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endangered species

5 Less Flashy Endangered Species That Need Our Help

We’re rooting for pandas as they make their big comeback, but here are five lesser-known endangered species that need our support too. In sixth grade science class, I was assigned a report on an endangered species. The idea was simple: each student would research an animal and report on why it was endangered and why it was important to save them. In practice, students competed over a handful of very popular animals, scarcely even bothering        …read more

color connotations

It's Not Just Millennials: Why We Love (And Love to Hate) Pink

It’s the color that divides us, but why? Growing up, I told anyone who would listen that my favorite color was green. It wasn’t untrue. I’ve always been obsessed with color, and the color green appealed to me on a fundamental level because there was so much of it outside. But claiming green was also about something else: the color connotations of pink were too much for me. As a little girl growing up in        …read more

tarot decks

Tarot Practitioners Introduce Us to Their Favorite Tarot Decks

Different readers favor different tarot decks. Understanding why helps show the complexity of this art form and divination medium. Last fall, I found myself excited about a new tarot deck coming out. Christy C. Road had started work on her Next World Tarot years ago, and I’d been intrigued by it ever since. The cards are all beautiful, featuring her unique style of detailed illustrations as well as people of many races, sizes, abilities and        …read more

gender neutral

What Is Gender Neutral Parenting, And Why Does It Matter?

Gender neutral parenting is getting a lot of a buzz lately, but it might not mean what you think it does. Gender neutral parenting has become a hot topic in the last couple of years, with many people debating it before fully understanding it. Rather than trying to assess if gender neutral parenting is good or bad for children, I think we would do well to try to wrap our heads around what is actually        …read more

cat facts

Why Does My Cat Look Like That? Adventures in Cat Genetics!

Impress your friends with these cat facts based on genetics research. I come from a whole family of cat people. A month after moving into my first solo apartment, I walked into my local Humane Society and scooped up an orange-and-white kitten, a male, out of a pile of otherwise all female kittens who looked just like him. When I told people the story, more than one responded with “I thought all orange cats were        …read more

sperm facts

A Brief History of Sperm Facts . . . and Fiction

From pants-wearing frogs to artificial insemination, the human race has come a long way in our understanding of sperm facts. People have been fascinated by sperm for a very long time. And luckily or unluckily, as a queer woman who used donor sperm to conceive, I find I get to talk about sperm facts quite a lot. When I told my mother I didn’t plan to keep my child’s origins a secret, she responded, “Well, yeah, but        …read more

How to Come Out for National Coming Out Day? It’s Complicated

National Coming Out Day is October 11. For many LGBTQIA people, the issue of coming out is both loaded and complex. But on one day in October, we often attempt to make it more straight(pun intended)-forward. I’m referring, of course, to National Coming Out Day, which occurs on (or near) October 11 each year. Armed with the truth that closets can be extremely harmful and painful, National Coming Out Day (or NCOD) encourages us to        …read more

food wars

Internet Food Wars: I Don’t Care What You Eat on Your Pizza

From controversial canned pineapple on pizza to ‘basic’ pumpkin spice lattes, there’ve been a lot food wars online lately. I’d been doing a pretty good job of ignoring the food fights on the internet, but I knew we’d reached new heights last autumn when it suddenly involved apple cider. Apple cider seemed to me like the least controversial food or beverage on the planet, but maybe I’d been naive. Suddenly my social media feeds included        …read more


All the Dinosaurs You Love Were Created by Artists

Dinosaurs are imaginary. Hear me out… When people ask me why I love dinosaurs (and they always ask), I usually end up saying, “Well, dinosaurs are imaginary.” It’s a statement that leads to some raised eyebrows, but what I mean is not that dinosaurs never existed in the real world. Of course they did. It’s just that, in the present, dinosaurs exist largely in our imaginations, and the images we have of them are always        …read more

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Teenage Champion of Secular Humanism

‘Harry Potter’ flew off its first bookshelf 20 years ago June 26. Here’s why I think the protagonist is a perfect example of humanism. Near the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, for those of us in the U.S.), Harry has to make a decision: to do what is right, or to do what is easy. It’s not a particularly extraordinary moment for a fantasy novel        …read more

starving artist

How to Create Space for Art without Being a Starving Artist

I was the classic starving artist, but I walked away from my childhood dream. That was just the beginning of my artistic journey. At the age of 19, I packed up all my belongings and left my sleepy Midwestern suburb for New York City and art school. Six months later I would find myself back home, broke and distraught, exhausted by both my choice of education and the city. However, I returned home with only        …read more

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough Will Make You Geek Out over Our Planet Earth

Join me in my nerdy obsession with Sir David Attenborough. To open the new Planet Earth II series for BBC One, Sir David Attenborough flew over the Alps in a hot air balloon. The footage is breathtaking. It is every bit the quality and beauty viewers have come to expect from the Planet Earth name. The mountains are mesmerizingly blue-white; the sky is somehow the same color and also completely different. And it features an elderly man, in        …read more