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Living Color: How 35X Champ Booker T Conquers Racism

black wrestlers

In the final installment of his six-part series, Booker T. offers a candid look at the role race has played in his life both in and out of the ring. It didn’t take very long for a rule to get around in the locker rooms when my wrestling career was going full blast: If someone felt like saying something racist, don’t say it around Booker. The reason was simple. I was always willing to be fired if I knew I was 100% in the right. If racism was going to get thrown in my face, I would handle it, either diplomatically or violently. I remember on one Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a guy backstage decided it would be a good idea to wonder out loud what Martin Luther King Jr. ever did to deserve that honor. I could tell you a thousand reasons why a comment like that is        …read more

Are Comic Book Movies Doomed?

comic book movies

Comic book movies might still be all the rage, but are they destined for extinction? In 2015 Steven Spielberg made a bold prediction about one of the most popular movie genres of today by way of historical remembrance. “We were around when the Western died and there will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western.” Westerns, one of the most popular movie genres for roughly 50 years, faded into obscurity in the 1980s. “I’m only saying that these cycles have a finite time in popular culture,” Spielberg added. As with the Western in its day, the mere existence of a superhero movie translates to near-certain success. It presents a safe path for movie studios to walk on. After all, comic book movies are churned out in droves only because theaters keep filling up. While Spielberg’s comments suggest movie genres fall from public interest inevitably, the        …read more

‘Everything Good’ for the Shondes

The Shondes

The Shondes talk about their new album and upward momentum. When you put on The Shondes’ new album, Brighton, you’re immediately greeted by all the things that make the band special. Bright, stadium-worthy, buoyant music propelled by Elijah Oberman’s violin and Louisa Solomon’s tremendous vocals, complex melodies and emotions, progressive politics, spirituality and, best of all, the clear sense that the band has found its joy. Songs like “Everything Good” practically scream it out, while other songs, such as “True North” detail the complexity of searching for (and finding) morals, value and a sense of rightness through lyrics like this: “I can’t take comfort in absolutes the way I used to / I’ve been taking stock of everyone that I’ve lost / I’ve been staring up.” Things have not always been easy for The Shondes, from shifts in the band’s lineup that resulted in their breakup album, My Dear One, to        …read more

Ghosts along the Bayou: 3 Haunted Louisiana Mansions

haunted places

Would you visit these haunted places after learning these spooky backstories? There’s always been something gothic about Louisiana, with its haunting beauty and alluring ghost stories. Natives are no stranger to tales of the swamps, odd paranormal activity and haunted places. They’re practically tradition! And when I was growing up, there were three homes in particular that captured my imagination, with backstories filled with blood and gore. Over the years, these stories have become a part of me, in a sense, still sticking to my bones and memory like a bowl of my mother’s gumbo or my great-grandmother’s rice and gravy. More than that, these tales have become a form of Southern mythology, with lessons folded into each haunting. So let me share these tales with you, and tell them as they were told to me: The Myrtles, St. Francisville Built in 1796 by 'Whiskey Dave,' or General David Bradford, Leader of        …read more

What It’s Like to Sit through a 12-Hour ‘Fast and Furious’ Marathon

My absurd initiation into full-fledged ‘Fast and Furious’ fandom. The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most successful properties in Hollywood, but aside from a late-night screening of Furious 7 that I was barely awake for, I’ve managed to remain ignorant of its mythology. So when the Alamo Drafthouse announced the Fast & Furious: Second Gear marathon on April 13, screening the five last films in the series’ chronology — more on that in a second — it seemed like a great time to learn how this band of car thieves ended up becoming a world-saving family of lovable rogues over the course of 12 glorious, explosive, very loud hours. At the start of the event, the theater’s hosts — two superfans who talked their bosses into letting them sell tickets to this thing — explained that the series truly came into its own through the work of director        …read more

6 Ways to Practice Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, here are 6 ways to be a hero to the planet. Gaylord Nelson would be proud of you for carrying that collapsible green bag on your keychain, don’t get me wrong. But the founder of Earth Day may also see our current social climate as eerily similar to that of the the 1970s. In fact, he’d probably expect even more out of people living today who can potentially influence others all over the world through social media. NYT front page April 23, 1970. On behalf of Gaylord, with no permission whatsoever, I’ve provided a few tips to practice Earth Day 365 days a year. Do him proud, and do your community right. 1. Hear the Buzz, Plant a Flower   If you’ve watched SNL lately, you might’ve heard Michael Che joke about climate change and bees. The idea of helping bugs sounds really un-fun, but heavy        …read more

Find Your Park: Free Entry to U.S. National Parks

national parks

It’s National Park Week! This week we’re celebrating our country’s best idea: our national parks. On March 1, 1872, the United States Congress established Yellowstone National Park, the first of its kind in the world. Today more than 400 national parks in the U.S. conserve land and wildlife, preserve local history for generations to come, and create local recreational and educational opportunities. “National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.” —Wallace Stegner Looking for the right national park for your getaway to the great outdoors? With hundreds of national parks to choose from, your options are so good. Take an exhilarating hike among the wildlife to Yellowstone Falls in Wyoming. Camp out for a spectacular panoramic starlit show at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Or pack your beach bag and head out to lounge among the wild horses at the Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland.        …read more

Mad Science for Singles: Popover Recipe

popover recipe

This popover recipe is so incredibly simple! Welcome back to my lab, where I’ve been creating scrumptious recipes for singles. This month I’ve prepped a lovely popover recipe that is sure to become one of your favorites. With only five ingredients, you can create a popover that will make any meal beautiful. This basic popover recipe is perfect as a side. For example, try it with my roast beef recipe. Or you can use mad science to alter the flavor to complement any main dish. With a few additions to the basic finished popover recipe below, it can even be dessert. Use your own mad science to make this popover recipe even better! Experiment away! Can’t-Screw-It-Up Popover Recipe Impressively delicious! 1 cup milk 1 cup flour 1 tablespoon oil (vegetable or grapeseed) 1 teaspoon salt 2 eggs In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine milk, flour, oil and salt. Beat on high for one        …read more

Sustainable Fashion Is Serious Business

sustainable fashion

More and more clothing brands are making sustainable fashion, and we’re seriously happy about it. The textile industry is responsible for a huge amount of waste. Whether they’re end of the line, unwanted or simply forgotten, fabrics are thrown to the wayside with very little thought, left to gather dust or rot. Failing to pull in the same kind of headlines as plastic or other synthetics do, textiles are rarely considered part of the environmental game. And when it comes to upcycling fabrics for better use, many companies are blasé. Around the world, however, things are slowly starting to change. The sustainable fashion industry is gradually gaining traction, growing at an ever-increasing rate each year. Taking old fabrics and giving them new life, sustainable fashion paves the way for the future. Just what makes a brand sustainable, though? That is the million-dollar question, and by understanding it a little more deeply, we can        …read more

The Evolution of King Kong

King Kong

How 'King Kong' effects artists have awakened the beast for 85 years. For nearly 85 years, King Kong has been a famous movie monster, battling dinosaurs, biplanes, Godzilla and man. This godlike ape is a formidable force with a sensitive side and a penchant for blondes and tall buildings. Kong has been created using a variety of special and visual effects techniques to get movie audiences to suspend their disbelief and embrace his otherworldly dimensions. From the original King Kong to the latest — Kong: Skull Island — effects are the backbone of their success. Here’s a look at the most inventive Kong movies, and how effects artists brought him to life. A Legend Is Born When audiences first saw the tall, dark and hairy monster inhabiting a tropical island in King Kong (Dirs. Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1933), they were amazed. The film made more than $100,000 in        …read more

Ask Dr. McKinley: Should I Leave My Alcoholic Spouse for My Twin Flame?

leave husband

A reader asks if it’s time to leave a marriage marred by alcohol abuse. Dear Dr. McKinley, I have been married for 15 years. Left him three times because of his drinking and love him to death. He is my best friend. We have four children, but I met someone who is exactly my twin flame. I never knew about it and was researching the feelings that we felt and found twin flame. Should I leave my husband? —Torn   Dear Torn, For the sake of all six of you, I’m saddened that your husband has fallen prey to the seduction of alcohol. This is challenging in numerous ways. Does “till death do us part” include the deathlike feeling of being trapped in a one-sided relationship in which one partner is betraying the family by pursuing the mistress of sedation? I can’t recommend which choice you should make, but I can give you        …read more

Craig Davison’s Imaginative Art Carries Us Back to Childhood

imaginative art

Is adulting getting you down? Escape to simpler days with Craig Davison’s imaginative art. A boy swings a cane at another boy holding a pipe. Other children tussle behind them. But even farther behind those kids, two shadows emerge, displaying the story behind this play-fighting: Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader. This Star Wars homage comes from Craig Davison, a 51-year-old artist based in Ludlow, a market town in Shropshire, UK. Davison is known for capturing the flights of fanciful play that children often exhibit, thanks to adding the shadowy inspirations for these kids’ fantasies. In his most popular work, looking at Star Wars characters, children crouch in garbage cans, pretending to be R2-D2. They wield golf clubs as lightsabers. A girl climbs atop a boy’s shoulders in her version of Chewbacca. These drawings aren’t just for Star Wars nerds; they shuttle us back to a simpler time when fantasy breathed        …read more

The Purple Flag and Other Stuff Parents Didn’t Worry about in the ’80s

the ’80s

Has the world become more dangerous since the ’80s, or have parents become more paranoid? Sometimes I long for the carefree days growing up in the ’80s, sitting around in my Umbros eating SpaghettiOs and Ho Hos with my 5th grade best friend discussing the latest Babysitters Club book as the toddlers we were babysitting sat watching Mister Rogers and drinking Tang. As a parent of young children today, I sometimes find myself feeling envious of parents who raised their kids in the ’80s, in a world of blissful ignorance. In that pre-Columbine world, my parents didn’t think twice about letting me and my twin sister walk four blocks to kindergarten by ourselves. And as I reached my preteens, neighborhood families trusted me to babysit their infants, including four-month-old triplets (by myself!) at age 12 — and not because I was particularly trustworthy, just because I lived nearby. Parents of        …read more

Adventures in Cat-Sitting in New York City


My life as a professional crazy cat lady. My clients don’t talk, though we communicate just fine. I read body language, posture and blinking eyes. I interpret moods, stretches and the consumption and digestion of food. It’s all in a day’s work, cat-sitting in New York City. Cat-sitting might not seem like a viable way to earn income, but the City that Never Sleeps is also the City of Frequent Flyers, and I do all right. It’s a strange way to earn money but a fun one. It allows me a lot of freedom: I can build my own schedule, and I’m not cooped up behind a desk all day. I have time to write and, of course, I get to spend time with some amazing cats. During busy times, especially holidays, I live and breathe cats. I’ve walked as many as 10 miles and visited as many as 12 homes in        …read more

Disconnected: Everybody’s Working for Facebook

disconnected work for Facebook

Is the social network contributing anything meaningful to users in return? Is Facebook connecting people? Or is it doing the opposite: rather than bringing us together, is it leaving us more disconnected? Recent discussions about the echo chamber effect that followed the 2016 U.S. presidential election left a lot of us wondering who exactly Facebook benefits. With most of its earnings (a whopping $18 billion in 2015) made entirely through ad revenue, users are contributing to Facebook’s growth, but is Facebook contributing to ours? More than just a tech company, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest media platforms on the planet. The newsfeed is a literal stream of news. It tells us stories about what’s happening in the world around us, locally and globally. The trouble is, there is no such thing as truly neutral news; there’s always going to be bias. So while some of it may be        …read more

Ghost in the Shell: A Guide to the Very Near Future

Ghost in the Shell

'Ghost in the Shell' takes fans to the late 21st century. In a world that is increasingly wireless, unbearably connected, and one where technology becomes an extension of ourselves, both online and off, we are often given to ponder a variety of questions. What is real? What is reality? What makes us human? Can artificial intelligence (AI) find a place in the fabric of society? As anime properties go, Ghost in the Shell has perhaps done more than almost any other series in addressing these key questions. Moreover, its influence stretches out from manga to American comics, cinema, books and most recently the Hollywood treatment. Despite some PR problems for the production according to various sources, the Ghost in the Shell live-action movie hit theaters March 31. As with any beloved series making the transition from one medium to another, it’s yet to be seen whether fans and critics will support        …read more

Elevating the Craft of Marijuana Edibles

marijuana edibles

These marijuana edibles are an artistic endeavor of connoisseur status. As recreational marijuana legalization progresses across the United States, people may opt to smoke it, but having cannabis in your favorite candies, snacks, drinks and more makes consuming this drug a pleasure for your taste buds. The marijuana edibles market is booming, and it’s not some random person cooking up a batch of brownies in their kitchen. Professional chefs are establishing an edible art form in the cannabis industry by creating amazing infused food that rivals its traditional counterpart. Great Taste, No Bad Trips When you eat a marijuana-infused treat, you want to know it will taste great and that the high is reliable. Marijuana edibles for recreational use are regulated for the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — the chemical compound responsible for the high — that can be used in a single product. For example, in Colorado producers are        …read more

4 History-Making Artists Who Lived with Mental Illness

artists with mental illness

These artists with mental illness left an enduring mark on art history. The question of whether mental illness affects artists and their art has been the subject of a long-standing argument among artists — and those who study them. Whether mental illness helps or hinders the artist, or has no effect on their art whatsoever, it’s hard to deny how commonly mental disorder appears in artists’ biographies, from painters to writers to actors and anyone who regularly makes a vessel of themselves — mind, body or both — to deliver artistic creations to the world. Because art is often the result of something that needs purged, sometimes it’s the most revealing insight into a person’s inner world. Here are four legendary artists who lived with mental illness and left a monumental impression on art history. Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Let’s start with the best-known case. Vincent van Gogh dealt with a lifetime of depression, exacerbated        …read more

Riffing with Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Trace Beaulieu

Mystery Science Theater

Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Dr. Forrester / Crow T. Robot gives an inside look at the earliest days of the cult classic. Trace Beaulieu is best known as Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Dr. Forrester and Crow T. Robot. His riffing tradition with Frank Conniff, AKA TV’s Frank, continues live onstage with The Mads Are Back. I sat down with Beaulieu to talk about the cult show and their current U.S. tour. What sort of movies did you grow up on that might’ve influenced Mystery Science Theater 3000 and your current life and work? There were hundreds I loved: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Planet of the Apes. All the Chuck Heston sci-fi films, like Soylent Green and The Omega Man. Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, WC Fields and the Bowery Boys were in heavy rotation on television. And monster movies — Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula — were on Creature Feature Saturday nights.        …read more

WWE’s Justin Roberts Takes Us to the ‘Best Seat in the House’

Justin Roberts

Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts on his career and his new book, a must-read for wrestling fans. As a boy who was captivated with the art, athleticism and pageantry of pro wrestling, Justin Roberts had a childhood dream to work for the WWE. With no map before him, he tenaciously set out on a journey to make his dream come true. Little did he know when he began that his dream job would be filled with some of the most rewarding moments and relationships of his life, and the most difficult and challenging as well. With the release of his new autobiography, Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey, Roberts goes in depth on not just the road he paved to get there but also his incredible 12-year run as one of the top WWE ring announcers of all time. Beginning in 2002 at the start        …read more

10 Greatest April Fools’ Pranks

April Fools pranks

It’d be foolish to forget these legendary April Fools’ pranks. April Fools’ pranks are a tradition around the world, in various forms. The French have Poisson d’Avril (Day of the Fish), when young people will stick a paper fish on the back of the unsuspecting. Brazilians have Dia da mentira (Day of the Lie), which warrants less explanation. And we, of course, have April Fools’ Day. The origins of April Fools’ Day are less certain than the premise: playing tricks and pranks. Speculated sources range from as far and wide as Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th story collection, The Canterbury Tales, to changes in the old Roman calendar, whose new year was celebrated around April 1, close to the spring equinox (a change one would be “foolish” to forget). My favorite origin story is probably the one offered by a professor of history at Boston University, Joseph Boskin, in 1983. He claimed        …read more

Temple Grandin’s Advice to Artists with Autism

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, a leading autism expert, lends insight to artists on the spectrum. Many articles have detailed Temple Grandin’s astounding accomplishments. There’s even a movie depicting the amazing innovations she’s made in the cattle industry, creating more humane conditions around the United States. As a woman with autism, she found a way to tell cowboys to get on the ground and see from the eyes of a cow. She even helped McDonald’s reach new ethical standards, pushing other mass-meat producers to do the same. Grandin has spent her life turning challenges into opportunities. Although she didn’t speak until the age of three, she eventually mastered methods to forge her own path to success. One such method involved putting herself into a cattle squeeze on her aunt’s ranch. She’d watched rambunctious cows relax as the machine gently hugged them. This led her to develop a squeeze machine for humans. Claire Danes as Temple        …read more

Introducing the Camera-Collar for Pets!


Pet owners review revolutionary PetSnaps Camera-Collar. Ever wish you could ask your kitty where she slopes off to all those weekday afternoons? Or that you could bring your puppy on dinner dates? Ever considered installing a webcam in your living room, just to watch your pet sleep while you’re out? Do you have photos of your pet on your desk, perhaps covering up pics of your vacation with your significant other? Is your pet your significant other? If you answered yes to any of the above, then look no further: the PetSnaps Camera-Collar has swooped in to close the distance between you and your pet. Snapchat has become a regular staple of modern communication. With a few clicks and swipes, you can share stories, video-call your friends and watch live news. Facebook and Instagram had their heyday, and now trends are shifting Snap-ward. When Snapchat originally launched in 2011, it was        …read more

‘Breath of the Wild’ Reinvents Zelda


Simply put, 'Breath of the Wild' is the best entry in Zelda, the greatest video game franchise of all time. Once more, the newest entry in the Zelda series plays vastly different than every game that came before it. Breath of the Wild reinvents the series, bringing the classic formula into the modern era of video games. That’s not to say there needed to be a shake-up, but that’s what Nintendo has given us, breathing life into its most recognizable intellectual property besides Super Mario. Breath of the Wild is a master class of what an open-world video game can be. That’s impressive in and of itself, because Nintendo hasn’t dabbled in the genre up until this point. The risk of taking the plunge with Zelda has paid off, and then some. On Metacritic, the review aggregator that in some ways defines a game’s legacy, Breath of the Wild has a resounding        …read more