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2017: The Year in Pop Culture — A Look Back

13 pop culture moments that brought us to our feet last year. For many of us — and for the country — 2017 was a tumultuous year, one often marked by a corrosive divisiveness. In this current climate, common ground is something that is more often mentioned than practiced or achieved, but thankfully pop culture serves as the steady bridge beneath our wheels — call it neutral territory. But while a barrage of headlines flooded        …read more


SoundCloud Connects Musicians and Fans in Worldwide Chorus

Through SoundCloud, musicians are connecting with one another and with listeners all over the world. We spoke with three artists about the importance of the platform. No one quite knows where the music industry will go next, and that’s because prognostication is a dangerous undertaking, often prone to error. The past is rarely prologue, and a trend is only as good as a trail of digital breadcrumbs leading to the unknowable. Take streaming, for example.        …read more

Friends from College

‘Friends from College’ Gives Viewers an Unlikely Family Drama

‘Friends from College’ is finding its way with a balance of smart comedy and unconventional family drama. They say you can’t choose your family. And Tolstoy famously wrote that “all happy families are alike.” So how do you explain the cast of Netflix’s new sitcom, Friends from College? To be sure, they function perfunctorily as the titular (can we call them titular?) stars of the show (they are “friends from college”), but even such a        …read more

horror writing

Horror Writing: Finding the ‘Gruesome’ Thread That Connects Us All

Gregory Lamberson discusses the craft of horror writing. Darkness subsists in the crevices of our minds, tucked away. And often, this darkness can manifest as fear. Fear is distinctive, it thrills us, and as H.P. Lovecraft reminded his readers in a popular essay on the genre, it connects us all — man and animal alike. Horror author, screenwriter and director Gregory Lamberson has been tapping into that cultural stew for years, honing his craft and        …read more

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell: A Guide to the Very Near Future

'Ghost in the Shell' takes fans to the late 21st century. In a world that is increasingly wireless, unbearably connected, and one where technology becomes an extension of ourselves, both online and off, we are often given to ponder a variety of questions. What is real? What is reality? What makes us human? Can artificial intelligence (AI) find a place in the fabric of society? As anime properties go, Ghost in the Shell has perhaps        …read more

contour drawing visual artist

How Blind Contour Drawing Freed Sophie Kipner’s Voice

Visual artist and writer Sophie Kipner finds inspiration in the unexpected. Art is a multidimensional road map with dozens of endless highways. There’s the easy routes, the middle road, and then there’s the very edge, the uncharted. Sophie Kipner, a visual artist based in California, makes those edges her playground. Without a GPS, she charts impressions, lives, moments, discontinuity — it’s all on the page, organic objects taking life in varied forms. Her visual art        …read more

celebrity deaths

Artists We Lost in 2016

This year the news of many celebrity deaths, from Harper Lee to Prince, shook the art world. Here are 34 creatives we’ll miss like crazy. The year 2016 was a lot of things. It was the year we gained and lost friends on Facebook in a heated election season. The year Batman and Superman finally made it to the big screen as a dynamic duo (of sorts). And, sadly, it was the year we lost some of        …read more

YouTube videos for kids

It’s All Fun and Games: Unboxing the 7 Best YouTubers for Kids

YouTube videos for kids are reality TV for your little ones and a dream come true for children’s products. No, the revolution isn’t being televised, but it is gaining ground on YouTube. A new brand of camaraderie is on the rise. While some kids might still build communities the old-fashioned way, many have chosen YouTube channels to share the best, worst and most intriguing items to look out for. More engaging than the traditional infomercial, these        …read more

Disney Moana movie

Disney’s ‘Moana’ Follows Polynesian Heroine’s Journey

She’s Polynesian, she refuses to be called a princess, and hers is not a love story. Will Disney’s ‘Moana’ start a trend toward more diverse characters and storytelling? Can we get this out of the way? I’m a guy and I can appreciate the Disney princess pantheon. I won’t claim a creepy infatuation with the genre, but sure, I’ve hummed my share of catchy Disney tunes, from “Under the Sea,” to “A Whole New World,” and how        …read more

social networking

How Online Social Networking Transforms Our Connections

Is social media bringing us together or tearing us apart? A social networking expert explains the current climate. The way we intersect, interact and interpret our world is often filtered through the lens of online social networking. In fact, a 2016 study by Statista has found that “78 percent of US Americans had a social media profile, representing a five percent growth compared to the previous year. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media        …read more


Animation Meets Anime: America and Japan’s Pop Cultural Romance

How two great countries changed the face of animation, comics, TV and film. Popular culture has produced some of the best collaborations in modern history. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Then there’s America and Japan. Cultural boundaries aside, some incredible work has sprung from these two countries. From anime to comics, film and television, Japanese culture has made meaningful contributions        …read more

adult cartoons

10 Adult Cartoons You Should Be Watching

We’re adulting so hard with these 10 must-watch adult cartoons. Let’s face it. Cartoons have a very wide, colorful appeal. For most, cartoons are a highway to those cherished childhood memories in front of the TV (or its 21st-century equivalent). However, the best cartoons straddle the line between kids’ fare (a sense of whimsy) and adult humor (mature content). Disney’s Steamboat Willy changed the game by finally combining animation with sound as Mickey Mouse whistled        …read more

street artists

Meet 3 Incredible Street Artists Reinventing Detroit (Photos)

A vibrant downtown and Midtown have made Detroit cool again, but the spotlight belongs to the street artists. If you haven’t heard, the streets of Detroit are changing. And the street artists of the city are playing their part in that evolving narrative. A lot of it has to do with a new mayor, new businesses, new roads, a rediscovery of “cool” — all great possibilities, but you can also look at the city’s art        …read more

video game music

Why Video Game Music (Still) Matters

Composer Dale North takes us inside the creative process of video game music scoring. You couldn’t escape it even if you wanted to. It crawls inside your head. Takes up residence. Music is arguably an essential ingredient to our daily lives. Video game music encompasses the fabric of the game player’s life. No matter what generation of gaming you hail from, those iconic video game themes — past, present and future — enhance the gaming experience.        …read more

black superheroes

Redefining Black Superheroes for the 21st Century

A conversation with comic book creator and innovator of Black superheroes, Arvell Jones. When the Marvel Netflix TV series Luke Cage goes live on September 30, viewers will be treated to another, hopefully riveting Marvel Universe narrative, but this one will be a little different — it’ll focus on a Black superhero. Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, ABC Television Studio The title character, Luke Cage, has indestructible skin and describes him as superhumanly strong. He        …read more


James Paick: More Than Video Games

Concept artist James Paick on Scribble Pad Studios, Marvel film projects and more. The creative sandbox is constantly expanding. Whether you’re talking video games, TV, movies, theme parks or RPGs (role playing games), these mediums are converging in surprising ways. At the heart of these seemingly disparate parts is concept-art design. It’s the foundational process that kick-starts most projects regardless of medium. Think of concept art as ground zero for world building and you wouldn’t be        …read more