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Rise of the Cardinal: Ghost's Comeback and Return to the Stage

Hard-rock sensation Ghost returns to the limelight with their Rats on the Road tour. The last few months have been very big for Satanic-tinted hard-rock band Ghost. After a substantial hiatus, a lawsuit and the resulting exposure of their previously anonymous identities, Ghost has come back with a new front man, single, album release date and tour. From magazine features to charts and lists, all eyes are on them, and it looks like Ghost is more        …read more

Don Hertzfeldt Premieres ‘World of Tomorrow Episode Two’

aIndie animator Don Hertzfeldt goes on the road to show his truly surreal, magical sci-fi sequel: ‘World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts.’ You’ve probably seen Don Hertzfeldt’s work. In the internet era of quotable YouTube shorts, some of his pieces have permeated pop culture in very subversive ways. If you’re from the 2000s era of Newgrounds-type comedy animation shorts, you might’ve heard the totally out-of-context phrase “my anus is bleeding” in        …read more

Stranger Things season 2

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Lives Up to the Hype

Massive, massive spoilers ahead. First spoiler: ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 is amazing. Ever since last year’s stunning premiere of the Netflix Original hit, one question was on everyone’s mind: will Stranger Things season 2 live up to season 1? How in the world could they top that? For those somehow not in the know, Stranger Things was something of a dark horse in the world of television. Created by relative unknowns, the Duffer Brothers, Stranger        …read more

BoJack Horseman season 4

BoJack Horseman Season 4 Will Break Your Heart

The Netflix Original animated show returns valiantly with BoJack Horseman season 4. We seem to be at an absolute high point for animation. And while those handing out awards don’t always take notice, critics, consumers and creators seem to be putting their eggs in the animation basket. Fall TV has officially kicked off, and on September 8 animated knockout BoJack Horseman season four hit Netflix. The series premiered in 2014 to decent reviews, showing promise        …read more

Blood Drive: In Memoriam, The Greatest TV Show You Probably Missed

Syfy’s grindhouse masterpiece stuns, shocks and goes out with a bang. Blood Drive, or Midnight Grindhouse Presents: Blood Drive, premiered on Syfy in early June and recently finished its 13-episode arc in a glorious, explosive finale on September 6. But most unfortunately, the very next morning, creator James Roland announced that Blood Drive was not, in fact, picked up by Syfy for a second season. Like most great cult epics, Blood Drive will for now        …read more

heavy metal

Ghost BC and the Dark Ascension to Heavy Metal Royalty

A tour with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden pushes newcomers Ghost BC into the forefront of the rock ’n’ roll world. Heavy metal institution Iron Maiden has been sweeping the nation once again with their 2017 Book of Souls World Tour, which has of course added yet more clout to the already decorated rock gods. Iron Maiden has been on the forefront of the not-quite-mainstream metal and hard-rock scene for well over 30 years now,        …read more

Comic Con NYC, Flame Con

Flame Con Celebrates LGBTQ+ Inclusive Geek Culture

Flame Con, presented annually by Geeks OUT, is growing every year and illuminating the diversity of nerd culture. Brooklyn, New York, is home to many fun and strange events throughout the year, particularly in the summer. For the last three years, Brooklyn summers have been graced by an eye-catching event that’s grown in size annually: Flame Con, an LGBTQ+ inclusive geek convention presented by local nonprofit organization Geeks OUT. Founded in 2010, Geeks OUT has        …read more

fashion week

New York Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher and studioSPACE

Escape into Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher’s ‘Hallow’ collection and an immersive design experience by studioSPACE. The night of February 9 was the run of Katie Gallagher’s 16th line, Hallow, an event in collaboration with a burgeoning local design company called studioSPACE. As a writer for Crixeo based in New York City, I took the journey to Projective Space to cover my first-ever fashion show for my first-ever New York Fashion Week. What I knew        …read more


A Weekend of Cosplay: What It’s About, What to Expect

A subculture of geekdom is growing into an artistic culture entirely its own. Welcome to cosplay. A huge chunk of the world has thought, “I want to try cosplay.” A smaller portion jokes, “Cosplay has sucked up most of my life and has left me an empty shell of a person.” Generally those remaining wonder, “What is cosplay?” At its strictest definition, cosplay is a hobby of making and wearing costumes of characters from different        …read more

forced representation

Can We Talk about Forced Representation?

Representation matters, so it has to be handled well. Any proper geek will tell you that right now, popular and indie media have just started to enter some kind of age of enlightenment when it comes to representation. It’s been a real struggle from the beginning to see comics, movies, television and video games show an accurate, diverse number of represented characters. And it looks like the reign of the Straight White Male Protagonist finally        …read more

female superhero

We Need a Female Superhero Movie Now More Than Ever

And Marvel, get your head outta your ass, please. Like plenty of comic book fans, I am an opinionated, stubborn individual, and I have a very set idea in mind of what I want from geek media. So when I say a female superhero movie, I don’t mean I want any female superhero on-screen being featured. I mean Captain Marvel, and at this point I am not going to take a substitute. Brie Larson as        …read more

Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ Signals the End of Network Television

‘Stranger Things’ is a new kind of entertainment for a smarter audience. Amaris, my best friend and roommate, is the authority on new indie sci-fi / horror / supernatural media. She binge watches instead of sleeping more often than she’ll admit. So when Stranger Things dropped on Netflix she was already cornering me with “No, Rosey, you absolutely need to see this.” Now this was before the social media explosion the show created (the Barb-pocalypse,        …read more