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What The Hell? The Extraordinary Mini Art of Ryan Thomas Monahan

Jump into this super-detailed mini art by Ryan Thomas Monahan, and get a taco while you're there! Believe it or not, lots and lots of people like things small. Meet Ryan Thomas Monahan, who goes by @what_thehell on Instagram, an outstanding creator of mini art working in Chicagoland, where Crixeo is based. A local boy. Ryan originally began creating his highly detailed mini art scenes — grimy back alleyways and bodegas — because he wanted them on his        …read more

San Diego Comic-Con

2016 San Diego Comic-Con Highlights

Crixeo lead artist Arturo Delgado journals his San Diego Comic-Con experience. After eight years of missing San Diego Comic-Con, it was time to go again. I normally come to conventions with costumes, but this time I wanted to enjoy the convention as a noncostumed fan. Trying to experience it like it was my first time, I had everything I needed: camera on my phone, badge, water, walking shoes and a messenger bag to carry free        …read more