illness

These artists with mental illness left an enduring mark on art history. The question of whether mental illness affects artists and their art has been the subject of a long-standing argument among artists — and those who study them. Whether mental illness helps or hinders the artist, or has no effect on their art whatsoever, it’s hard to deny how commonly mental disorder appears in artists’ biographies, from painters to writers to actors and anyone who        …read more

Overwatch game

‘Overwatch’ Is Brilliant, And Here’s Why Everybody’s Talking about It

Blizzard Entertainment shakes things up with its latest hit, ‘Overwatch.’ For decades, Blizzard Entertainment has proven itself to be the master of putting out products that walk the tightrope of pick-up-and-play approachability and appealing to the hard-core set. From the early days of The Lost Vikings to the Diablo trilogy — StarCraft, Warcraft and its insanely popular MMORPG counterpart, World of Warcraft — part of what makes the draw of Blizzard’s games so powerful (apart from being incredibly        …read more

Resident Evil

20 Years of Resident Evil

With ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ now in theaters, we bring you a ‘Resident Evil’ REtrospective. Plus: What RE game titles to try and what to skip. Since the first title’s release in 1996, the Resident Evil franchise has meant a lot of different things to gamers. Some who were around for the first titles prefer the original trilogy, having developed a soft spot for the games’ tank controls and unintentionally hilarious dialogue. Others who may        …read more

The Mind-Altering Art of Menton3

Dive into the beautiful oblivion of painter and comic book artist Menton3. Menton3 (born Menton J. Matthews III) makes art to “externalize the internal, to a point where self-realization is a foregone conclusion.” It’s easy to see a struggle within each beautifully horrifying entity he’s put to canvas, an inversion trying to gain its footing but still at ease. The confidence, both within the artist and within his subjects, is palpable. Menton3 knows what he’s        …read more

6 Best Movie Podcasts

From the silver screen to your headphones: 6 movie podcasts you need to try. Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review Brilliant and highly respected film critic Mark Kermode and radio presenter Simon Mayo tell it like it is on their show on BBC Radio 5 Live. They might be considered harsh, but when the theaters are awash in remakes, reboots, rehashes and redos, if something shines, Kermode and Mayo give the project its due credit. Their interviews        …read more

top crossovers

11 Top Crossovers from Music to Film

These music stars showcased big talent on the big screen, making our list of top crossovers. Cher Cher and Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. Via Getty Images. After a long, successful career in the ’70s with then-husband Sonny Bono, Cher showed she was much more than a killer set of pipes when she won the Oscar for best actress in a leading role in 1988 for Moonstruck, in which she shared the screen with Nicolas Cage. She appeared opposite        …read more

urban exploration

Into the Forgotten: The Spooky World of Urban Exploration

Urban exploration taps into our instinct to uncover mysteries in abandoned spaces, but this brand of adventuring is not for the fainthearted. On YouTube you can find a video covering just about any topic. Makeup tutorials. Video game play-throughs. People sitting and smiling into the camera for hours. But in one special corner of YouTube you’ll discover a group of brave individuals armed with respirators and cameras and exploring abandoned motels, factories and dead shopping malls. Urban exploration        …read more

Rob Zombie films

Rob Zombie Remains Horror’s Renaissance Man

The Zombie rises again. If art makes you feel something, then it can only be described as successful. Though with Rob Zombie films, what you feel will seldom be classified as “good.” Zombie’s sixth studio film, 31, is here. Though critics often level criticisms at Zombie for being too violent or nihilistic with subject matter, nobody can claim he isn’t doing things his own way. Much like Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie wears his inspirations shamelessly        …read more

‘Pokemon Go’ Becomes Nostalgia Trip Megahit

Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go is an overnight phenomenon. Last month my town had a festival themed around logging — because I live in the real-world version of Twin Peaks, apparently. The mayor challenged a local restaurant mascot, a pirate, to a log-rolling competition. The mayor won, thank goodness. But the moment everyone’s focus was released from witnessing a man in a tailored suit outpace a man with a plastic hook for a hand on a half-submerged oak,        …read more


Stop-Motion Animation Celebrates a Rich History

For nearly 120 years, stop-motion artists have brought entertainment to the screen one click at a time. Stop-motion animation has been around about as long as film. It used to be if a movie was going to include a dinosaur, a giant crab or an army of reanimated skeletons, stop-motion was the only way such a sight could be achieved. Now with CG, stop-motion is seldom used outside of niche films because of the time        …read more

Quentin Tarantino films

The Grand Unified Theory of Quentin Tarantino Films

The interconnected threads of all Quentin Tarantino films. Known for inimitable dialogue and blasts of sudden gore, Quentin Tarantino films have remained among every film buff’s favorites since Reservoir Dogs, not only for their nods to other films that show Tarantino’s love for the medium and obvious talent behind the camera (let’s not talk about his acting chops) but also because all of his films are connected. In the Tarantinoverse, there are a few sets        …read more

scary video games

6 Scary Video Games That’ll Make You Sleep with the Lights on Forever

So much nope to these scary video games. A healthy portion of YouTube — aside from makeup tutorials and cats being startled by cucumbers — is people recording themselves playing scary video games. It's called “Let’s Play.” The most successful YouTuber actually made his fortune this way. There is something appealing about horror movies and horror video games that can’t quite be defined. We just like being scared. And with horror video games, there is        …read more

6 of the Best Samurai Films of All Time

Fans of samurai films, get in here. Looking for the best samurai films? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up six must-see movies for you. Yojimbo (1961) A lone, masterless samurai (played by Toshirô Mifune) wanders the countryside. At each fork in the road, he decides which way to go by throwing a stick in the air and letting it point him along. He blows into a small village and finds it caught between rival gangs. Instead        …read more

Fantasy stories

7 Gritty Fantasy Stories

For fans of blood-soaked fantasy stories waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish his next book . . . We know you’re out there, looking for fantasy stories that don’t involve unicorns but deliver monsters, gore and revenge. We’ve got you covered. The Black Company series by Glen Cook They’re not interested in fighting for the good guy. They just want to get paid. As told by Croaker, the Black Company’s sawbones and annalist, the reader is        …read more

Love craft Stories

Lovecraft Fans: 10 Eldritch Movies & Games for You

Every Lovecraft fan should check out these movies and games. Howard Philip Lovecraft wasn’t exactly a sunny guy. His characters often wind up in a padded cell with their minds broken by what they’ve witnessed or suffering some other fate worse than death. (I can recall only one story in which the hero actually wins the day — “The Shunned House.”) Lovecraft never made a major stir in the literary world while he was alive,        …read more

binge watching tv

Spent Your Night Binge Watching & Gaming Again?

We can explain. Here are 5 examples of title sequences to blame. You’re in your favorite chair. The kids are finally asleep. And the only way to appease Jerry, from two cubicles over, is to give this Game of Thrones a whirl. The volume was left a little too high from the kids binge watching SpongeBob SquarePants, but you decide to leave it because the booming kettledrums and melodic strings are just so terrific. Clockwork castles        …read more