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rock and roll posters

Welcome to Professor Poster’s School of Rock and Roll Posters

Vintage rock and roll posters have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Take a closer look at the ingenious, mesmerizing, mysterious art form. In the mid-1960s the world, America and, more specifically, San Francisco were undergoing a renaissance of culture, music and art. The Summer of Love unofficially began on a day in January 1967, with a call to arms in Golden Gate Park known as a “Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In.”        …read more

concert photography

It's Just a Shot Away: The Art of Rock Concert Photography

Enter the adrenaline-laced adventure of rock concert photography. As the concert begins, the average concertgoer pulls out his phone and clicks away. With the help of upgraded camera technology, he believes he’ll be able to capture the most definitive rock photos ever, and once in a great while it works out. For the most part, however, he ends up with 23 somewhat out-of-focus pictures, one shot of the floor and one shot that snags a lasting memory        …read more

music history

Music History in an Alternate Universe: Imagine the Beatles Never Existed

The Beatles changed the course of music history. But what if they hadn’t? Can you imagine music, culture or life in general without the past century’s defining moment in music history? Just try to picture our world without the Beatles. It’s like going down a rabbit hole and finding hundreds more rabbit holes in front of you. Your mind spins, your head hurts, and when you think you’ve come up with a cohesive and plausible vision,        …read more

Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason deCaires Taylor Creates Underwater Art to Save the Seas

Dive into the ocean to find the bold, breathtaking and transformational sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, photographer, diver and, most importantly, environmentalist. Since 2006, when he created the world’s first underwater sculpture park in the waters off Grenada, Taylor has used his craft as a breathtaking message board alerting the world to issues such as climate change, the perils of technology and the role of humanity as stewards of        …read more

Grammy nominations

Behind the Scenes: The Road to Grammy Nominations

Grammy nominations were announced December 6. How does an artist make it to that point? Two artists and a voter discuss the process. The process for an artist submitting their music for the first time is exciting to be sure, but it’s also stressful and a bit complicated. If you’ve been nominated, entering your follow-up album and hoping it will again find its mark is another journey entirely. Or, if you’re someone like me, new to Grammy        …read more

hair art

Ursula Goff’s Extraordinary Hair Art

Meet a fascinating colorist with an art school background, a psychology degree, an eye for hair art and a talent for putting them all together. Gone are the days when someone with blue hair would make you do a double take. Pink, purple, orange, green and every color in between have now become common hair colors for women — and men. Hair coloring has always been a way to express individuality, though it has now        …read more


‘Is It Local?’ Meet a Farm-to-Table Champ

Mitch Morrison promotes farm-to-table initiatives for healthy eating and local farm sustainability. As American farmland decreases, people are increasingly searching for locally sourced food. The farm-to-table approach to eating offers many benefits. It assures consumers of fresh produce and meats, allows farmers to remain in business, reduces transportation’s environmental impact and helps people eat healthier. In northwest New Jersey, where many farms have been lost to development, community programs highlight the need for fresh food and also improve        …read more

Grounds for Sculpture

Art & Nature Intersect at Grounds For Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture invites visitors into a sprawling garden and contemporary art museum. In a nondescript section of Hamilton, New Jersey, deep within an industrial park, is an extraordinary cultural oasis that makes adults feel like children and fills children with an appreciation for the beauty that artists can create. Grounds For Sculpture is a park of 42 acres filled with history, fantasy and vision, founded in 1992 by John Seward Johnson II to promote        …read more

animals in need

Social Media Delivers a Happily Ever After to Animals in Need

Animal rescue goes viral, benefiting animals in need and their lucky humans.  If we’ve learned nothing else through social media, it’s pretty obvious we are all suckers for a “happily ever after,” especially when it involves animals in need. Is there a person out there who doesn’t melt when they see heartwarming stories of kittens and puppies in their Facebook streams? Or who doesn’t follow some Instagram dog or cat legend? Judging by the number        …read more

day job

Music Feeds the Soul, but a Unique Day Job Might Pay the Bills

For the love of the art, many musicians balance a day job with side gigs. “The only truth is music,” Jack Kerouac wrote. There may be one other truth: making music doesn’t always pay the bills. Many musicians, artists and writers don’t start out working full-time in their creative fields. It may take years before they can make a living doing what they love, and many are never able to rely solely on income derived        …read more