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Burlesque Stripped Down to Its Comedic Roots

Up close and comedic with burlesque performers. Laughter is an important part of being human. We use humor to navigate unfamiliar territory and to make bad news more palatable. We use it as an outlet for stress and to make others and ourselves feel better. And of course, we use it just for fun. Is it any wonder that humor also plays a key role in burlesque? “Burlesque’s far-back history is that of comedy,” said Paige        …read more

lifelike dolls

Artist’s Hyperrealistic Repaints Turn Celebrities into Lifelike Dolls

With a little paint and a lot of love, Instagram’s @Cyguy83 designs incredibly lifelike dolls. Cyrus Bronock’s day starts just like anyone’s might: He rises early, brews some coffee, gets dressed, gives his still-sleeping husband a quick kiss on the forehead — Kamden is a college professor — and then it’s off to work. But here’s where his day diverges from the average nine-to-fiver’s. Bronock, known to his fans as Cyguy83, is a repaint artist        …read more

special effects makeup

Pro Special Effects Makeup Artists Talk Monstrous Transformations

A closer look at the extraordinary contributions of special effects makeup artists. What’s your favorite transformation in movie history? Before 1981 there was no special effects makeup category in the Academy Awards. One movie changed that: An American Werewolf in London. The film’s first transformation scene was shocking in its realness. It took a frightening folklore tale and dragged it, growling and biting, into the real world. Rick Baker, the special effects designer and creator        …read more


Adventures in Cat-Sitting in New York City

My life as a professional crazy cat lady. My clients don’t talk, though we communicate just fine. I read body language, posture and blinking eyes. I interpret moods, stretches and the consumption and digestion of food. It’s all in a day’s work, cat-sitting in New York City. Cat-sitting might not seem like a viable way to earn income, but the City that Never Sleeps is also the City of Frequent Flyers, and I do all right.        …read more