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Meredith Brooks

A Sinner and A Saint: Meredith Brooks and the Lasting Legacy of ‘Bitch’

Whether you’re in the shower, car or karaoke bar, Meredith Brooks’ ‘Bitch’ is still the perfect tune to sing at the top of your lungs. Remember that song that brags about being a bitch, a lover, a child and a mother? Good. Now, without peeking at the headline, do you remember who sings that song? Hint: It’s not Alanis Morissette, Sophie B. Hawkins or Paula Cole — although you’re forgiven for assuming any of those.        …read more

songs by Prince

The 5 Sexiest Songs by Prince

The singer, songwriter, actor and sex symbol released more than 40 albums in fewer years. Here are just 5 of the most sensuous songs by Prince. More than 30 years ago, on a now-defunct late-night talk show, comedian Joan Rivers interviewed then-singer and actress Vanity about the man who quite literally made her who she was. Since the Prince gave the actress her name, a girl group, and a number-one song, Vanity made many talk        …read more

Stevie Wonder's life

6 Reasons Stevie Wonder’s Life Should Be on the Big Screen

His music has accompanied over 50 years of our collective lives, so isn’t it about time it became the soundtrack to Stevie Wonder’s life at a theater near you? One August afternoon in North Carolina, nearly 45 years ago, we almost lost Stevie Wonder in a car accident. He was 23 and had just released his 16th studio album. The details of the accident are fuzzy — some say a log slid from the back        …read more

Nina Simone

Nina Simone's 6 Most Soulful Songs

Nina Simone, the ‘High Priestess of Soul,’ was born February 21, 1933. Here are six of the revolutionary icon’s most soulful songs. Nearly 15 years after her passing, traces of singer, songwriter, pianist and activist Nina Simone can still be found in contemporary culture, from an Oscar-nominated documentary to a controversially-casted biopic, a song on Jay-Z’s newest album and her upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nina’s voice — raw and        …read more