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virtual reality

George Peaslee Invites Us into the 3D Canvas of Virtual Reality

By re-creating Impressionist masterpieces, the sculptor helped introduce the world to the unlimited possibilities of art in virtual reality. An animator and sculptor turned virtual reality (VR) artist, George Peaslee gained recognition with his re-creations of famous paintings including Georges Seurat’s Sunday at La Grande Jatte and Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. In these pieces, he used two Impressionist masterpieces, one perhaps the most recognizable painting in the world, to showcase the amazing possibilities of        …read more

stained glass

4 Stained Glass Artists Transforming Spaces with Light

These creators design inspiring, constantly changing atmospheres with stained glass and natural light. There’s something about glass, especially stained glass, that has captured the attention and appreciation of people for centuries, from the Gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe, to the James Carpenter–designed dome in the new transportation complex in downtown New York City. Glass’s transparency is the most obvious reason, its ability to color, reflect and refract light, but it’s what the light does to        …read more

3D printing

3D Printing for Everyone: Stunning Designs and How to Get Started

3D printing is making the unfathomable real, and it’s available to everyone. With 3D printing, the revolution in manufacturing is here. And it’s not just engineers, material scientists, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs using the technology. It’s anyone who wants to create a miniature, replicate something, make a new game piece, solve a problem or just experiment and have fun. 3D printing is making the impossible possible, and it’s making it accessible to everyone. 3D printing        …read more


Gargoyles, Our Stone-Cold City Protectors

Lions, dragons and beasts, oh my! Gargoyles inspire as much fascination today as they did in their medieval beginnings. They leer and stare from above, coming to life when it rains, vomiting, spitting and even defecating on unsuspecting passersby below. Since their beginnings on French medieval cathedrals, gargoyles first captured a place in our collective imagination as embodiments of evil, chaos and superstition. Over time, however, gargoyles changed from primarily fear-inducing creatures to include more        …read more

Mother’s Day gift ideas

7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Want to Get Her Hands on and Will Last Her a Lifetime

Searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Here are 7 quality products your mom can cherish for a lifetime. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. You want to get her something she’ll like but also something that conveys the right message. Well, consider your Mother’s Day dilemma solved. Here’s a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom will appreciate for their quality and durability. Because if you’re going to spend money        …read more

professional photographer

Overpowering Daylight: How Does This Professional Photographer Do It?

As a professional photographer and cinematographer in Hollywood, Eric Curtis captures stunning portraits of celebrities, such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. But his passion for photography goes beyond the limelight. When professional photographer and cinematographer Eric Curtis is getting ready for a shoot, it usually involves a truck with 700 pounds of lighting and equipment. His signature technique, called overpowering daylight, means setting up for the shoot will take him and his crew at least half        …read more

Clark LIttle

Clark Little, Master of Shorebreak Photography

Clark Little puts himself into the ‘heaviest, sickest, gnarliest part of a wave’ to capture these stunning images. In one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world where the big waves can reach 30 to 40 feet high before barreling onto the shore, one photographer has made his mark, capturing the instant where water and earth, beauty and danger collide. That’s where Clark Little does his best work — he’s the master of        …read more

Go Outside and Play at an Urban Park for All Ages

From the U.S. north and midwest, here are 5 of the best examples of what an urban park can be. Every summer, a transformation takes place in cities across the country. Leveraging space in underused areas to help revitalize cities, government entities and nonprofits has begun creating recreational places as amenities for locals while providing a new venue for musicians, artists and performers to share their work. Combining activities that kids love — think water, swings and games — with        …read more

8 Must-See Hotels for Art Lovers

Did someone say art hotel? Yaass, please. There’s staying in a hotel and then there’s experiencing a hotel. You experience a hotel when you walk into a space that’s so perfectly designed that you feel calm, welcomed and a little excited. What is that? you think as you are drawn to something big and bold across the lobby, only to have your curiosity rewarded with a work of art that’s dramatic, clever and maybe thought-provoking. It’s        …read more

glassblowing Mezcal Glass

Glassblowers in Mexico Shape an Emerging World

How glassblowers at one studio are saving the planet and creating culture, art and jobs. The furnace glows a fierce orange-red, the color of the sun on a blazing day, emitting enough heat to melt glass into a viscous state. Christian Thornton and his assistant glassblowers, Arturo and Pablo, work the glass on the end of a long pipe, using metal tools, wet newspaper and wooden blocks to shape the glass that begins to harden as soon        …read more