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Psychic Encounters: Overview

So, you’re looking for the right spirit guide to help get you on the right path.

Using psychic services isn’t cheap, though. Also, there are so many scammers and so many psychics with substandard skills that you need to have your wits about when you’re shopping for online psychics.

Finding an authentic psychic platform is not easy, but that’s where we come in.

Psychic Encounters came to our attention while in the process of reviewing all the major psychic platforms. We’re pretty savvy when it comes to assessing whether a platform is a real deal or not. We also have no vested interest in any of these outfits so we’ll tell it how it is.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of psychic platforms to stop you from being scammed. Based on value for money, the quality of a platform’s vetting process, and client reviews, we’ve created a guide on Psychic Encounters’ services. You can then decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

So, is Psychic Encounters a legit operation?

Let’s find out…

Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters: How it Works

Psychic Encounters offers psychic readings via phone, live chat, or online 24/7. You can also contact psychics via their app.

Psychic Encounters differs from other platforms in that they only charge by the minute.

To get a reading, you must sign up by providing your personal data. Alternatively, you can log in with Facebook.

You can get an immediate reading if you select one of the profiles with a green mark meaning “available”. You can also schedule a call with someone who is “On-call”.

Some profiles are marked “Top Psychic” meaning they’ve provided consistently accurate and quality readings.

Psychic Reading Reviews

There are over 250 psychics to browse through, each providing a range of services. Once you have topped up your account with funds, select the psychic of your choice and press either the chat or call button and you’ll be connected without further ado.

The platform pre-authorizes a payment from your account to cover the cost of a 30-minute consultation. If you use less, you only pay for the time you use.

The Psychic Encounters website has a clean and clear design which is easy to use and not overwhelming like some of the opposition.


  • Transparent and clear pricing system
  • Flat rate of 99c or $1.99 per minute
  • Simple, easily navigable interface


  • They say they share your data, but they probably sell it
  • Saturated marketplace with over 250 psychics
  • They pre-authorize a payment for a 30 minute consultation
  • No mention of a money-back guarantee

Type of Psychic Services

Clairvoyant: With the ability to see into the future and beyond the physical realm, a clairvoyant can predict positive and negative future life events.

Clairaudient: Clairaudients have the unusual gift of extrasensory hearing. They can convey messages and signs from the spirit world based on the sounds and voices not audible to the ear.

Clairsentient: The clairsentient is susceptible to forces of energy that can’t be measured in the physical realm. They can gain insight into your life through feeling these energies.

Psychic Adviser: A psychic adviser has extrasensory perception beyond normal human senses which give them the ability to gain a deep insight into your life situation. There are different types of psychic advisers such as astrologers, aura reading, numerology, and palm reading.

Empath: Psychic empaths can detect the life force that surrounds them. They are inherently sensitive to the feelings of others, and they’re extremely intuitive. They can gain a sense of a person’s character within a few seconds of meeting them. Empaths can help you with life difficulties as they have the ability to see beyond more than most.

Trustworthiness of Psychic Encounters

We’re a little dubious about the quality of Psychic Encounters based on user reviews. There’s no mention of the vetting process and you’re expected to blindly trust that you’ll be meeting with genuine psychics.

Here are some of the reviews we encountered…

Kinks & Curls -BWE – December 6, 2019

“Ok app some of the readers don’t assist and rabble on talking taking up your credit.. This app should allow you to set your talk time. Yes you pay 0.99 per minute. Your card will be charged $29.70 ! Crappy app! Don’t download”

Heather L Horton – June 12, 2020

“You guys need to report this app I feel like it’s a broad taking your money and not giving you what you need I wouldn’t even waste my time on this app I downloaded the app just to leave a review with all due respect can go see a psychic for only $10 these days don’t waste your money the only person…”

A Google user – December 10, 2018

“This app is a fraud they take more money out of your account and hold it longer than necessary they will all so take double out you guys need to check your bank statements because my bank found it.”

Psychic Biographies on Psychic Encounters

Each psychic has their own self-written bio outlining their skills and gifts. Beneath their profile picture is their overall rating score based on previous clients’ ratings.

You can click on their ratings to see customer feedback. The number of readings they’ve performed is also listed beneath their profile picture.


Psychic Encounters’ pricing structure is simple and transparent. It’s always either 99c a minute or $1.99 for a Top Psychic.

There are no packages or subscriptions to get tied down to. This is a pay-as-you-go service all the way.

The company will pre-authorize the cost of a 30-minute call, however. Even so, you only pay for what you use.

The Verdict

Based on user reviews, we’re not so sure Psychic Encounters is completely legit. It’s more to do with the quality of the psychics. They know you’ve prepaid for a 30-minute session and tend to drag out the call for the full 30 minutes.

This platform really needs to tighten up its vetting process, too.

Proceed with caution.

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Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters Review

Based on user reviews, we’re not so sure Psychic Encounters is completely legit. It’s more to do with the quality of the psychics. They know you’ve prepaid for a 30-minute session and tend to drag out the call for the full 30 minutes. This platform really needs to tighten up its vetting process, too. Proceed with caution.

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