Escape into 5 Popular YouTube Comedy Channels

YouTube comedy

In need of a laugh? Look no further than these YouTube comedy channels.

YouTube is a bottomless wealth of content. Whether you need a tutorial on how to repair your dishwasher, achieve the perfect eyebrow arch, defeat a difficult boss in a video game, or de-slime okra, someone on YouTube, without a doubt, has you covered. You’ll also find many talented YouTube comedy creators on the platform. Join us as we check out some side-splitting channels on YouTube.


The setup for a standard episode of one of the most popular YouTube comedy channels couldn’t be more genius in its simplicity. You plunk someone down in a seat — the Fine Brothers’ regulars span generations from grade school kids to senior citizens — and you have them react to something. Whether it’s the new viral trend, a strange food, a video game, a Try Not to Laugh challenge or select tracks from a musician, it’s almost always surprising to see how their guests react to what they’re being shown — namely, when it’s the exact opposite of what you may have thought a reactor would say.

2. Wisecrack

Beginning with the wildly popular Thug Notes, Wisecrack has since expanded their analyses of, well, just about everything with their variety of shows — from getting an extraterrestrial’s thoughts on film with Earthling Cinema, to breaking down Breaking Bad season by season, to subjecting fictional characters to evaluations with Pop Psyche, and 8-Bit Philosophy wherein we learn about the theories of Camus and Freud, all viewed through a nostalgic pixel-art lens.

But my personal favorite would have to be the show that started it all: Thug Notes. Infinitely quotable, insightful and hilarious, take a trip through classic lit with an original gangsta, and get a deeper understanding of everything from 1984 to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Lord of the Flies.

3. Markiplier

Long-term content creator Markiplier specializes in video games, specifically horror games that scare him. There’s something fascinating about watching people subject themselves to incredibly harrowing digital experiences.

Markiplier brings loads of charm, charisma and likability to his content, so if you enjoy watching someone scare themselves, and the occasional slapstick sketch, Markiplier is your YouTube comedy man.

4. WhatCulture

Covering everything pop culture — from movies new and old to video games and wrestling —WhatCulture is a great avenue for staying current on entertainment and learning new trivia and having a great time while doing it.

With hundreds of videos already in their backlog and a near-constant stream of fresh content, WhatCulture may become the YouTube comedy channel that covers every single subject when it comes to entertainment — if Mojo doesn’t beat them to it. The difference is that WhatCulture will do it with their hilarious run-on hashtags.

5. Two Best Friends Play

Matt and Pat, with hilarious riffing and the occasional rage-out from Pat, predominantly play video games. After getting some huge exposure with Machinima, the YouTube comedy duo have created something of a cult following with countless fans and loads of…um, uncomfortable fan art. With friends Woolie and Liam (then becoming the Super Best Friends), in addition to Let’s Plays, they also cover fighting games and host a weekly podcast. Their brand of humor is all their own, and each component of the Super Best Friends complements the other well, with each bringing their own personality and in-depth knowledge on a different corner of video games. Together, they not only form a trove of knowledge — some even worked in the video games industry as testers and have loads of interesting stories about that time — but also clearly enjoy one another’s company. So if you don’t live close to your own friends anymore and swap-the-controller is no longer possible, watching the Super Best Friends tear apart the next David Cage game can be almost just as fun.

As a longtime follower of them — having watched their Silent Hill 2 Let’s Play five times — I can say they remain, for me at least, the best of YouTube comedy. Personally.

Though it shouldn’t need to be stated, comedy is a lot like horror in that what makes you laugh (or scares you) is highly subjective. But if you’re in need of a couple laughs and have yet to check out any of these YouTube comedy content creators, hopefully this list will come to your rescue. end

What are some of your favorite YouTube comedy channels? Let us know in the comments.


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