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most beautiful places

7 Otherworldly Landscapes: The Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Get ready to be awed by ethereal landscapes that rank among the planet’s most beautiful places. We’ve all seen them on Pinterest or Instagram: surreal, eye-popping landscapes that look more like photo illustrations than real-life places. Multicolored salt flats, marbled ice caves, limestone needle forests, and volcanic valleys that glow highlighter-yellow couldn’t possibly exist on Earth — could they? Not only do such landscapes exist, but they are among the most beautiful places on our        …read more

tree house hotel

Fantasy Meets High Adventure in These Incredible Tree House Hotels

Go out on a limb at the 6 best tree house hotels in the world. There’s not a kid in the world who hasn’t dreamed of a hideaway high on the branches of the backyard tree. The notion of a rustic, secret tree house, long idealized in literature and film, has typically been the province of children — but why should kids have all the fun? They don’t have to. With tree house hotels popping        …read more

wonders of the ancient world

Wonders of the Ancient World: 5 Architectural Marvels from Antiquity

Built into cliffsides and atop mountains, these gravity-defying marvels are true wonders of the ancient world. Of all the wonders of the ancient world, faith-related architecture is perhaps the most formidable. Irrespective of religion, ancient places of worship were such remarkable feats of ingenuity that one questions if there was some sort of competition to see who could build the most awe-inspiring complex. If that were the case, the architects of temples and monasteries surely        …read more