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The 11 Slaves Whose Stories Were Brought to Life

Artist Ashley Bryan found the bills of sale for 11 enslaved people and imagined their lives and dreams. Painter and poet Ashley Bryan tries to make sense of life through art. He once said in an interview, “It’s part of an aesthetic drive to understand who I am. That is our effort, always. The essence of being human is being understood by others. We paint, we write poetry and we express ourselves out of desire        …read more

African art

Discovering Our Cultural Heritage through African Art

African art tells a broader story of African heritage than we often see in media. When I was growing up, I wished I could pinpoint where my history started. If I go solely by the education I received in my early years, my story began when my ancestors were shipped to the Americas to cultivate a country in which the Constitution called each of them three-fifths of a person. In her master’s program my mother learned        …read more