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Long before SpaceX, Animals Were the First Launched into Space

The first Moon walk was on July 20, 1969. As SpaceX now looks to colonize Mars, we remember the animals sent into spaceflight. Before humans rocketed into space, nonhuman creatures got a close glimpse of the stars. The first were a group of U.S. fruit flies in 1947, used to study radiation exposure at high altitudes. They returned to Earth in perfect health. Numerous countries have taken part in space exploration with animals. France’s first        …read more

Mortified Guide

'The Mortified Guide' Bares People's Cringiest, Most Relatable Moments

‘The Mortified Guide’ lets you laugh along with brave strangers as they reveal the most embarrassing stories of their younger years. A Netflix subscription can be similar to a gym membership: You use it for a month or two and then don’t, while continuing to pay. My Netflix account often suffers this fate. When I found out The Mortified Guide would be releasing on the platform after it played The Sundance Film Festival, I made        …read more

Jurassic Park dinosaurs

Countdown: 7 Most Terrifying Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

These are the Jurassic Park dinosaurs that made us race home from theaters to take shelter under the blankets. The mere mention of dinosaurs in movies brings one franchise to mind: Jurassic Park. In 1993 childhood dinosaur dreams were brought to life with Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel, rousing awe and terror. Twenty-five years later, Jurassic Park is still revered for its amazing combination of practical and visual effects, continuously putting FX-heavy        …read more

pot churches

The Rise of Pot Churches in the United States

With cannabis as sacrament, pot churches bring together people of all spiritual backgrounds and send good vibes into the world. The legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use has opened the door for participatory events. You can, for example, do yoga with it, dispensary-hop, or attend an infused dining experience. Perhaps the most surprising of developments, though, are cannabis churches, which consider the flowering plant their sacrament. These “pot churches” aren’t a passing fad        …read more


Summer Blockbusters Are Here! Time to Join Fantasy Movie League

Make this season of movie blockbusters even better with Fantasy Movie League. Sports fans obsess over their fantasy teams. Movie fans obsess over upcoming releases and debate the potential box office success or ultimate failure of a film. With Fantasy Movie League, created by ESPN senior fantasy sports analyst Matthew Berry and other gaming industry veterans, movie fans around the world have a place to take the prediction talk further and get competitive in an        …read more


The Best Thing Steven Soderbergh Ever Did Was Retire (Because He Didn't)

Soderbergh, who shot ‘Unsane’ entirely on the iPhone, predicts the future of filmmaking. Since Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989), director Steven Soderbergh’s career has been anything but predictable. He’s traversed the independent film scene while also helming big-budget pictures. And with both, he delivers the unexpected, which is part of the draw for his work. The biggest shock he’s ever given: announcing in 2013 his retirement from directing feature films because he disliked the state        …read more

Nellie Bly, International Women's Day

Kicking Ass & Taking Names: The Strength & Spirit of Nellie Bly

On International Women’s Day, the world remembers breakers of glass ceilings throughout history. Among them: the bold journalist Nellie Bly. Each International Women’s Day, the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. One woman who made great strides toward equality is known to the world as Nellie Bly. The year is 1885, and a woman’s place is in the home, says Erasmus Wilson in his Pittsburgh Dispatch article “What Girls Are        …read more

Heathers remake

'Heathers' Remake May Never Air (Yay!): 7 Shows to Watch Instead

The out-of-touch ‘Heathers’ remake was postponed, but most early reviewers would be happy if it never aired. Here are 7 fantastic shows to binge instead. The Paramount Network said the Heathers remake, originally scheduled to premiere March 7, is being postponed until later in 2018 “in light of the recent tragic events in Florida and out of respect for the victims, their families and loved ones.” If you missed the Heathers pilot, which it must be        …read more

National Drink Wine Day

6 Ways to Prepare for National Drink Wine Day

Winos will be raising their glasses for National Drink Wine Day on February 18. From food pairings to avoiding a headache, here’s how to prepare. Now’s your chance to salute the beverage intertwined with human history (we can thank the Phoenicians for spreading it around the world). While there’s nothing wrong with just popping the cork out of your favorite bottle to commemorate this vino-lovers’ holiday, partaking in some pre-festivities planning can only make it        …read more

celebrity scandal

What Should We Do with Entertainment Plagued by Celebrity Scandal?

From ‘Coco’ to ‘House of Cards,’ celebrity scandal has left us conflicted about our favorite movies and shows. Here’s why we should keep watching. You can learn a great deal about filmmaking from Director Roman Polanski (e.g., Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown). When he won the Academy Award for Best Director for The Pianist, the not-present director received a standing ovation. That was controversial because Polanski is guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl (he fled the        …read more

best romantic films

6 Romantic Films for People Who Like to Keep It Real

These are the best romantic films to watch if you’re craving a love story that looks more like real life than a fairy tale. When it comes to romance, Hollywood loves following a generic formula. So much so that there’s no guessing required with most romantic films — you know the story beats and that there will inevitably be a happy ending. These feel-good romantic comedies and dramas serve their purpose: to entertain (and increase        …read more

Winchester Mystery House

The Legend behind the ‘Haunted’ Winchester Mystery House

Would you dare visit Winchester Mystery House, the ‘house that ghosts built’ and inspiration for the horror film ‘Winchester’? Northern Californians know San Jose isn’t just a city in Silicon Valley. It’s home to one of the most active houses in the United States for paranormal experiences: The Winchester Mystery House. There’s a great deal of folklore surrounding this unique Victorian mansion, built by eccentric recluse Sarah Winchester between 1884 and 1922, where an unsettling        …read more

How 6-Year-Old Ruby Bridges Helped Topple Segregation

Ruby Bridges’ bravery inspired Norman Rockwell’s famous civil rights painting. She continues to stand for equality today. Throughout history, the U.S. Supreme Court has made rulings that impact the lives of citizens across the country. Its rulings are inevitably praised by some and criticized by others. In 1954 during the civil rights movement, when the court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that segregation in schools is unconstitutional, the nation — primarily the South        …read more

Winnie the Pooh quotes

33 Winnie the Pooh Quotes for All of Life’s Ups and Downs

In celebration of A. A. Milne’s birthday January 18, revisit the most beloved Winnie the Pooh quotes. It’s hard to fathom that the first Winnie-the-Pooh book, authored by A. A. Milne, was published in 1926. That’s because its stories, and those that came after, are still read to children around the globe. I can’t imagine my childhood without Pooh Bear and the gang, and the wisdom handed down by these unforgettable characters has stayed with        …read more

polar bear plunge

7 Places to Take a Polar Bear Plunge for Charity on New Year’s Day

There’s no better way to fight a hangover on New Year’s Day than with an icy polar bear plunge, especially when freezing your tail off means supporting a good cause. On New Year’s Day, you can curl up in a ball chasing the hair of the dog, or you could partake in an alternative hangover cure: a polar bear plunge. It will require great fortitude and a strong heart because you’ll be jumping into a        …read more

eggnog recipes

Spice It Up with 10 Eggnog Recipes from around the World

Delicious eggnog recipes from all over the globe. Plus vegan and sweet potato spins on the classic! Eggnog gets people brimming with excitement for the holiday season, when grocery stores stock up on this party staple. This year it’s time to ditch store-bought eggnog, though, and serve one (or more) of these globe-spanning eggnog recipes. And if you or yours aren’t fans of eggnog yet, these 10 unique variations just might evoke a change of        …read more

gingerbread house

The Competitive World of Gingerbread House Design

These artists take their gingerbread house creations seriously. Very, very seriously. Gingerbread house making isn’t reserved for kids and the kitchen table. Gingerbread dates back to ancient Greece, and in the Middle Ages gingerbread cookies were all the rage. When the Brothers Grimm released the tale of Hansel and Gretel, the gingerbread house took off — losing the evil witch attachment in favor of a winter-wonderland fantasy. Gingerbread house construction grew into an art form        …read more


The Strange Magic of Automata with Master Craftsman Thomas Kuntz

Kuntz uses old-school techniques and a touch of magic to build surreal automata. You’ve likely heard that machines will one day take over the world. Don’t fret: it will only give humanity more time to create art. Automata are the predecessors of robots, and their artistic creation dates back centuries. In the 1500s astrologer and mathematician John Dee made a wooden beetle that could fly. During the Age of Enlightenment Jacques Vaucason crafted a flute player        …read more

storm chasers

Storm Chasers: A Close-Up View of the High-Stakes Job

We talked with pro storm chasers about one of the most exhilarating and dangerous jobs in the world. Storm chasers. They don’t curl up on the couch and wait for a storm to pass or head for the basement when a twister’s coming; they jump up and get outside, excited to witness what Mother Nature has cooked up. Storm chasing isn’t a modern-day phenomenon. In 1755 Benjamin Franklin chased a tornado on horseback, according to        …read more


Artists Transforming Weapons into Powerful Messages of Nonviolence

In honor of Gandhi’s birthday and International Day of Nonviolence, check out these incredible works of art promoting peace around the world. On October 2, the birthday of nonviolence philosophy activist Mahatma Gandhi, the United Nations commemorates International Day of Nonviolence. It is meant to reaffirm the universal desire for a nonviolent existence and a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding. The nonviolence philosophy started by Gandhi is continuously present in the art world, as        …read more

domestic violence

6 Creators Combating Domestic Violence with Art

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to speak out against violence and support victims. These 6 artists are boosting the signal. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 35% of women worldwide have been physically and/or sexually assaulted in their lifetime; 30% of women have experienced violence by an intimate partner. Domestic violence doesn’t just affect women, though. One in four men in the United States have been physically abused, with one in seven        …read more

scary clowns

Scary Clowns: 5 Phobia-Inducing Movies

Just in time for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It,’ watch these 5 terrifying movies to test your resilience to scary clowns. Sufferers of coulrophobia have a specific fear of clowns. And after the scary clown panic of 2016, the number of people affected by it may have risen. Clowns are meant to evoke amusement and laughter with their actions, but the painted face of a clown can do just the opposite — a        …read more

superhero toys

Lights, Camera, Superhero Toys in Action!

Take a peek behind the scenes, where four incredibly imaginative photographers bring superhero toys to life. Let’s talk about superhero toys. First, they’re not just for kids. Second, keeping them wrapped up in their original packaging makes sense if you’re a collector, but it’s not much fun. Third, there’s a not-so-underground global group of photographers who are unwrapping their toys in order to capture stunning images. They don’t need real people for subjects — they’re        …read more

love your body, body love

Love Your Body: 100 Women Stripped Down to Promote Body Love

‘Underneath We Are Women’ exorcises body shaming and ushers in a ‘love your body’ mantra. “You’d be a lot hotter if you worked out more.” That’s what a guy once said to me on a date (our first and only). I’d been teased plenty before and had a fair share of critical remarks about my appearance thrown my way, but that comment still haunts me today. It shouldn’t, because there was nothing wrong with my        …read more

solar eclipse

Where Will You Be for the Great American Solar Eclipse?

We’ve gathered expert viewing tips and a selection of nationwide events for the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The Great American Eclipse has the United States in a flurry of excitement. Rightfully so, as it’s the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in over 38 years, and not since 1918 has one gone coast to coast. There’s a catch, though: only 14 states are in the path of totality, where        …read more

4D cinema, 4D movie

Sex and the 4D Movie Experience

Ever wonder what happens in a 4D movie theater during a scene of a sexual nature? It’s awkward. You can go to the movies, or you can be part of the movie. I know that sounds like a marketing slogan, and it should, as it’s exactly what companies producing 4D movies aim for when you choose to see a film with their enhancements. It’s an evolution of what Director William Castle did with The Tingler        …read more

toy art

Freya Jobbins’ Unsettling Toy Art Features Dismembered Dolls

Try to look away from the freaky, rubberneck-worthy toy art sculptures of Australian artist Freya Jobbins. Freya Jobbins will definitely leave a lasting impression with the amazing craftsmanship and inventiveness her toy art displays. Jobbins, you see, dismembers dolls and uses discarded toys to create sculptures. While doll parts and toys may seem like cute and fun materials to work with, in her hands they transform into the unexpected. The Touchable Becomes Untouchable Jobbins primarily uses recycled materials        …read more

International Beer Day

On International Beer Day, Thank the Woman Who Created Beer

Celebrate International Beer Day and the woman who achieved goddess status when she discovered the frothy beverage — by accident. The world loves beer. So much so that it’s celebrated on International Beer Day the first Friday of every August. Whether it’s grocery store classics Budweiser or Coors, a locally brewed craft beer, or one of the many Belgium creations that will knock you off your feet with their alcohol percentages, beer is a global treasure.        …read more

vegan leather

Wardrobe Goals: 5 Gorgeous Vegan Leather Textiles

Vegan leather textile designers are ready to drape you in sustainable, beautiful pieces from head to toe. Since the dawn of humanity, animals have been used for food, clothing and even shelter (you saw The Revenant, right?). Times are changing, as more and more people — not just vegans — are shying away from purchasing animal-derived products, especially leather. Manufacturers and the fashion industry have taken notice. Vegan leather textiles are being produced and innumerable products        …read more


Hiding Near You: Geeky Hooker’s Pop Culture Crochet Critters

Get your hands on Geeky Hooker’s crochet characters from comics, movies, TV, classic art and literature and more. Critters are hiding, waiting to be found at Comic-Con. They’re not the kind you’d hire a pest control company to get rid of. They’re crochet creations — characters from your favorite comics, TV shows, movies and more — seeking adoption. The mastermind behind these critters, as she’s so lovingly dubbed them, is Cindy Wang, aka Geeky Hooker. Wang has        …read more

GLOW, female wrestling, women wrestling

Kitsch Is Queen with Netflix’s GLOW

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to rumble in Netflix’s GLOW. In 1986, audiences received a shock when syndicated TV show GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling entered homes. And with the June 23 Netflix premiere of GLOW, a 10-episode fictionalized series based on this cult classic, ladies in the ring are back in action. In the 1980s, wrestling was a male-dominated sport, and the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) had the market.        …read more

theme park

10 Thrilling New Theme Park Rides Worth Vacationing For

From Disney World to Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, discover 10 theme park rides opening around the world in 2017. The sun is shining, school’s out, and it’s time to find something fun to do. A theme park vacation is a great idea, as they have something for everyone. Around the world, there are new, exciting rides and experiences to enjoy. So grab your passport (you’ll need it for some of these destinations) and Dramamine (a        …read more

urban legends

8 Urban Legends That’ll Bring You to Tears (of Laughter or Fear)

Looking for the perfect campfire story with those s’mores? Break out these 8 urban legends. Whether you’re headed off the grid and need screen-free entertainment or you just love a good story to tell, urban legends are excellent source material. Even better is when you can adjust the story to your current location, adding to the scares or laughter it may provoke. And of course a healthy debate over whether it’s true or completely fabricated        …read more

3D Painting: An Art Form of Trickery and Immersion

An artist placed a hand on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling and developed modern 3D painting. Meet 3 artists making 3D street art, and dive into the epic scenes they create. If you’ve never walked through a plaza and suddenly found yourself standing over a waterfall, on a rickety bridge or atop a flying rat, you need to get out more — to 3D painting events! These anamorphic illusions, or trick art, are incredibly fun and provide an        …read more

Esther Williams

They've Performed with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and on 'Gangnam Style': The Aqualillies Are a Throwback to Water Goddess Esther Williams

The legacy of America’s Mermaid Esther Williams lives on with the Aqualillies. Statuesque and graceful are words used to describe many stars of the silver screen, but only one had an uncanny ease in water: Esther Williams. Known as America’s Mermaid, she popularized synchronized swimming through film in the 1940s and ’50s with aqua-musicals at MGM, such as Bathing Beauty, Dangerous When Wet, Neptune’s Daughter and Million Dollar Mermaid. They were full of gorgeous spectacles        …read more

King Kong

The Evolution of King Kong

How 'King Kong' effects artists have awakened the beast for 85 years. For nearly 85 years, King Kong has been a famous movie monster, battling dinosaurs, biplanes, Godzilla and man. This godlike ape is a formidable force with a sensitive side and a penchant for blondes and tall buildings. Kong has been created using a variety of special and visual effects techniques to get movie audiences to suspend their disbelief and embrace his otherworldly dimensions. From        …read more

marijuana edibles

Elevating the Craft of Marijuana Edibles

These marijuana edibles are an artistic endeavor of connoisseur status. As recreational marijuana legalization progresses across the United States, people may opt to smoke it, but having cannabis in your favorite candies, snacks, drinks and more makes consuming this drug a pleasure for your taste buds. The marijuana edibles market is booming, and it’s not some random person cooking up a batch of brownies in their kitchen. Professional chefs are establishing an edible art form        …read more

virtual reality movies

A Glimpse into the Future of Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual reality movies will change the way we see ourselves and the world. Virtual reality has found a home in mainstream entertainment, but you won’t find virtual reality movies in a theater. Instead, for now their unique offerings are on display at festivals and special events. Virtual reality movies thrust you into the action in a whole new way by giving you the opportunity to exist outside your personal reality, changing your persona or even        …read more

art therapy

8 Sports and Art Therapy Organizations You Should Know

These 8 organizations use sports and art therapy to help people facing challenges like homelessness, autism and PTSD. Sports therapy or art therapy may not be something you’d immediately consider pursuing when help is needed, but maybe you should. The American Art Therapy Association finds art therapy can help people “explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.” The benefits of art        …read more

Valentine's Day gifts

7 Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Gifts

Flowers die, chocolates melt. But these 7 unique Valentine’s Day gifts — from tattoos to sexy art kits — will amp up the romance. For Valentine’s Day you could buy your special someone flowers and chocolate, or you could get creative and give them an artsy gift unlike anything else their friends are posting pictures of on social media. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to scour the internet or hit the mall looking        …read more

Museum of Broken Relationships

From the Back of My Drawer to the Museum of Broken Relationships

At the Museum of Broken Relationships, I took a stroll through other people’s donated memories...and I was not prepared to feel this way. Stack of books. Stuffed teddy bear. Old sweater. Diet guide. Woman’s slip and thong. Trophy. Diapers. Old cellphone. Pair of jeans. Rusty Jeep. On the surface these items have little meaning, but when you attach a memory and an emotion to such items, they develop into something entirely different. The meaning you imbue them        …read more


The Undeniable Sexiness of the Catsuit

And the women who make it fierce. Everyone loves a catsuit, the form-fitting costume that hugs each and every curve without forgiveness. The catsuit has made its mark throughout film history, in various stylings and designs, and the women who slither their way into it are strong, sexy and always commanding of attention. The catsuit has been sewn on or zipped around numerous unforgettable female bodies, and if you had to choose a costume that        …read more

drone photography

Stunning Drone Photography from around the World

With drone photography, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s the destination. We try to capture the perfect photograph in many ways: lying on the ground, using a selfie stick, leaning dangerously over an edge or simply moving one step to the left or right to block the sun. While smartphones make it very easy to snap and go, drones are changing the photographic landscape in a huge way. Drone photography opens a photographer’s scope to        …read more

31 Best Star Wars Tattoos in the Galaxy

Looking for inkspiration? These are the Star Wars tattoos you’re looking for. Nearly 40 years after the first Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, fans have proven Director George Lucas wrong: “I didn’t think the film was going to be a success,” he said at a Tribeca Film Festival panel. Fans of Star Wars show their support in various ways, and some immortalize its iconic characters on their bodies with tattoos. What drives        …read more

unique artist

The Mystery of Christopher Kuster, the Unique Artist Who Paints by Teeth

He calls himself Motor Mouth and makes amazing car art with a paintbrush held in his teeth. But where is this unique artist? There is a uniqueness to every artist. It’s more apparent with some than with others. One unique artist took a tragic accident and turned it into a life-changing event. Following a swimming accident in 1992, a then-21-year-old Christopher Kuster was paralyzed from the chest down with no feeling in his hands, fingers        …read more

porcelain dolls

The Female Gaze in Violetta Melnikova’s Porcelain Dolls

Violetta Melnikova’s hand-sculpted porcelain dolls are “an ode to the beauty of everything that it is to be a woman.” All art undergoes transformations, and your childhood memories of porcelain dolls will forever be altered thanks to Russian-born artist Violetta Melnikova. With hand-sculpted, ball-jointed porcelain dolls she has subverted the norm by creating dolls that take on intimate meanings, expressions and alternate realities — that are clearly not intended for children. In fact, that’s why        …read more

Japanese art

The Healing You’re Looking for Is under ‘Open Sky’

I booked a flight to Naoshima, Japan, to enjoy Japanese art — and discovered the therapeutic power of James Turrell’s ‘Open Sky.’ Set nearly entirely underground to avoid impacting the gorgeous scenery of the Seto Inland Sea, the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, Japan — an island dedicated to modern art — welcomes visitors seeking artworks that span multiple disciplines. The museum is, in itself, an architectural masterpiece by Tadao Ando, which by design uses natural light to        …read more

erotic art

People-Watching at an Erotic Art Theme Park (Definitely NSFW)

So this is what happened when I visited Loveland, an erotic art sculpture park in Seoul, South Korea. You don’t visit the Louvre or Guggenheim Museum to watch people; you go for the art. Should you find yourself at a theme park dedicated to erotic art and sexuality, in all its provocative and hilarious forms, you might think the other tourists would be the last thing you’d want to see. I did not intend to        …read more

Nadja Garacic Wave Art Projects

5 Art Projects by Teen Activists around the World

These art projects draw attention to important issues around the globe. Imagine this: You’re a modern-day teenager who can hoverboard to school, Snapchat your entire day, see where your friends are at any given moment, become a YouTube sensation with no more equipment than the phone in your pocket, and you’ve never been to a public library because — hello! — the internet. The sheer volume of time-consuming possibilities teens have makes my head hurt.        …read more