Mattress Company Phone Numbers List

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Best Mattress Company Phone Numbers

Are you looking for a list of mattress company phone numbers for the best mattress companies of 2020? Look no further…

Saatva Mattress


Saatva has been selling mattresses directly to consumers for over 10 years now. In addition to this great innerspring, they also produce the Zenhaven and Loom & Leaf mattresses.

The company has a deep bench of mattresses from memory foam and innerspring to latex and hybrid models. For the purposes of today, we’ll be doubling down on the Saatva Classic. This coil-on-coil innerspring comes with a padded Euro-top cover and boasts supplementary comfort layers.

Loom and Leaf Review


Loom & Leaf mattress is produced by parent company Saatva. Founded in 2011 and instrumental in the direct-to-consumer bedding vertical taking off, today we’ll be focusing on the Loom & Leaf all-foam mattress.

Now, is this foam-extravaganza just what you’ve been looking for or likely to be a waste of money?

Get started with our recommendations on who the Loom & Leaf is recommended for, and who would be better off avoiding this mattress…

Casper Mattress Review


Casper is a highly reputable US-based manufacturer specializing in mattresses, bedding, and accessories. The brand was founded back in 2014.

With 5 mattresses in the line, our focus today is on the flagship Casper Mattress. This is sometimes known as the Casper Original or plain Casper.

Categorized as a mixed-foam mattress, who should buy the Casper and who should look elsewhere?

Saatva Mattress
Mattress Company Phone Numbers
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Puffy Lux


US-based mattress manufacturer Puffy makes bed sheets, mattress foundations, and a line of mattresses including the Puffy Lux.

This upscale version of the flagship Puffy mattress comes with additional foam giving you superior contouring. Just like its baseline brother, the Lux is rated medium-firm.

Packed with memory foam and polyfoam, we’ll kick off by categorizing who the Puffy Lux is recommended for and who should avoid this mattress.

Nectar Review


Nectar is a US-based firm based in Palo Alto, CA. If you have taken even a fleeting glimpse at the bed-in-a-box industry analysis, you’re sure to have seen the classic Casper memory foam mattress.

This flagship mattress comes with a triple layer of memory foam so you’ll get remarkable pressure-relief along with efficient motion isolation.

Before we break down how this mattress is made and how it feels, who should buy the Nectar mattress? Perhaps more importantly, who should avoid this mattress?

Helix Mattress Review


Helix Sleep, sometimes simply referred to as Helix, is a US-based company specializing in mattresses, bedding, and accessories.

If you head to the manufacturer’s website, you can complete a sleep quiz. Results will determine which Helix mattress would make the best fit for your weight, sleeping position, and comfort preferences.

Today, we’ll take a broad view of the 6 different hybrid mattresses in the deep line of products. Each is designed for a type of sleeper so you should get a personalized sleeping environment with relatively little fuss.

Dreamcloud Mattress Review


DreamCloud is specialist manufacturing just one mattress, a hybrid model packing 6 layers of foam and memory foam. The company has poured all their expertise into this single mattress and it shows.

In addition to the DreamCloud mattress, the company also produces a wide range of bedding along with striking bed frames.

This medium-firm hybrid is particularly supportive if you’re a heavyweight sleeper. You’ll enjoy a firmer feel with spinal alignment encouraged.

We’ll kick off by summarizing who should buy the DreamCloud and who should consider a different mattress.

Leesa Mattress Review


Leesa has been selling mattresses direct to consumers since 2014. Based in the US, the company is highly eco-conscious. Volunteering activities and tree planting ensure Leesa attracts green fans the world over thanks to the social impact of their programs. The company also donates mattresses to those in need.

How about their product line, then? Well, the company offers several mattresses, but today we’ll be focusing on the best-selling all-foam signature mattress.


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