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The Lasting Legacy of SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob has been sharing his childlike outlook on life since 1999. With a third movie coming in 2020, the famous sponge won’t be stopping anytime soon. SpongeBob SquarePants has been around my entire childhood and adulthood. I spent many evenings watching SpongeBob reruns while babysitting the kids in my neighborhood, watching their faces light up when he outsmarted Plankton’s latest scheme. It seemed no matter how many times they saw the same episode, they could        …read more

Summer Camp Island

‘Summer Camp Island’ Promises More Magic from Cartoon Network

In a world of reboots and prequels, Cartoon Network’s new original show ‘Summer Camp Island’ is a wonderfully odd series full of animals, magic and parents who won’t listen to their kids. In U.S. pop culture, summer camps are the perfect setting for coming-of-age stories: odd living arrangements, counselor drama, a whole new social hierarchy and, of course, no parents. Just as in Westworld, what happens at summer camp stays at summer camp. Where else        …read more

South Park

‘South Park’ Angers Everyone Sometimes but Teaches Us to Think

‘South Park’ jabs at liberal and conservative ideals and continues to challenge strongly held beliefs. When I was growing up in a suburban conservative home, anytime South Park’s theme song started playing on our TV, one of my parents would grab the remote and change the channel. Naturally when I got to college in 2006, I assigned myself the entire series, determined to see what I’d missed. I knew I didn’t agree with my parents,        …read more

Adventure Time Islands

‘Adventure Time: Islands’ Explores Gnarly Concepts

‘Adventure Time: Islands’ reunites Finn with presumed-extinct humans while exploring ideas about reality, safety and freedom. With the show’s scheduled 2018 departure, I knew Adventure Time: Islands would have to provide some of the biggest answers the show had concealed for years. Adventure Time, a postapocalyptic, surrealist Cartoon Network series, follows the adventures of Finn, a teenage boy who for most of the show believes he’s the last human on Earth, and his brother Jake, a talking        …read more