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mass suicide

5 Disturbing Cases of Mass Suicide in World History

These historical cases of cult leaders initiating mass suicide shocked the conscience of the world. Throughout history, cases of mass suicide have shocked the conscience of the world. Who can forget the kamikaze pilots of Japan, who toasted with shots of sake before hurtling their aircrafts into American ships, or the terrified German citizens in Demmin who, fearing Stalin’s inevitable brutality, killed themselves in large numbers near the end World War II? And though rare        …read more

war tactics

8 Most Bizarre but Effective War Tactics in History

From papier-mâché horses to opium-laced cigarettes, these weird war tactics worked. Throughout recorded history, warring nations have devised a variety of unconventional war tactics to defeat or foil their enemies. Listed below are just eight of the most bizarre strategies. 1. Snake Bombs (Punic Wars, 190 BC) While Hannibal Barca (the great Carthaginian general) is perhaps most famous for leading an invading force of elephants across the Alps to attack Rome, his most impressive, and        …read more

religious saints

5 Heroic and Gruesome Deaths of Religious Saints

From bronze bulls to severed heads, according to Catholic tradition these religious saints courageously faced gory deaths. The word “saint” is derived from a Greek verb meaning “to set apart,” “sanctify,” or “make holy.” Catholicism has a long history of using the term to refer to extremely holy men and women who possess a unique and rare, unwavering faith. Because these people have demonstrated a willingness to endure persecution, often suffering horrific physical torture for        …read more

yellow fever

The Yellow Fever Plot of 1864: A Confederate Conspiracy

Have you heard of this Civil War–era bioterrorism plot? Though many assume that germ warfare is a fairly modern method of war, the use of biological weapons, including the use of venoms, plant toxins and other poisonous substances to infect and defeat enemies is, in fact, an ancient practice. The earliest documented incidents involve victims infected with tularemia being driven into enemy lands, which resulted in a widespread epidemic. Other notable examples include Scythian archers        …read more

buried alive

Buried Alive: 4 True Stories That Will Shock You

Exhuming historical accounts of people being buried alive. The idea of being buried alive is horrifying. Though the possibility of waking in your coffin after being mistakenly buried alive is rare these days, years ago terrifying incidents like these were far more common than you might think. In fact, during the 18th and 19th centuries, inventors patented safety coffins designed to assist people who might be accidentally buried alive. Some included a bell with a        …read more

wedding traditions

5 Weird Wedding Traditions around the World

If you’re thinking of getting married, you may want to consider incorporating some of these wedding traditions in your festivities. Though weddings are a universal celebration performed around the world, many of the rituals surrounding the practice vary greatly depending on the country and its culture. Listed below are five peculiar wedding traditions from around the world. 1. Kidnapping the Bride (Romania) In Bucharest, a tradition called “bride kidnapping” dates back to antiquity, to a        …read more

strong women in history

4 Strong Women Who Were Vital to the Civil War

These strong women in history ditched their subservient roles and fought for the cause. Despite their subjugated status in society, strong women in history played vital roles in the Civil War, often serving as nurses, soldiers, civil rights activists, women’s suffragists, abolitionists and even spies. Others formed aid societies sewing uniforms, canning food and providing soldiers with necessary medical supplies, blankets, socks, shoes and bandages. Gathered below are just four of the many strong women        …read more

legendary duels

5 Legendary Duels: When Disputes Ended in Bloodshed

Engaged in a Twitter brawl? Be glad you weren’t born two centuries ago. For hundreds of years, the ancient practice of dueling was a common method people used for settling their disputes. Though it may seem barbaric to many people now, challenging a person to a duel was often essential for men and women as a means of proving their courage and defending their honor. Here are five of those legendary duels, many of which        …read more

sexual beliefs

Love, Marriage and Sexual Beliefs in the World’s Oldest Cultures

Sexual beliefs and their social implications vary widely from culture to culture. In some cases, sexual rituals may act as a means of initiating adolescents into adulthood. In others, the practices may have a more practical, economic purpose — controlling an increasing population, for example, or ensuring that an estate survives for generations. Whatever the purpose, sexual beliefs and rituals, though sometimes shocking to outsiders, have a distinct function within their particular culture or tribe.        …read more

strange rituals

4 Strange Rituals Practiced around the World

From sky burials to infant dropping, these strange rituals may shock you. Throughout the world, many countries have long been known for their strange rituals and traditions. Whether it’s simply a peculiar marriage custom or a bizarre funeral rite, cultural rituals vary widely from place to place. Assembled below are some of the most bizarre traditions and rituals from around the world. 1. Sky Burials, or Celestial Funerals (Tibet) Though “sky burial” may sound like        …read more

Salem witch trials

4 Disturbing Facts about the Salem Witch Trials

If you thought you knew what happened at the Salem witch trials, these facts may shock you.  The infamous Salem witch trials began in colonial Massachusetts in February of 1692 when two young girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams (aged nine and 11), began experiencing strange fits and delusions. When a doctor examined the girls and concluded they had been cursed by a witch, a general sense of paranoia ensued. Pressured by local magistrates, the        …read more

mass hysteria

5 Historical Cases of Mass Hysteria That Will Shock You

For centuries, cases of mass hysteria have been reported all over the world, and hundreds of such incidents occur annually in the U.S. Mass hysteria is a term used to describe the situation in which a particular physical or psychological symptom occurs throughout a community. Below are five of the most bizarre and disturbing cases ever reported. 1. St. John’s Dance, or the Dancing Plague (1374) On June 24, 1374, a strange phenomenon occurred in        …read more

religious miracles

4 Shocking Accounts of Religious Miracles in Catholic Tradition

Have you heard of these religious miracles? From a flying friar to a communion transformation, these religious miracles are among the most shocking on record in Catholic tradition. 1. Levitation (St. Joseph of Cupertino) St. Joseph of Cupertino (whose real name was Giuseppe da Copertino) lived during the 17th century in Italy. As a child Joseph began having religious ecstasies, and by the time he’d become a teenager, he was accepted by the Capuchin friars        …read more

6 Strange Jobs around the World

If you think your line of work is hard to explain at parties, imagine having one of these strange jobs. Want to make a living shoving people around? Maybe you’re looking for something more service-oriented, like helping people evade traffic tickets. One of these six strange jobs just might be for you. 1. Toqueros (Mexico) Looking for a job where you can shock people? In Mexico customers line up to pay for a shock (or        …read more

mental health apps

Therapy on the Go: 7 Mental Health Apps to Ease Your Mind

Relieve stress, anxiety, depression and OCD with these mental health apps. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 18% of people in the U.S. suffer from some form of anxiety-related disorder. More than 16 million adults in the United States — approximately 7% of the population — are affected by depression. As more individuals continue to struggle, software developers have begun scrambling to create mental health apps that assist people with these        …read more

funeral services

7 Surprising Alternatives to Traditional Funeral Services

These unique options are nothing like the traditional funeral services you’ve been to. If you’re bored by the idea of funeral services, here are seven far more interesting ways to leave a lasting impression after your departure. 1. Have Your Ashes Sent to Space Want to incorporate space in your funeral arrangements? Why not fulfill your dream of becoming an astronaut by sending your remains into space? Founded in 1997, Celestis specializes in launching human        …read more

strange services

7 Strange Services and Items You Can Get Online

Have you searched for any of these strange services or items? Think you know what you can buy, rent or barter online? Think again. Here are seven strange services and items you may not have Googled before. 1. Invisible Boyfriend Looking for a handsome beau to tell your friends about? Look no further. Invisible Boyfriend, a popular new online service, invents a boyfriend just for you so that you can make your girlfriends (or boyfriends)        …read more

human experimentation

Human Experimentation: Medical Research Gone Disturbingly Wrong

Did you know about these 6 horrible cases of human experimentation that actually happened? Throughout history doctors largely have been viewed as trustworthy healers and caregivers of the sick. And while historically, most scientists and physicians have observed the moral and ethical lines dictated by their profession, a few, unfortunately (no doubt in an attempt to gain notoriety or scientific insight), have resorted to inhumane, barbaric methods — namely, human experimentation. Here are just a        …read more

mental disorders

7 Little-Known Mental Disorders

These 7 lesser-known mental disorders affect more people than you may realize. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately one in five adults in the United States experiences a mental disorder each year. While the most common mental disorders include anxiety and occasional bouts of depression, many individuals face lesser-known challenges, including the following seven conditions. 1. Trichotillomania Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes an irresistible urge to pull out one’s hair,        …read more