Relationship Hero Review
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Relationship Hero is a coaching site dedicated to relationship issues and challenges. Using their online platform, you have access to a team of specialist coaches who will provide actionable advice and support 24/7.

Who is Relationship Hero Ideal For?

People who need advice on:

  • Love
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Issues

Relationship Hero Pros & Cons


  • Actionable to the point advice from certified coaches
  • Nearly instant 24/7 access to coaches via online chat or phone
  • Simple fee structure of $1.25 per minute
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your full money back on your first session


  • Coaches are not licensed, therapists
  • You don’t have the ability to choose your own coach
  • Per-minute pricing can quickly add up, compared to flat-rate unlimited therapy offered by some competitors, like Regain or Betterhelp

Some Fast Facts About Relationship Hero

  • Relationship Hero is an online platform that is there to provide virtual support for people going through relationship struggles.
  • It is simple to use the site and you can ask as many dating or relationship questions as you need.
  • You are also able to seek out professional relationship resources for marriage counseling on the Relationship Hero website.
  •  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a partner, husband, or wife you can get advice on your relationships or love life in general.
  • You may be struggling with friendships or professional relationships or even bonds with your family. It doesn’t matter what kind of struggles you are going through, there will always be somebody there to give you sound advice.
  • Once you sign up you can gain advice from trained coaches as soon as you need it.
  • Group sessions/webinars and Masterclasses are available for a separate fee and cover a wide range of interesting topics

Relationship Hero Services & Sessions

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are conducted virtually via video call (you can request a session to be conducted via a phone call or chat instead) with a selected Relationship Hero coach. Each session is priced at $1.25 per minute and the length will depend on the type of support and advice you need. You can use a phone, tablet, or laptop to communicate with your coach.

Webinars/group sessions and Masterclasses

Webinars/group sessions and Masterclasses are also available for a fee, and cover a wide variety of subjects


Programs are also offered to target a particular area of concern, from recovering after a breakup to Finding a relationship and take a preset number of weekly 60 minute sessions, with some offering community support, homework, worksheets, and other resources.

What’s unique about Relationship Hero?

The main thing that stands out about Relationship Hero is the number of coaches they have to offer, their glowing reviews, and instant availability. Each coach has a different area of expertise, allowing them to match you with the coach best equipped to get you through the particular issue at hand.

Pricing and Fees

Relationship Hero charges $1.25 per minute for their coaching sessions.

You can obtain a free, no-obligation consultation when you sign up for Relationship Hero. This includes a ten-minute online dating therapy session with a professional coach. This will give you an insight into what type of relationships you are dealing with and what it might be like if you have a coach. This free session gives you the freedom to voice your issues and gain quick and actionable advice from a trustworthy coach.

The free session is extremely useful as it can help you understand what type of path your future sessions will take. Getting this one on one support is the best way to decide whether Relationship Hero will work for you. When you have completed your complimentary session, you can decide if you want to continue through with the coaching. If you don’t feel like you are ready to commit, you can put your sign up on hold and approach it when you feel more prepared.

During your complimentary session the relationship coach will advise you on what type of relationship advice you might need. Whether it’s a marriage coach or a mental health counselor, they will be able to point you in the right direction for your unique situation.

Counselor Qualifications & Areas of Expertise

Relationship Hero doesn’t give any information on how their coaches are specifically qualified but they do state the following:

“Our coaches have years of experience professionally helping people succeed in their relationships. They have also been trained and certified by Relationship Hero to give relationship coaching that’s healthy and focused on achieving results.”

They all have their own area of expertise in areas such as:

  • Communication barriers
  • Marriage hardships
  • Social development
  • Family planning
  • Psychology
  • Social care
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Toxic relationships

Does Relationship Hero Have Credibility?

Relationship Hero enjoys stellar online reputation per, with Trust Pilot giving it a 4.8/5 Stars based on over 1000 reviews and Facebook reviews giving it a 4.8/5 Star rating as of May 2020

Other “Good-to-Knows”

Relationship Hero is an excellent service if you are looking to get help with your personal relationships, marriage, friendships and professional relationships. Not only will the team of caring and experienced online coaches help you figure out your next steps but they will also be able to discuss your future relationships and how you can combat similar problems.

Before pursuing Relationship Hero as your choice for relationship therapy, you may want to consider counseling with a board certified therapist, especially since some online therapy platforms offer a 7 day free trial and unlimited therapy at a flat rate instead of per minute charge. If you are struggling with mental health and need somebody to turn to, this should be your first port of call rather than seeking out a relationship coach on an online platform.

Relationship Hero Review

Relationship Hero

Relationship coaches that you will work with on the Relationship Hero platform offer an abundance of practical and sound advice that can be put into practice in your relationships. The easy to apply strategies can really help you work through your relationship struggles in a quick and simple way. All in all the online site is very simple to use, it is streamlined and you can gain the advice you need straightaway. Even if your relationship is complicated, the team of support at Relationship Hero can take the complexity away for you.

One word of caution is again with the per minute rate – beware of the clock or perhaps consider trying out best rated unlimited flat-rate online therapy platforms first.

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