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School of Life

The School of Life Is Open and Tuition Free on YouTube

If you need advice on anything, from relationships to wealth, the School of Life is always in session on YouTube. We’ve all descended into YouTube wormholes that inevitably had us watching dozens of videos as if we didn’t have any adult obligations to tackle. Often, those videos were inane entertainment or weird footage dressed up as clickbait, and rarely did we spiral into such binge-watch buffets that were mentally nourishing content. Until the School of        …read more

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Makes His Mark on the Interior Design Game

In an interview, designer Jonathan Adler reveals how his take on “modern American glamour” infuses his products with a design spirit that’s distinctly his own. When Jonathan Adler was 12, he signed up for his first pottery class because he thought the instructor was cute. “But when I first touched that piece of clay, there was something spiritual there, a connection,” he tells me in an interview for Crixeo. That seminal moment whisked young Adler        …read more

top shark movies

Top 6 Shark Movies of All Time

It wouldn’t be summer without ice cream, baseball and becoming irrationally scared of swimming in open water. In anticipation of ‘The Meg,’ it’s time to rewatch these top shark movies. The lazy hazy days often welcome a new shark film to scare and entertain moviegoers, and this year is no exception: The Meg, in theaters August 10, stars Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson and Ruby Rose battling the largest shark ever to save colleagues stranded in        …read more

comedian Will Ferrell

The Genius of Actor and Comedian Will Ferrell

To celebrate his birthday on July 18, revisit the great roles of comedian Will Ferrell. He’s more than just a slapstick comic with a rubbery face. He’s an actor with 104 acting credits in 23 years, and his star isn’t waning. The critics might not be throwing around those four-star reviews any longer, but the legacy of the comedian Will Ferrell doesn’t rely on critical acclaim. If it makes him laugh, he’ll do it. A        …read more

comedian Larry David

Inside the Genius of Writer and Comedian Larry David

Honoring the ‘Seinfeld’ co-ccreator and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star on his birthday, July 2, with a deep dive into what makes the humor of comedian Larry David so special. When Susie Elman, comedian Larry David’s longtime costar on Curb Your Enthusiasm, told Rolling Stone about David’s early stand-up days, she recalled, “His material was just brilliant, as you can imagine. But there were also nights when he would just walk onstage, look at the audience and        …read more

Peter Stults

‘What If?’ Movies Reimagined: The Art of Peter Stults

In his imaginative poster series, Peter Stults casts classic performers like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean in popular movies of our time. Anthony Hopkins as Trainspotting’s Renton. David Bowie as Doctor Strange. Audrey Hepburn going creepy in Black Swan. Welcome to the fever dreams of Peter Stults, a New York artist who applies his unique casting choices to films ranging from Die Hard to Inception to Captain America, inspiring us to look at Hollywood in        …read more

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s Legacy Ripples Beyond Chefs and Foodies

In honor of what would’ve been Anthony Bourdain’s 62nd birthday, June 25, we remember a man whose humble genius stemmed from a fearless spirit and passion to learn about the world. He devoured live cobra hearts in Vietnam. He tasted roasted sheep testicles in Morocco, and downed a seal eyeball in Canada. This was no pot-stirrer aiming to make extra bucks by plastering his face on TV screens or moonlighting as a judge on a        …read more

Kung Fury

‘Kung Fury’: The Most Absurdist Film Gets a Sequel, and We're Ready

The ‘Kung Fury’ YouTube short gained cult status almost immediately, and now its filmmakers want to keep the nostalgic callbacks coming with a film starring A-list talent. It’s the kind of polarizing short film you either love or find incredibly stupid. I’m in the former camp, having grown up with ’80s schlock TV and absurd sketch troupes such as Monty Python. The 2015 short Kung Fury, which has 30 million views at the time of        …read more

Dave Pollot creative expressions

Dave Pollot Brings Pop Culture to Old Thrift Store Paintings

Dave Pollot populates thrift store paintings with pop culture icons. Mario, Bowser and other MarioKart characters careen through a pastoral forest. A Gremlin looks out from an otherwise staid collection of fruit bowls and flower vases. X-Men’s Magneto scans a picturesque beach with a metal detector. Welcome to the art landscape of Dave Pollot, who creatively places pop culture icons into thrift store art scenes. The New York artist’s favorite films and TV shows slip        …read more

Jerry Seinfeld, best Seinfeld episodes

10 Moments That Made Us Love Jerry Seinfeld Even More

To celebrate Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday April 29, revisit the funniest and most memorable moments of his career. Almost 30 years have passed since the first episode of Seinfeld graced our televisions and forever changed scripted comedy shows. The Emmy Award–winning “show about nothing” skyrocketed Brooklyn comedian Jerry Seinfeld to global fame, giving him more opportunities than he could’ve ever imagined. The standup specialist hasn’t been lax in his post-Seinfeld life, either. He performed gigs across        …read more

Handmaid’s Tale season 2

What We Know ahead of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ season 2 will debut on April 25 on Hulu. The Emmy Award–winning show perfectly touches on so many issues, from patriarchy to totalitarianism to policing language. What’s in store for June and her band of not-so-merry women in The Handmaid’s Tale season 2? You’ve heard the cliché of “must-watch TV,” but I’m not spreading marketing hype when I stress how crucial it is to absorb the dystopic world that is The Handmaid’s        …read more

Jane Goodall biography, Jane Goodall documentary

'Jane' Explores Legacy of Incomparable, Unstoppable Jane Goodall

‘Jane’ draws from over 100 hours of unseen footage of Jane Goodall at work with chimps in the ’60s. Few films today let you simply travel with someone into parts unknown. Thanks to the documentary Jane, a new generation of animal lovers can learn more about the world’s most famous paleontologist, Jane Goodall, who revealed that we aren’t much different from our closest living relative, the chimpanzee. Using 100 hours of footage hidden from view        …read more

Black Panther

Superhero 101: Black Panther

Ahead of the Black Panther film arriving February 16, get to know the backstory, comic appearances and powers of one of the most revolutionary heroes ever to come from Marvel. Black Panther may not have been a household name like Spider-Man, but this superhero has rocketed to worldwide attention thanks to his appearance in Captain America: Civil War and the recent trailers of his own film. You know you can look forward to brilliant performances        …read more

The Awkward Yeti

Nick Seluk’s ‘The Awkward Yeti’ Is Uniquely Weird (Like All of Us)

Cartoonist Nick Seluk brings our internal conversations to life with his web comic empire, ‘The Awkward Yeti.’ “Lars might be a little awkward, but that’s what makes him Lars.” That’s how Nick Seluk explains to me the origin story of The Awkward Yeti, a web comic that began as a self-published children’s book in 2012. Lars was moody, anxious and, of course, awkward. “I wanted to introduce very young kids to the idea that not        …read more

‘The Dark Crystal’ Has Earned Its Own Prequel Netflix Series

Jim Henson’s darkest but favorite work, ‘The Dark Crystal,’ is rich in both visual storytelling and philosophical messaging. The Dark Crystal came to theaters at an odd time for moviegoers. The world knew Jim Henson from the playful puppetry that made The Muppet Show such a hit. He was regarded as a genius and, especially, a kids’ comedy success story. Thing is, The Dark Crystal was Henson’s most shadowy work. He told the story of        …read more

Chris Farley

The Life and Legacy of Chris Farley

Remembering comedy legend Chris Farley. Let me tell you a story about a boy. A boy who remained a boy. He wanted his father’s love and admiration, as we all do. He was a scared boy, terrified of screwing up, afraid of blending into the background. Thing is, he also wanted to fit in. It’s hard when you’re overweight, bullied by kids in school and called “Fatso.” So this boy used his sense of humor        …read more

paper art

Pippa Dyrlaga Designs Paper Art in Jaw-Dropping Detail

Paper-cutting nerds have long known about Pippa Dyrlaga, but now the world is taking notice of this paper art phenom. It’s hard to fathom the enormity of skill required to pull off a stunning paper-cut piece. When you find an artist blessed with such a deft hand, such a masterful eye that can see through both the wide and microscopic lens, your jaw drops. With the paper art of a master, the accents found in        …read more

best TED Talks

8 Best TED Talks to Inspire You

Looking for more happiness, focus, creativity? Here are the best TED Talks to put you on track for your best year yet. TED Talks have long been the go-to videos for inspiring, thought-provoking ideas from a variety of experts and leaders. Following are the eight best TED Talks, each under 20 minutes, if you're looking to find your calling, expand your creativity and confront your fears. 1. ‘There’s more to life than being happy’        …read more

Larry David, Cazzie David

Cazzie David Follows in Dad’s Footnotes with Cranky Web Series

Larry David’s daughter Cazzie delivers a series that’s like ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ swaddled in Snapchat filters and drone jokes. Even if you didn’t know the names behind this year’s hottest web series, it felt instantly familiar: the nitpicking over minutiae, the anxiety-fueled arguments, the friendships built on equal parts love and disgust. Larry David’s 22-year-old daughter follows in the footnotes of his unique brand of humor with Eighty-Sixed. The web series debuted in April 2017        …read more

Karen Jerzyk

Dive into the Creepy-Fantastical World of Karen Jerzyk

They might look like dreamscapes from the love child of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam, but the photography of Karen Jerzyk is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The childhood of Karen Jerzyk practically reads like a script of a film she adored as a kid, where outcast children find their true calling. When she was young, Jerzyk barely owned Barbie dolls, but the few she had went under the knife, “because I ended up cutting        …read more

What ‘Mr. Robot’ Gets Right about Cybersecurity and Hacking Attacks

With Rami Malek, Christian Slater and the cast back for season three of ‘Mr. Robot,’ we spoke to cybersecurity specialists about what makes this show so impressively realistic in its portrayal of hacking culture. It’s sadly too easy to rattle off the many ways Hollywood has watered down cybersecurity and hacking scenes in films and shows over the past two decades: Swordfish, Live Free and Die Hard, CSI: Cyber, The Net… I could go on        …read more

watch Rick and Morty season

Watch Rick and Morty for Jokes, Stay for Jabs at Pop Culture

If you watch Rick and Morty with an ear toward its commentary on media and Hollywood, you’ll get a deeper appreciation for this Adult Swim megahit series. Remember those glory days of pre-season nine Simpsons, the first few years of Family Guy, the weirdness of Ren & Stimpy? Mix all that in a bowl and add a hefty cup of satirical smarts, a layer of sci-fi creativity and enough movie references to keep IMDb buzzing        …read more

Broad City season 4

Broad City Season 4 Is Must-Watch TV

With Broad City season 4 returning September 13, it’s time to look at what makes this daring pair so appealing. Look beyond the bong hits and vagina jokes. Peek under the layer of slapstick pratfalls and booze-addled rooftop parties. Comedy Central’s Broad City is a love letter to many things, like New York City, success in an era of uncertainty and, most importantly, friendship. And we’ll find out with Broad City season 4 if those odes        …read more


Movie Buffs, Meet Your New Favorite YouTuber: The Nerdwriter

Evan Puschak, aka the Nerdwriter, has gained a massive YouTube following with his videos showcasing what makes great art. I’m in a YouTube wormhole. And I don’t want to leave. First, I’m on Omaha Beach, watching bullets zip through the air to strike American soldiers in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. A voice-over explains how Spielberg expertly mimicked war footage to ensure the fictional film felt as realistic as possible. And then I’m clicking        …read more


Zealandia: What You Need to Know about the 'New Continent'

Scientists have uncovered a submerged landmass two-thirds the size of Australia, which has implications for climate science, biology and how Zealandia could be designated a continent. If you could drain the Pacific Ocean, you’d be staring at the lost continent of Zealandia, which is 18 times larger than New Zealand. Although 94 percent submerged, Zealandia, a large region in the southwest Pacific Ocean underlain by continental crust, is gaining momentum to be dubbed a continent,        …read more

Top 7 ‘Holy Shit!’ Moments of ‘Game of Thrones’

Season 7 of the HBO fantasy series arrives July 16, so let’s relive the 7 most jaw-dropping scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ so far. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR SEASONS 1-6 AHEAD! What’s made Game of Thrones an enduringly popular TV series — and the most pirated, in fact — is the many twists it plants in almost every episode. Don’t get too attached to the main characters. They might be facing the executioner’s blade or wildfire        …read more

imaginative art

Craig Davison’s Imaginative Art Carries Us Back to Childhood

Is adulting getting you down? Escape to simpler days with Craig Davison’s imaginative art. A boy swings a cane at another boy holding a pipe. Other children tussle behind them. But even farther behind those kids, two shadows emerge, displaying the story behind this play-fighting: Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader. This Star Wars homage comes from Craig Davison, a 51-year-old artist based in Ludlow, a market town in Shropshire, UK. Davison is known for capturing        …read more

multimedia artist

Multimedia Artist Sara Erenthal Explores Displacement and Liberation

Sara Erenthal is a NYC multimedia artist who ran away from her ultra-Orthodox upbringing to truly find herself. “When I grew up I didn’t feel like I was worth much and didn’t feel like I was good at anything,” says Sara Erenthal, a 35-year-old multimedia artist living in Brooklyn. Her statement is relatable to any teen unsure how to navigate impending adulthood, but Erenthal’s story is unique. Erenthal grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in        …read more

latest inventions

Turning Superhero Weapons into Reality: The Hacksmith’s Latest Inventions

An exclusive peek inside the lab of Canadian engineer James Hobson, whose latest inventions include working Captain America shields, Wolverine claws and Iron Man thrusters. Every Little Boy is a Superhero. The sign hangs in engineer and YouTube star James Hobson’s tricked-out garage. As he presents his latest inventions to the public, the words appear to sum up his mission statement. Hobson, a 26-year-old living in the sleepy town of Kitchener, Ontario, about an hour and        …read more

horror documentary

The Ultimate Horror Documentary

Horror documentary ‘Fear Itself’ reveals philosophy behind scares. “Tiny specks of light become spirits. The smallest hint of movement is an intruder, ready to attack.” As a woman narrates these words in Fear Itself, a new horror documentary from 24-year-old filmmaker Charlie Lyne, a scene from Post Tenebras Lux drifts across the scene. A child meanders through a muddy field, flanked by dogs, a haunting dusk sky in the background. It’s an obscure film, albeit        …read more