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Madison Medeiros is a California-based writer who covers politics, entertainment, sex, relationships, wellness and music. Her heroes are Linda Belcher and whoever’s brewing a hot cup of coffee. @shmadison

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animated book app

Are You Back, Angelique? Animated Book App Bites into Classic Genre

Rich’s vampire romance jumps off the digital page in this delightfully terrifying animated book app. Nothing about award-winning author Helen Rich is conventional, and she likes it that way. She’s the CEO of Medallion Press and Crixeo and the author of nine books. When she’s not typing, she devotes her time to rescuing animals through her nonprofit On the Wings of Angels, teaching poetry to underserved youth through Triple Threat Mentoring, and training and showing carriage        …read more

summertime blues

Summertime Blues Are Here to Stay...On Your Headphones

Got a case of the summertime blues? You’re not alone, and these sad summertime songs are good company. Waves crashing on a beach, children jingling change as they run out to meet the ice cream truck, clinking glasses and laughter coming from a nearby barbecue… For many, these are the invigorating sounds of summer, the noises that wash away the dark memories of rainy, snowy days spent cramped indoors. Yet for some, no amount of        …read more

Jack White

How Jack White Became One of the Most Influential Men in Music

By bringing the past into the future, Jack White has changed the way we experience music. When we think of the artists who revolutionized the rock music industry, we often harken back to the artists of yesteryear. Jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane influenced rockers like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, who in turn paved the way for the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Their classic sounds produced entire generations of copycats        …read more

sex podcasts

This Sex Podcast Could Bridge an American Divide

Sex podcasts are demystifying one of America’s favorite pastimes. A man who’s married to a RealDoll. A trans performer who’s fearful for her future. A former United States Surgeon General who was fired for suggesting Americans teach children about masturbation. These people couldn’t seem more different, but their stories can help us reexamine the way we view sex in the United States, which is exactly what sex podcasts such as American Sex aim to do.        …read more