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Crixeo’s Tips For Dating Colombian Women

Colombian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. They’re also known to be steadfast. This reflects in the fact that separation rates in Colombia are some of the lowest on the planet. They also go into relationships looking for long-term companionship. Hence, they won’t really respond to flings or someone who’s not serious.

So, here are a few tips for dating Colombian women that you can use to make a great first impression.

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1.    Don’t Discuss Drugs or Gangs

Most people’s impressions of Colombia include Pablo Escobar, cocaine, and a few other stereotypes. Don’t give in to your basest instincts and bring up ugly chapters in the country’s history. The girl will just think you’ve based your understanding of her country based on Narcos. That’s an immediate turnoff. No one likes their culture to be reduced to a single thing.

2.    Don’t be a Cerdo

One of the most important tips for dating Colombian women is to not be a Cerdo. Cerdo, meaning ‘pig’ in Spanish is what Colombian ladies call someone uncouth. Hence, if you come off as scruffy-looking or are rude while on your date, you won’t be doing yourself favors. Don’t slurp your lager, don’t burp, or make any other clamors with your mouth.

Instead, be courteous and be on your best behavior. Manners never hurt anybody; neither do compliments.

tips for dating colombian women crixeo

3.    Be Warm, Not an Iceman

Colombians expect warmth from individuals. On the off chance that you seem like just another guy to your date, you won’t get a second chance. Make sure that you come across as warm, and gentle. In this way, you’ll start to feel a spark between the two of you. Simply a warm look or a genuine interest in her will buy you a lot more than a first date. Who knows? It may lead to something much greater in the future. This is one of the best tips for dating Colombian women.  

4.    Shake a Leg

While this may seem like a stereotype picked up from Spanish songs and films, Colombians love to dance. It’s most likely that when salsa or reggaeton begins to play, Colombians love to cut a rug. You could be at a restaurant or a disco, or even someplace outdoors.

When dancing comes up, you’d better rise out of your chair and have that dance. It won’t matter if you don’t know how to dance, just trying will get you, her admiration.

5.    Listen, Don’t Just Talk

Again, one of the most important tips for dating Colombian women is to listen when they talk. You’ll pick up on golden nuggets of information that you can use later on. You can use that if you go on dates in the future, or if a special occasion comes up.

You can use those small nuggets to take her to special places, introduce her to new restaurants or parks, etc. Better yet, you can use that information to get her gifts. A surprise like that is sure to win you some points.

6.    Try Conversing in Spanish

If you’re not a native speaker, which you’re probably not, you should at least try speaking in Spanish. Colombian women will love that you’ve taken an interest in their language. At least they’ll think it’s cute that you’re trying to impress them.

It doesn’t matter whether you know a few words or a hundred; trying will get you a lot of bonus points. This is something you need to remember with the other tips for dating Colombian women. Trying is a major booster for your personality. Just knowing that a guy is making the effort impresses women all over the world.

7.    Try to Make Her Laugh

One of the best tips for dating Colombian women is to make them laugh, or at least try. It’s really about creating an enjoyable experience than anything else. She most likely won’t remember the joke, but how it made her feel. When she associates that feeling with you, you’ve already made a great impression.

Start with something simple, like an observation. Then build on it with a joke or two. When you gauge her sense of humor then you can go a little further.

Don’t overdo it on your first date though. You can make them bust a gut laughing later on. Better to leave them with just a taste of your sense of humor for now.

8.    Be Punctual

One of the most important tips for dating Colombian women is being on time. It doesn’t matter if she’s on time or not; you’re supposed to make a good first impression. You should be there early and dressed for the occasion; that’s just dating 101. Colombian ladies often put on their best clothes and make-up for dates. You should meet them halfway at least.

9.    Go on a Date, Not a Meeting

Know that you’re there for a conversation, and to know more about each other. This is one of the best tips for dating Colombian women. Don’t offer single syllable answers like ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Engage and move from one point to another. Take an interest in what she’s saying and build on that conversation. If you don’t, she’ll probably want to escape to the nearest guy who can actually hold a conversation.

10. Pay the Bill (one of the most important tips for dating Colombian women)

Colombian women like to be wined and dined. On the off chance that she wants to pay, graciously decline the offer and offer to pay for yourself. This shows that you enjoy her company and that you consider it your duty to pay.

This may be the most obvious of the tips for dating Colombian women, but it still works.

Note: It doesn’t hurt to say please and thank you. Try these phrases:

  • Gracias por la compañía
  • La pasé muy bien
  • Espero que se repita

These may lead to subsequent dates or more.  

If you take care of these ten things, you’ll probably be on a second date in no time.