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ESP Chat: Overview

Is it trickery or sorcery?

That’s what we’re trying to find out in our investigative mission of psychic platforms.

There are tons of scam artists who are only out for your money. They’ll tell you anything to get your hard-earned cash off you.

It’s almost like legal criminality (can that be?)

We don’t like scammers and we don’t want you to fall prey to dishonest tricksters who portray an image of a benign mystic when in fact they’re a manifestation of Luther himself.

We zone in on their terms and conditions, privacy policy to see what kind of operation these psychic platforms are running.

We also check out their prices, transparency, credibility, and integrity.

So if you don’t want to get caught out by unscrupulous con artists check out our reviews as we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Today, we’re looking at ESP Chat. Are they any good?

ESP Chat: How it Works

ESP Chat provides group chat, private psychic chat, and written messaging psychic services.

This platform has been going since 2010 and offers a subscription service as well as a pay as you go type arrangement.

Psychics are accessible between 9am and 12am 365 days a year (EST).

Psychic Reading Reviews

People who pay for an annual subscription fee get access to the group chat facility for ‘free.’ To arrange a private video consultation or written consultation, users can pay for the services as they go.

The site says that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee but we can’t find any information on this in the Terms and Conditions.


  • 30 day cool-off period after subscribing
  • Secure payment system


  • They share your information with third parties
  • Unclear what they mean by ‘satisfaction guarantee’
  • Subscriptions and services are ‘non-refundable.’

Type of Psychic Services

  • Tarot Card Reader: A person who reads tarot cards to access information about the past, present, and future of someone’s life.
  • Clairvoyant: Clairvoyance refers to extra sensory perception skills that a person can use to get information about a person, place, or object.
  • Pet psychic: A pet psychic can communicate telepathically with animals which are either dead or alive. They can find out specific information about your pet.
  • Astrologer: An astrologer uses a person’s birth chart to divine information about their past, present, or future situation. A person’s fate is determined by the positions of planets.
  • Medium: A medium can communicate with spirits of people who are no longer with us and can convey their messages to the living.
Esp Chat Complaints
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Trustworthiness of ESP Chat

One thing that concerns us is that although ESP Chat say on their website they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee there is no further detail on this.

There is no mention either of any vetting process despite claiming that they only hire a handful of the best psychic advisers.

The site is contradictory. On one hand they say their advisers are the best but the site is for entertainment purposes only.


Evarista G, 09/25/2018

“If only there was a zero star option. This company need to get it together. Unorganized & unprofessional. Website is **** anyway always crashing. I will only miss speaking to two psychics. Psychics are thers for entertainment, and tell you what you want to hear. Anyhow, to the reason why I am here to make others aware. WORSE BUSINESS & CUSTOMER SERVICE I EVER ENCOUNTERED I GOT BANNED AS OF 9-23-18 FROM ESPCHAT ALL BECAUSE I NOTICED I WAS CHARGED MEMBERSHIP FEE TO COVER FOR 3YRS, AND DID A DISPUTE BECAUSE I NEVER SAW A REFUND FOR THE OVER CHARGES THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT ONTO. I HAD MADE PAYMENTS TO OTHER PLACES, AND THEY AUTOMATICALLY REFUND ME AS SOON AS THEY NOTICE I OVER PAID THEM, AND MORE THAN 4 COMPANIES DONE THIS.

From Pissed Consumer:

Cindy Whitaker, Dec 31st 2019

“ESPchat – Just be careful, hope your doing experiance Is better

I would like my money put back in my account, please cancel my subscription. I’m not happy with the service because they tell me nothing but only give me their opinions. I wait my turn just to have them sign off before my turn, in a nut shell I’m very dis-satisfied. Please refund its VC with in my 30 days. Thank you, Cindy Whitaker”

Pissed Consumer-1657434 of Plainfield, IN Sep 18, 2019

ESPchat – Bad experience

“Took money and haven’t had a reading can’t get in a chat just not what I thought it was told it would be.”

Psychic Biographies on ESP Chat

Each adviser’s biography includes a profile picture, their experience, qualifications, and specialty. It also includes their schedule and a link to book an appointment with them and their rate.


An annual subscription costs $24.99 a year which includes access to the group chat along with help and support.

For personal consultations, each adviser sets their own rate. Rates vary between $2.99 and $3.99 a minute.

The Verdict

To be charged $24 a year to access customer support is a bit steep. All other companies provide customer support free of charge besides ESP Chat.

You get the feeling that this company is on the make. They don’t expand on what includes their satisfaction guarantee and there’s no mention of refunds.

Based on the reviews, it’s best to steer clear of this company.

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ESP Chat

ESP Chat Review

To be charged $24 a year to access customer support is a bit tacky. All other companies provide customer support free of charge.  Now, you start to get the feeling that this company is on the make.

They don’t expand on what includes their satisfaction guarantee and there’s no mention of refunds. 

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