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Two questions are raised when shopping for new servewares: Are they suitable for the intended use? Does it suit your kitchen design? The kitchen accessories that meet both of these requirements would be your prioritized choice. Buying quality homeware is one of the best investments you can make for your home. 

It is vital to choose a serveware that matches your kitchen decor and can be used meal after meal. In short, the design should be unique and cannot go out of fashion just after a few days of purchase. 

According to Cara Livermore, patience is an essential element when you are on a hunt for essential items. So, before placing an order for servewares or any other homeware, it is vital to be well-researched about that particular thing. 

In this regard, we have jotted down some modern and easy-to-use servewares that can be your top picks and helps you in creating the best memories.

Let’s jump into the details of it.

1. Cheese Boards And Platters

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 1

The cheese boards and cheese platters are the most useful and easy-to-use servewares Cheese boards are the stylish boards used for serving different varieties of snacks in a single dish.

According to Lemon Tree Dwelling, the perfect platter includes:

  • Some cheese,
  • Some meat, 
  • Savory items like olives and pickles, 
  • Sweet items like seasonal fruits, various bread, and 
  • Some garnishing

2. Serving Trays

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 2

A beautiful serving tray does double duty for serving almost anything as well as an eye-catching display item in your drawing-room. Always try a serving tray that gives an artful look to your decor.

Serving trays are among the best and most functional servewares in your kitchen accessories. The market is full of various serving trays, including round trays, breakfast trays, dinner trays, bamboo trays, and much more! This will also provide beautiful aesthetics to your kitchen table.

Wooden serving trays are also used for various purposes apart from serving food and drinks. You can also add some flower bouquets and scented candles to make your serving trays look more exciting. You can choose a variety of kitchen accessories and servewares from local stores and online sellers like Lynnliana.

3. Cheese Knife Sets

The cheese knife sets can be your priority if you love to have cheese in your meals. It consists of mainly four beautiful knives for every kind of cheese:

  • Cheese spade for the hard cheese,
  • Spreader for soft cheese,
  • Serving fork for medium to hard cheese and meat, and
  • A fork to hold the cheese

The cheese knife sets are easy to clean and store and come with a lifetime guarantee. It can provide you with the full package quality and convenience. What else can you expect from such useful and quality servewares? Moreover, these cheese knife sets can also be used as gifts for coworkers, friends, and family.

According to My Kitchen Culture, all cheeses have slightly different methods to cut them down. The soft cheese can be cut down easily by the spreader whereas the medium-hard cheese needs the sharp edge of your knife to cut perfectly. And for the hard cheese, these are usually served as crumbles or chips so the knives for this kind of cheese look more like chisels.

4. Cedar and Resin Coasters

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 3

Coasters are widely used to serve drinks or as glass lids. Moreover, the coasters provide beautiful aesthetics to your kitchen decor and dinner table. 

Cedar and resin coasters are very trendy and useful to have in your kitchen accessories. The resin and the cedar coasters are heat resistant, making it more convenient for you to handle hot beverages. 

These are one of the best servewares that are not only easy to use but also give an aesthetic vibe to the whole look.

Make your perfect choice of buying cedar and resin coasters as they can also be used as your vanity trays for placing perfumes and other fashion accessories to give your room an aesthetic look. 

5. Beverage Dispensers

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 4

The beverage dispenser is new and trendy serveware that is commonly used to serve soft drinks on your dinner table. The beverage dispenser can also be used to serve tea in the case of outdoor picnics. 

It comes in different varieties; glass dispensers and plastic dispensers are among the most common. The beverage dispenser is the alternative to glass jugs and bottles, providing your dinner table with a more aesthetic and modernist look. 

6. Butter Dishes

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 5

Butter dishes are usually small dishes with a beautiful glass lid. It is used to keep butter blocks or separate butter rolls on your dining table or breakfast tray. It helps keep the butter soft and fresh so it can be easily spread.

Since the 19th century, butter dishes have been in trend and can be categorized as valuable and essential serveware for your home. It also plays an important role in your dining table decorations.

7. Dessert and Cake Stands

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 6

The dessert and cake stand is another modern and useful serveware. It is used to place cakes and can be used to set numerous desserts and snacks on it.

The primary purpose of the cake stand is to set out the cake in a high place. There is a variety of dessert and cake stands in the market. It includes some unique and beautiful shapes and designs like two-tier trays, three-tier trays, serving towers, accessory towers, and much more!

8. Serving Carafe

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 7

Another useful serveware to add to your kitchen accessories is a glass carafe. It brings modesty to your kitchen or dinner table decorations. 

Traditionally, carafes are used for serving wines and alcoholic drinks. But in the modern era, it is usually used to serve water and juices. By placing a carafe or decanter on your dinner table, you can immediately elevate the look of your table.

9. Chip and Dip Set 

9 Modern and Easy to Use Servewares in 2022 8

The chip and dip set is the kicker for your snack table. It usually comprises 5 to 6 separate partitions to place different colorful chips and snacks in it. The space in the center of the platter is usually for sauces and dips.

It provides modesty to your snack table and makes it more colorful and beautiful. Moreover, it can also be used for serving dry fruits or different kinds of seasonal fruits. The chip and dip set is one of the best and a fantastic gift idea for your friends and family. 

Final Note!

The servewares are a vital part of your kitchen accessories and kitchen decorations. For the selection of servewares, you need a lot of patience and research. Through research and proper budgeting, you can get the best, unique, valuable, and modern serveware.

Servewares will not only help you in serving food but also in decorating your kitchen and different parts of your house. We hope this article will help you in grabbing the best pieces of servewares!

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