Pride Counseling Review
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Pride Counseling is an innovative online therapy service with a primary focus of serving those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.  They understand that members of said community may encounter a variety of unique issues in today’s world, and thus wish to provide a safe, secure therapeutic service that can be accessed in complete confidence, and which always has their users’ unique circumstances in mind.

Pride Counseling Pros and Cons


  • Pride Counseling therapists are uniquely equipped to deal with LGBTQ issues and thus can delicately handle a range of sensitive, suitable topics related to your experience
  • You will be matched with your therapist within 24 hours
  • Cancel anytime
  • HIPAA Compliant and discreet- Ability to use a nickname


  • No free trial
  • Therapists may not be able to issue recommendations for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 
  • Services are not covered by health insurance

Pride Counseling Fast Facts

  • Service is discrete and has state-of-the-art privacy protection
  • Specifically tailored to LGBTQ+ community
  • Judgement free space to address any psychological and emotional challenges
  • Unlimited access to therapy through messaging with options for live chat, audio and video calling

Specialities And Areas Of Expertise

While the main distinction of Pride Counseling is their expertise in issues facing LGBTQ+ community, areas of practice are all-encompassing and your therapist can assist you with a number of psychological issues and concerns, including, but not limited to

  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Intimacy Related Issues
  • Motivation, Self Esteem, and Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Parenting
  • Relationship issues
  • Chronic Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Career
  • Grief & Mourning
  • Life Changes
  • Sleep Hygiene & Health
  • Religion
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction

Sessions Available

  • Audio messages
  • Video chat
  • Text messages (through their platform)
  • Private live chat

What’s Unique About Pride Counseling?

It’s true that LGBTQ+ therapy can seem somewhat insular and one-note, but the truth is that Pride Counseling sees you as more than just a person with sexual orientation or particular gender identity, but a human who happens to identify in this way. This way, the label does not define you, yet can help you expand as a person.

However, it is true that these labels do influence our lives and how we are treated, so it is important for therapy to be sensitive to issues and challenges unique to the LGBTQ+ community. As a dedicated outlet for this kind of therapeutic assistance, Pride Counseling holds the highest concentration of LGBTQ+ aware and even familiar professionals ready to take on your queries and help you to the best of your ability.

Pride Counseling is part of a larger online therapy platform and our editor’s choice, Betterhelp.

Pride Counseling Cost

Pride Counseling offers unlimited access to therapy via messaging, video, and phone, as well as weekly live sessions, at a rate of $65 per week, billed monthly. You can cancel at any time though. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Protecting your privacy is a top priority for Pride Counseling. This is essential because while therapy is highly personal at the best of times, Pride Counseling understands that your sexual or gender identity may not be something you have publicly announced as of yet.

Not only is privacy protection fully HIPAA compliant, but their servers are hosted in an “A Grade” facility, the browsing encryption system (SSL) follows modern best practices, and databases are encrypted and scrambled to be unusable in the highly unlikely event of being stolen.

Besides the fact that you can use a nickname instead of your real name, all messages between you and your therapist are secured and encrypted by banking-grade 256-bit encryption. The app also requires a pin code to access messages as an added layer of protection, so even your unattended phone will not allow anyone to access your messages. You can also choose to “shred” certain messages, erasing them from the chat altogether

Counselor Qualifications

All therapists at Pride Counseling are licensed, trained, experienced, and certified by their state’s professional board after successfully completing the necessary education, exams, training, and practice, holding a Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree in their field and accreditation as either psychologists – Ph.D. / PsyD, marriage and family therapists – LMFT, clinical social workers – LCSW / LMSW, or licensed professional counselors -LPC. While their experience, expertise, and background vary, they all possess at least 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands-on experience. All counselors also specialize in the LGBTQ community, which makes them uniquely qualified.

Pride Counseling Review

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is truly a unique platform for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, because, though you may be dealing with issues unrelated to how you identify sexually, it is important that the therapist you work with can understand and relate to a very specific set of circumstances and challenges facing the LGBTQ community, as this is an inseparable part of who you are and what treatment and tools will be most suitable for your unique situation in dealing with all other challenges in life. Great service to try at times of need at only a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy and an added benefit of a discreet and safe environment.

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